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Processes involved in the starburst phases of distant galaxies
10.15.15  ALMA Observatory  ||  Space

Intensity of environment alters effectiveness of ads with statements/questions
10.15.15  Boston Globe  ||  Interesting

Exploring who/what might be inside a hidden burial chamber in King Tut's tomb
10.15.15  Discovery  ||  Interesting

Study about the potential role of fungi infection in Alzheimer's development
10.15.15  Nature  ||  Health

Plate cracking contributes to underwater volcanoes and the Hawaiian bend
10.15.15  University of Sydney  ||  Earth

Facial expressions prime brain activity that influence response to surrounding stimuli
10.14.15  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Similarity between the way celestial objects grow including black holes and young stars
10.14.15  University of Southampton  ||  Space

Derveni papyrus recognized as Europe's oldest surviving readable manuscript
10.14.15  Greek Reporter  ||  Interesting

Bio-molecules in human breast milk counteract inflammation and infection
10.14.15  Brigham and Women's Hospital  ||  Health

Cosmetic and drug preservatives known as parabens found in dolphins/marine mammals
10.14.15  American Chemical Society  ||  Earth

Unexpected moments in culture temporarily improve cognitive reasoning abilities
10.13.15  University of Southern California  ||  Interesting

Halos above and below spiral galaxy disks more common than thought
10.13.15  National Radio Astronomy Observatory  ||  Space

Stone coffin containing smaller casket inside found in Xinjiang, 3000 years old
10.13.15  Xinhua  ||  Interesting

Research on how a mix of dietary patterns may impact cognitive function
10.13.15  Karolinska Institutet  ||  Health

Enhanced long-range winter forecasts by monitoring wind in the stratosphere
10.13.15  Institute of Physics  ||  Earth

Examining brain activity when suspense causes attention to be narrowed
10.12.15  Georgia Institute of Technology  ||  Interesting

White dwarfs orbiting millisecond pulsars in globular cluster 47 Tucanae
10.12.15  Astrobites  ||  Space

Underground tomb complex with figurines and artifacts unearthed in Cyprus
10.12.15  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Cranberry juice protects against cardiovascular disease and improves blood flow
10.12.15  PR Newswire  ||  Health

Ability for echoless light to send signals through skin and walls
10.12.15  NewScientist  ||  Technology

Abscisic acid treatments aid in preventing tomato blossom-end rot
10.12.15  American Society for Horticultural Science  ||  Earth

Two luminous blue variable stars in Andromeda Galaxy recently identified
10.10.15  Special Astrophysical Observatory  ||  Space

Differences in the way fractions and decimals affect thinking/reasoning
10.10.15  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Insights about the pyramid complex at Giza from oldest-known papyrus
10.10.15  Smithsonian Magazine  ||  Interesting

Silibinin from milk thistle seeds can help treat pituitary gland tumors
10.10.15  Max Planck Society  ||  Health

Brief: sensitivity to gaze directions of others even without awareness
10.09.15  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Distant protogalaxy with two quasars connected to the cosmic web
10.09.15  California Institute of Technology  ||  Space

Pieces of Kultepe Idol and other artifacts shed light on ancient trade hub
10.09.15  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Combination of compounds in specific vegetables can help prevent migraines
10.09.15  Inderscience Publishers  ||  Health

Tracking various sources of soot and where it lands on the Tibetan Plateau
10.09.15  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  ||  Earth

Expressions affect movement/course of action of those looking at them
10.08.15  SISSA  ||  Interesting

Possible oscillating/ringing property of the Universe identified
10.08.15  University of Southern Mississippi  ||  Space

Protecting cave paintings on the island of Sulawesi, 40000 years old
10.08.15  ArtDaily  ||  Interesting

Higher intake of carotenoids reduces risk of age-related macular degeneration
10.08.15  JAMA Network  ||  Health

Research about the water drinking behaviors of various kinds of snakes
10.08.15  Inside Science  ||  Earth

Size of food package can influence perception of portion size
10.07.15  European Food Information Council  ||  Interesting

Unique wave-like structures in the dusty disc surrounding AU Microscopii
10.07.15  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Stone-lined burial chamber and possible mound discovered in Nezabylice
10.07.15  Science & Scholarship in Poland  ||  Interesting

