The primary place for the exchanging of thought is found on Freenode in the IRC chatroom. Enter the room if you wish to discuss or consult on matters that may be on your mind. The chat may be active like at the center of a city in ancient Greece or it may be quiet and feel more like a monastery of philosophers. Feel free to use the room as an anchor, idling inside while taking care of your business elsewhere.

Network: Freenode
Channel: #Philosopher 
Choose a nickname and enter the channel #Philosopher

If you do not want to enter the chatroom from the web-browser chat found in the link above, then download an IRC application. Do an internet search for an IRC client on the operating system of your choice. You will easily find a client (application) for Windows, Mac OSX, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Linux, etc. Below are some details for connecting.

Details for connecting with an IRC application:
Server: / port: 6667
Chatroom/Channel: #Philosopher
Choose a nickname
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