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Ability for people to be convinced they committed a crime that never happened
1.15.15  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Progress in measuring indicators of the Universe's expansion rate
1.15.15  Universe Today  ||  Space

Largest-known ancient Egyptian fortress uncovered at Tell el-Habua
1.15.15  Biblical Archaeology Society  ||  Interesting

Excess iron can become toxic and promote accelerated aging
1.15.15  Buck Institute  ||  Health

A type of clay helps prevent bacterial disease in freshwater finfish
1.15.15  US Department of Agriculture  ||  Earth

Good leadership can positively change people's brains and flexibility
1.14.15  University of Adelaide  ||  Interesting

Stars that are most metal-poor identified in the Milky Way's bulge
1.14.15  Astro Watch  ||  Space

Findings from the Sanctuary of Adonis/Sanctuary of Paired Deities in Cyprus
1.14.15  Popular Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Natural fungal products can inhibit tau buildup in neurodegenerative diseases
1.14.15  University of Kansas  ||  Health

Images reveal raindrops releasing clouds of aerosols on impact
1.14.15  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Earth

Teams more effective than individuals at intelligence analysis of world events
1.13.15  American Psychological Association  ||  Interesting

Decoding the gravitational evolution of dark matter halos around galaxies
1.13.15  Kavli Institute  ||  Space

Five Buddhist sariras discovered at a tomb in central China's Hubei Province
1.13.15  ||  Interesting

Vitamin D supplementation can reduce symptoms of winter-related eczema
1.13.15  Massachusetts General Hospital  ||  Health

Reducing pesticides and boosting harvests by using sound vibrations
1.13.15  European Research Media Center  ||  Earth

Importance of creating a sense of community to inspire in political messages
1.12.15  Monash University  ||  Interesting

Detecting sudden appearance of galaxies in the early Universe
1.12.15  Subaru Telescope  ||  Space

Offering at statue of goddess Tlaltecuhtli reveals reach of Aztec empire
1.12.15  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Fish peptide could be used in treatments for cardiovascular disease
1.12.15  University of Leicester  ||  Health

Specific sense mechanism in fish allow them to detect flows of water
1.12.15  New York University  ||  Earth

Largest outburst detected to date from Milky Way's supermassive black hole
1.10.15  NASA  ||  Space

Article on how concentration affects ability to detect/perceive objects
1.10.15  Scientific American  ||  Interesting

Underground tunnel found at the ancient city of Geshur near Sea of Galilee
1.10.15  Popular Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Aspects of Nordic diet reduce inflammatory gene activity in adipose tissue
1.10.15  University of Eastern Finland  ||  Health

Brief: choosing between options associated with past/future regret
1.09.15  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

First observation of the blow out phase that occurs in galactic evolution
1.09.15  University of Hertfordshire  ||  Space

More ancient structures possibly identified at Amphipolis tomb
1.09.15  Greek Reporter  ||  Interesting

Bitter compounds in wild cucurbits have potential to treat cancer/diabetes
1.09.15  University of California  ||  Health

Giant shake tables simulate earthquakes to make buildings safer
1.09.15  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Follow-through motion consistency improves ability to learn a skill
1.08.15  University of Cambridge  ||  Interesting

Vanishing neutron star utilized to measure space-time warp
1.08.15  University of British Columbia  ||  Space

Egyptian reliefs depicting Thoth/Amun-Re and temple building found in Aswan
1.08.15  Ahram Online  ||  Interesting

Daily cup of blueberries reduces blood pressure/arterial stiffness
1.08.15  Florida State University  ||  Health

Sahara desert rock art helps uncover evidence of ancient lake beds
1.08.15  Astrobiology Magazine  ||  Earth

Humans re-enact facial expressions to aid in recalling emotions
1.07.15  SISSA  ||  Interesting

Observing the birthplace of future stars in Lynds Dark Nebula 483
1.07.15  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Hittite sculptures to be displayed at a site in Yozgat's Sorgun district
1.07.15  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Almonds instead of high-carb snack help reduce heart disease risk factors
1.07.15  Almond Board of California  ||  Health

Dried Khaya Senegelansis leaves effective at oil absorption in water
1.07.15  ResearchSEA  ||  Earth

Depressive thoughts and mood contribute to memory deficits
1.06.15  University of Texas  ||  Interesting

How stars transmit energy from their center to the radioactive band
1.06.15  Sandia National Laboratories  ||  Space

Protecting ancient petroglyphs on the island of Kamenny on Lake Kanozero
1.06.15  Russia Beyond the Headlines  ||  Interesting

High exposure to cadmium contributes to accelerated cell aging
1.06.15  Scientific American  ||  Health

Success in growing plants in-vitro that are difficult to germinate naturally
1.06.15  ScienceNetwork WA  ||  Earth

People commit to organizations they think provide outcome/procedural fairness
1.05.15  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Imaging phenomena around R Sculptoris likely caused by a companion star
1.05.15  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Ancient Roman fort in Britain aligned with sunlight on summer/winter solstices
1.05.15  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Experiment indicates fructose is potentially more toxic than table sugar
1.05.15  University of Utah  ||  Health

How plants utilize vitamin C to protect against excess sunlight
1.05.15  RIKEN  ||  Earth

Brief: role of nonconscious mimicry in the behavioral confirmation process
1.03.15  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Analyzing how massive galaxies consume/merge with other smaller galaxies
1.03.15  ICRAR  ||  Space

Underground structures expected to be found around the Virupaksha Temple
1.03.15  Bangalore Mirror  ||  Interesting

Psoralen found in foods such as figs/celery can help kill cancer cells
1.03.15  Duke University  ||  Health

Simulation focuses on galactic winds to create realistic galaxies
1.02.15  Durham University  ||  Space

Reward during learning can undo retrieval-induced forgetting mechanism
1.02.15  Brown University  ||  Interesting

Twenty-eight objects from the late Bronze Age unearthed near Chojnice
1.02.15  Science & Scholarship in Poland  ||  Interesting

Mistletoe compound could be used to treat nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
1.02.15  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Sea spray particles interact with sea salt to partially alter the atmosphere
1.02.15  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  ||  Earth

Understanding depth perception ambiguities and filling-in blind spots
12.31.14  University of Electro-Communications  ||  Interesting

Analysis of temporary elongated plasma structures in the solar atmosphere
12.31.14  Max Planck Society  ||  Space

Excavations at the Neolithic chambered tomb Perthi Duon on Anglesey
12.31.14  University of Bristol  ||  Interesting

Intake of fiber and fruit/vegetables decrease kidney stone incidence in women
12.31.14  Journal of Urology  ||  Health

Shifts in groundwater chemistry during lead-up to recent Icelandic earthquakes
12.31.14  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Tendency to take other people's ideas without conscious awareness
12.30.14  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Background about the recently identified supernova in the Superwind Galaxy
12.30.14  Universe Today  ||  Space

Winds and sandstorm uncover previously undiscovered Nazca lines
12.30.14  Peru This Week  ||  Interesting

Fish oil molecules have potential to be used to aid artery repair
12.30.14  University of California  ||  Health

Different watering regimes can boost crop yields
12.30.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Earth

Risk gap bias in decision making between the self and others
12.29.14  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Observation of the ancient globular cluster NGC 6535 in Serpens
12.29.14  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Roman-era structure believed to be synagogue uncovered in Golan Heights
12.29.14  Biblical Archaeology Society  ||  Interesting

Ability for oregano oil to be food/surface sanitizer against norovirus
12.29.14  Wiley  ||  Health

Catalysts to determine ability to convert methane to more valuable fuels
12.29.14  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  ||  Earth

Group identity more likely to be emphasized by marginal members
12.27.14  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Measuring cosmic angular diameter distances using time-delay strong lenses
12.27.14  Max Planck Society  ||  Space

Analyzing activities of the Temple People in Malta/Gozo dating back 6000 years
12.27.14  University of Malta  ||  Interesting

Puerarin extract can aid repair of peripheral nerve injuries
12.27.14  Neural Regeneration Research  ||  Health

Brief: hearing a statement now and believing the opposite later
12.26.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Red nugget galaxies originally overlooked as stars identified in archives
12.26.14  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Buddhist sculptures and Kushan-era coins found at a stupa in Pakistan
12.26.14  Economic Times  ||  Interesting

Tart cherry juice can help reduce effects of gout and inflammation
12.26.14  Northumbria University  ||  Health

Model focuses on economic/societal consequences of ocean acidification
12.26.14  Helmholtz Centre  ||  Earth

Analyzing two stellar explosions in the spiral galaxy NGC 6984
12.25.14  South African Astronomical Observatory  ||  Space

Connections between words and the brain's sense of motion through space
12.25.14  Scientific American  ||  Interesting

Wall paintings discovered at the 5000-year-old Seyitomer burial mound
12.25.14  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Mangrove ecosystem provides source for health compounds/antibiotics
12.25.14  University of Technology MARA  ||  Health

Bacterial proteins that transform iron and other minerals for energy/growth
12.25.14  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  ||  Earth

Brief: developmental origins of recoding/decoding in memory
12.24.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Imaging the bow shock of the speeding supergiant star Kappa Cassiopeiae
12.24.14  NASA  ||  Space

Structures and probable temple unearthed at Hellenistic agora in Nea Paphos
12.24.14  Science & Scholarship in Poland  ||  Interesting

Potential for probiotics/prebiotics to ease anxiety symptoms
12.24.14  LiveScience  ||  Health

Ants are powerful weathering agents and impact mineral decay
12.24.14  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Tendency for stress to increase desire to satisfy urges
12.23.14  American Psychological Association  ||  Interesting

Peculiar object near Milky Way's center is likely a merged pair of binary stars
12.23.14  University of California  ||  Space

Ancient glass bracelet inscribed with 7-branched menorah found at Mount Carmel
12.23.14  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Molecular mechanism behind benefits of calorie restriction identified
12.23.14  Harvard University  ||  Health

Autumn-sown non-legume perennial crops produce better yield
12.23.14  ScienceNetwork WA  ||  Earth

Research on decision cascades and the spread of behavior in social situations
12.22.14  SIAM  ||  Interesting

Newly identified Kks3 dwarf galaxy is a Milky Way neighbor
12.22.14  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Ruins uncovered at the ancient city of Sizhou in Xuyi county
12.22.14  ||  Interesting

Resveratrol activates stress response mechanism to provide health benefits
12.22.14  Scripps Research Institute  ||  Health

Halting photons could lead to producing vector beams/improving data transmission
12.22.14  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Technology

Differential stress has greater effect on mineral growth than thought
12.22.14  University of Liverpool  ||  Earth

Brief: optimizing group collaboration to improve later retention
12.20.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Analyzing properties of the massive galaxy cluster known as Gioello
12.20.14  NASA  ||  Space

Ancient Indians depicted shamans and their spiritual journeys on rocks
12.20.14  Science & Scholarship in Poland  ||  Interesting

Regular consumption of olive oil can drastically improve heart health
12.20.14  University of Glasgow  ||  Health

Attempting to detect rare ultra-luminous X-ray sources in starbust galaxies
12.19.14  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Research identifies key belief that makes people take responsibility
12.19.14  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Largest known stone block from antiquity found at Baalbek in Lebanon
12.19.14  Discovery  ||  Interesting

Article about the search for botanicals to treat fibrosis
12.19.14  King's College London  ||  Health

Legume has potential to transform sandy soils into productive land
12.19.14  Murdoch University  ||  Earth

Buffet experiment reveals price tends to influence taste satisfaction
12.18.14  Cornell University  ||  Interesting

Missing stars cast doubt on theories about how globular clusters form
12.18.14  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Large ancient relief discovered near the Gediz River delta in Izmir
12.18.14  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

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