Omega-3 fish oil supplements can improve cardiovascular health in seniors
10.07.15  American Physiological Society  ||  Health

How hot metal fragments cast off by infrastructure trigger wild fires
10.07.15  National Science Foundation  ||  Earth

Role of memory and prior knowledge in contributing to creative work
10.06.15  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Some long-duration gamma-ray bursts are powered by magnetars
10.06.15  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Examining stone walls that make up the Big Circles in Jordan/Syria
10.06.15  Archaeology Magazine  ||  Interesting

Evidence indicates flu vaccine reduces stroke risk for up to two months
10.06.15  University of Lincoln  ||  Health

Contours of air/water flows that influence bird and fish group movement
10.06.15  New York University  ||  Earth

Visual system has ability to make choices that affect perception
10.05.15  Michigan State University  ||  Interesting

Method based on nuclear physics measures the mass of pulsars
10.05.15  University of Southampton  ||  Space

Possible evidence for location of Cana of Galilee found in cave complex
10.05.15  Biblical Archaeology Society  ||  Interesting

Natural nontoxic flame retardant material inspired by marine mussels
10.05.15  University of Texas  ||  Health

Volcanic eruptions can have significant effect on major rivers
10.05.15  University of Edinburgh  ||  Earth

Brief: inhibition as the mechanism of intentional forgetting
10.03.15  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Massive filaments of gas/dust surround cavities in the Phoenix Cluster
10.03.15  NASA  ||  Space

Completed restoration of relief marble steles from ancient Thracian sun shrine
10.03.15  Archaeology in Bulgaria  ||  Interesting

More evidence demonstrates cocoa flavanols improve cognitive function
10.03.15  Mars  ||  Health

Examining cluster environments of radio-bright and faint galaxies
10.02.15  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Mood affects multitasking, advertisements can still be effective
10.02.15  University of Illinois  ||  Interesting

Archaic temple and other artifacts unearthed at Soli Pompeiopolis
10.02.15  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Orange sweet potato reduces prevalence/duration of diarrhea in children
10.02.15  HarvestPlus  ||  Health

Irrigation strategies increase beneficial compounds in olive oil
10.02.15  Technical University of Madrid  ||  Earth

Information known to be false still has ability to affect thinking
10.01.15  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

New stage in the galactic lifecycle identified in early epoch
10.01.15  California Institute of Technology  ||  Space

Mummification was a common practice in Bronze Age Britain
10.01.15  University of Sheffield  ||  Interesting

Updated measurements of radioactivity in samples of infant formula
10.01.15  Mary Ann Liebert  ||  Health

Tillage timing influences nitrogen availability/loss on organic farms
10.01.15  Pennsylvania State University  ||  Earth

Brief: prior expectations facilitate metacognition for perceptual decision
9.30.15  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Ring phenomenon aids weight measurement of black hole in SDP.81
9.30.15  Academia Sinica  ||  Space

Mud therapy required on Taj Mahal to remove yellowness from pollution
9.30.15  Times of India  ||  Interesting

Hydrogel coating on clothing/materials guards against chemical warfare agents
9.30.15  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Infants resort to habits under stress and reject alternative actions
9.30.15  Ruhr University  ||  Interesting

Mechanism involving explosions/plasma jets linked with sunspot formation
9.30.15  National Astronomical Observatory JP  ||  Space

Surface of oceans affects climate more than previously estimated
9.30.15  Leibniz Institute  ||  Earth

Player's performance in gaming can influence attitudes about brands
9.29.15  Pennsylvania State University  ||  Interesting

Measuring range of redshifts to gain insight into galaxy evolution
9.29.15  CAASTRO  ||  Space

Burnt mound ceremonial building discovered at Links of Notland
9.29.15  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Tai Chi improves blood pressure control and related risk factors
9.29.15  American Journal of Cardiology  ||  Health

Massive marine sanctuary around the Kermadec area near New Zealand
9.29.15  Agence France-Presse  ||  Earth

Positive tone early in relationship argument can aid resolving it later
9.28.15  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Simulating the response of gravitational waves from two black holes colliding
9.28.15  European Space Agency  ||  Space

Different section of Inca Road that leads directly to Machu Picchu
9.28.15  Peru This Week  ||  Interesting

Molecules isolated from sea sponges may be useful for leukemia treatment
9.28.15  Harvard University  ||  Health

Interval between onset of magma mixing and volcanic eruption
9.28.15  University of Munich  ||  Earth

Influence of social competition/time pressure on online auction behaviors
9.26.15  Karlsruhe Institute of Technology  ||  Interesting

Period of increased activity around Milky Way's supermassive black hole
9.26.15  NASA  ||  Space

Excavating a temple complex dedicated to Amun at Dangeil in Sudan
9.26.15  Archaeology Magazine  ||  Interesting

Antioxidant MitoQ benefits aging arteries and endothelial function
9.26.15  University of Colorado  ||  Health

Brief: pupil dilation patterns reflect contents of consciousness
9.25.15  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Fast radio bursts seemingly absent at intermediate Galactic latitude
9.25.15  CAASTRO  ||  Space

Mausoleum in Modi'in region possibly associated with Tomb of the Maccabees
9.25.15  Israel Antiquities Authority  ||  Interesting

Rosehip extract has potential to help prevent and treat breast cancer
9.25.15  Experimental Biology  ||  Health

Improved method to predict intensity of tropical cyclones/hurricanes
9.25.15  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  ||  Earth

Supermassive black hole in SAGE0536AGN is 30 times the expected size
9.24.15  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Impact from positive/negative role models depends on characterization of goal
9.24.15  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Celts exhibition about art objects and religious artifacts of devotion
9.24.15  ArtDaily  ||  Interesting

Lower sperm motility in men exposed to common chemical DEHP
9.24.15  Lund University  ||  Health

Giraffes produce varying degrees of humming vocalizations at night
9.24.15  LiveScience  ||  Earth

Research about the belief that words fit well with their referents
9.23.15  The Conversation  ||  Interesting

Recycling process possibly causes extreme luminance in some galaxies
9.23.15  Science  ||  Space

Sacrificial and common graves seemingly alike in ancient city of Cahokia
9.23.15  Western Digs  ||  Interesting

Fidgeting movements may counteract adverse effects of prolonged sitting
9.23.15  University of Leeds  ||  Health

Adaptive disengagement buffers self-esteem during negative social feedback
9.23.15  Society for Personality and Social Psychology  ||  Interesting

Detecting filamentary structures in the Milky Way involved in star formation
9.23.15  European Space Agency  ||  Space

Use of wasps can help combat insect pests on farms with horses
9.23.15  Entomological Society of America  ||  Earth

Effects of optimism and the orbitofrontal cortex on feelings of anxiousness
9.22.15  University of Illinois  ||  Interesting

Looking for radio waves from supersonic stars hidden in the Galactic Center
9.22.15  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Inscriptions and mural found at Sri Parthasarathy Swamy temple in Chennai
9.22.15  The Hindu  ||  Interesting

Probiotic formula reverses milk allergy by changing gut bacteria of infants
9.22.15  University of Chicago  ||  Health

Beneficial skin bacteria could protect against amphibian diseases
9.22.15  Virginia Tech University  ||  Earth

Pairs of supermassive black holes may be rarer than previously estimated
9.21.15  National Radio Astronomy Observatory  ||  Space

Subconscious learning/associations can influence pain responses
9.21.15  Karolinska Institutet  ||  Interesting

Pre-Roman tomb from time of the Samnites unearthed in Pompeii
9.21.15  The Local  ||  Interesting

Spinach water shown to increase satiety over period of time
9.21.15  Psychology Today  ||  Health

Predicting when flames will likely switch from slow- to fast-moving
9.21.15  Harvard University  ||  Earth

Brief: tendency for time pressure to reverse risk preferences
9.19.15  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Tidal destruction of three stars by supermassive black holes identified
9.19.15  Moscow Institute  ||  Space

Shaman ceremonial center found at the hilltop site of Ratho Kroonkop
9.19.15  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Wine grape seed flour has potential to reduce cholesterol
9.19.15  US Department of Agriculture  ||  Health

Research indicates thinking about a relationship can provide an energy boost
9.18.15  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Faint galaxies like the Local Group contributed to cosmic re-ionization
9.18.15  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Bronze Age burial ground and ritual cart discovered in Lower Silesia
9.18.15  Science & Scholarship in Poland  ||  Interesting

High nitrate beetroot juice improves physical performance/decision-making
9.18.15  University of Exeter  ||  Health

Structural memory of water lingers on a picosecond timescale
9.18.15  Max Planck Society  ||  Earth

Photonic crystal where light propagates on surface without being scattered
9.18.15  ResearchSEA  ||  Technology

Having the illusion of being in another body modifies thought process
9.17.15  SISSA  ||  Interesting

Rare quasar quartet identified in a giant nebula of cool dense gas
9.17.15  Keck Observatory  ||  Space

Investigating cause of land subsidence/fissures around Persepolis
9.17.15  Iran Front Page  ||  Interesting

Grieving before conception may increase risk of infant mortality
9.17.15  Wolters Kluwer  ||  Health

Birds eating at uncleaned feeders more likely to acquire common eye disease
9.17.15  Virginia Tech University  ||  Earth

Effects of feelings/emotions on spreading coherence and affirming beliefs
9.16.15  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

How infall of cosmic web gas triggers star formation in dwarf galaxies
9.16.15  Astrobites  ||  Space

Ancient cliff paintings found in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province
9.16.15  ||  Interesting

Curcumin-loaded microparticles effective at treating ulcerative colitis
9.16.15  Georgia State University  ||  Health

Film-forming antitranspirants increase wheat yield during drought
9.16.15  University of Western Australia  ||  Earth

People are more likely to cheat/deceive towards the end of an activity
9.15.15  Scientific American  ||  Interesting

Examining link between large starspots and superflares in Sun-like stars
9.15.15  Subaru Telescope  ||  Space

Head of Telesphoros sculpture from ancient city of Perge rediscovered
9.15.15  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Acetic acid found in vinegar can prevent infection and kill bacteria in burns
9.15.15  University of Birmingham  ||  Health

Applying lime to acidic soils improves crop yields/nutrient availability
9.15.15  ScienceNetwork WA  ||  Earth

Giant pulse emission mechanism involved in the actions of the Crab pulsar
9.14.15  CAASTRO  ||  Space

Happy endings in stories tend to facilitate honest behaviors in children
9.14.15  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Oldest known Egyptian religious manuscript found, over 4000 years old
9.14.15  Discovery  ||  Interesting

Certain pesticides used in homes linked to risk of childhood cancers
9.14.15  LiveScience  ||  Health

More than half the world's sea turtles have ingested plastic/litter
9.14.15  University of Queensland  ||  Earth

Measuring spatial consistency of the speed of light with greater precision
9.14.15  University of Western Australia  ||  Technology

Emotional responses to command and control in public policy outreach
9.12.15  Cornell University  ||  Interesting

Formation of a star complex/clump detected in the distant Universe
9.12.15  IRFU  ||  Space

Ritual stone monument discovered beneath the bank of Durrington Walls
9.12.15  Ludwig Boltzmann Institute  ||  Interesting

Daidzein extract helps prevent cell damage caused by stroke/cerebral ischemia
9.12.15  Neural Regeneration Research  ||  Health

Volcanic lightning can transform ash particles into glassy grains
9.12.15  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Brief: processing goals moderate effect of co-occurrence on automatic evaluation
9.11.15  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Two massive stars with magnetic fields in the binary system Epsilon Lupi
9.11.15  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Settlement and ceremonial structure unearthed at Asikli Hoyuk, 10000 years old
9.11.15  Popular Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Lemon juice/citric acid can be used as disinfectant for human norovirus
9.11.15  Helmholtz Centre  ||  Health

Article on how targeting emotions increases casual purchasing behaviors
9.11.15  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Supernova and external shocks responsible for a recent gamma-ray burst
9.11.15  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Ability for white rot fungi to break down oil in contaminated waters
9.11.15  Joint Genome Institute  ||  Earth

Biased to consistently rate skin of another person as softer than own
9.10.15  Saint Francis Care  ||  Interesting

Star formation processes in the Brightest Cluster Galaxy SpARCS1049+56
9.10.15  Keck Observatory  ||  Space

Pyramid-stepped podium from Second Temple period uncovered in City of David
9.10.15  Biblical Archaeology Society  ||  Interesting

Melatonin has potential to regulate seasonal multiple sclerosis flare-ups
9.10.15  Science  ||  Health

Simple precautions to avoid contaminants in urban garden settings
9.10.15  American Society of Agronomy  ||  Earth

Research on how scents/olfactory-branding can affect customer evaluations
9.09.15  Inderscience Publishers  ||  Interesting

Compact interstellar clouds allow for clusters to form in dwarf galaxies
9.09.15  National Radio Astronomy Observatory  ||  Space

Basil pollen found in Nara ruins may have been from shaman queen Himiko
9.09.15  Asahi Shimbun  ||  Interesting

Chili pepper compound capsaicin causes cancer cell membranes to come apart
9.09.15  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Insights into crust formation from cratons in Western Australia
9.09.15  Macquarie University  ||  Earth

Heart rate synchronization occurs when building trust during cooperation
9.08.15  Aarhus University  ||  Interesting

More evidence indicates Milky Way has four spiral arms
9.08.15  Universe Today  ||  Space

Plans to map buried Inca capital in Peru and analyze buried artifacts
9.08.15  ArtDaily  ||  Interesting

THC compound may help prevent organ rejection after transplant
9.08.15  Journal of Leukocyte Biology  ||  Health

Microorganisms that are responsible for nitrogen transformation in soil
9.08.15  ScienceNetwork WA  ||  Earth

Time variation of gamma-ray emissions from solar-disk of the Sun
9.07.15  Astrobites  ||  Space

Visually appealing graphics enhance the performance of people
9.07.15  Springer  ||  Interesting

Clay lamp with depiction of Eros and other artifacts found in Perperikon
9.07.15  Archaeology in Bulgaria  ||  Interesting

Peptides from volcanic streams and geysers may combat drug resistance
9.07.15  ScienceNetwork WA  ||  Health

Coral reef flattening contributes to significant decline in species
9.07.15  Newcastle University  ||  Earth

Brief: impact of a relational mindset on information distortion
9.05.15  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Failed galaxies in the Coma Cluster could contain much more dark matter
9.05.15  ICRAR  ||  Space

Two granite busts of lioness goddess Sekhmet unearthed in Luxor
9.05.15  Ahram Online  ||  Interesting

Turmeric during breakfast can aid memory and counteract cognitive impairment
9.05.15  Monash University  ||  Health

Surprise level often depends on how easily the occurrence can be explained
9.04.15  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Utilizing twin stars with identical spectra to better measure distances
9.04.15  University of Cambridge  ||  Space

Excavation progress at Cromlech Tumulus sites on Slievemore Mountain
9.04.15  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Nutritional supplement formula improves healing of pressure ulcers
9.04.15  Annals of Internal Medicine  ||  Health

Framework diagnoses jet stream behavior in climate models
9.04.15  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  ||  Earth

Analyzing how magnetic fields affect galaxy evolution and star formation
9.03.15  Astrobites  ||  Space

Tendency for peer pressure to influence actions more than recommendations
9.03.15  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Sarcophagus with engraved Medusa head and other symbols found in Ashkelon
9.03.15  Israel Antiquities Authority  ||  Interesting

High levels of saturated fat in blood could lead to inflammation/tissue damage
9.03.15  Imperial College London  ||  Health

Effectiveness of trees at dispersing road traffic emissions
9.03.15  University of Leicester  ||  Earth

Feeling sadness has ability to change how colors are perceived
9.02.15  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

X-ray glow from Galactic Center may be dying stars consuming companions
9.02.15  NASA  ||  Space

Vishnu stone idol influenced by the Pala period unearthed in Beldanga
9.02.15  The Hindu  ||  Interesting

Blueberry extract could help prevent dental plaque formation/gum disease
9.02.15  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Utilizing waste coffee grounds to capture and store methane
9.02.15  Institute of Physics  ||  Earth

Mind/body reactions to emotions while reading text in second language
9.01.15  SISSA  ||  Interesting

Processes involved in galaxies being ejected from their host cluster
9.01.15  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Possibility that settlement in Yassihoyuk dates back 8000 years
9.01.15  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Pregnancy diet lacking in vitamin D and E linked to childhood asthma risk
9.01.15  University of Aberdeen  ||  Health

Technique that allows for extraction of uranium from brannerite
9.01.15  Murdoch University  ||  Earth

Applying hostage negotiation psychology to traditional bargaining
8.31.15  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Research on about the accuracy/consistency of flashbulb memories
6.26.15  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

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