the Philosopher of Man mentality

Esoteric Philosophy is the journey within. It is a way of contemplating with the mind and understanding the Universe through one's own experience rather than relying strictly on the word of others. The Philosopher of Man mentality is a state of being. It is a mentality that is one with the sciences as they seek to understand the natural properties of the Universe. It is also a mentality that is respectful of all philosophies that attempt to delve beyond the surface. This mentality seems to be disappearing by the day and not because it seizes to exist, but because people do not realize it is within them. 

The Philosopher of Man mentality is a simple awareness that allows for conscious thought. Accompanying this thought comes a striving for understanding. A unification of conscious mind and subconscious mind allows for the Philosopher of Man to be at one with the Universe and nature. For now when the Philosopher of Man is faced in a moment in which uncertainty may obscure reasoning into darkness or when an equation may be missing variables prior to arriving at a solution, the Philosopher of Man can now use intuition as a light and as an antidote rather than as a liability. This is a microcosm of reintegration. To understand the system, one has to become aware of its parts. Then with contemplation and experience, initiated by the will, an understanding comes to realization. One can then begin to navigate safely and swiftly, adapting to whatever lies ahead. 

After realization the Philosopher of Man has hypothetical theory but then strives to put this understanding into practicality. The Philosopher of Man takes what develops as theoretical philosophy and transforms it into practical philosophy, just as condensing energy becomes matter. This intention stems from the core of the will and the devotion from the heart. This same will allows for the Philosopher of Man to be one with their word. Their word and action align to form one line, not two separate. 

The inner transmutation of the Philosopher of Man is a result of the experiences in life initiated by the mind and will, while symbolically bonded to the Philosopher of Man mentality. This process of refinement is never ending and is a contribution to the evolution of the Mind of Man. This mentality is accessible by all men and women and is free from any discriminatory factors or dogmas. It does not matter what your profession is and it does not matter what your field of academic expertise is. We are all thinkers. A mentality is transcendent. has not been created to serve the purpose of one individual or one specific group of people. It has been created for anyone that can relate with the Philosopher of Man mentality.   △   Contact: