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Massive spiral galaxy in Pavo exhibits effects of galaxy interactions
9.15.14  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Contemplative practices have potential to boost creativity in problem solving
9.15.14  Cornell University  ||  Interesting

Excavations around 4000 year old burial mound at the edge of Dartmoor
9.15.14  Culture24  ||  Interesting

More research shows positive attitude can strengthen immune system
9.15.14  University of Queensland  ||  Health

Drifting herbicides produce uncertain effects in nearby farms/fields
9.15.14  Pennsylvania State University  ||  Earth

Brief: hinderance of individual evaluation bias on group decision making
9.13.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Observing the Puppis A supernova remnant expanding into the interstellar medium
9.13.14  NASA  ||  Space

Research on two types of female Judahite pillar figurines from the Iron Age
9.13.14  Biblical Archaeology Society  ||  Interesting

Scottish heather honey is an especially useful anti-bacterial wound dressing
9.13.14  University of Glasgow  ||  Health

People tend to be more generous when paying for others than themselves
9.12.14  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Analyzing how cold dense cores limit star formation in the Pipe Nebula
9.12.14  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Neolithic necropolis at Fleury-sur-Orne in France contains 20 monumental tombs
9.12.14  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Potassium supplements increase survival when taking diuretics for heart failure
9.12.14  University of Pennsylvania  ||  Health

New climate record changes/challenges ideas about recent glaciations
9.12.14  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Brain can classify and decode the meaning of words even during sleep
9.11.14  Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit  ||  Interesting

Blue point source reveals companion star to an enigmatic supernova
9.11.14  Kavli Institute  ||  Space

Memnon colossi's missing quartzite blocks found at Amenhotep III's funerary temple
9.11.14  Ahram Online  ||  Interesting

Mushroom compound with vitamin E potently suppresses prostate cancer tumors
9.11.14  Queensland University of Technology  ||  Health

Pesticides are more toxic for soil organisms in dry soil/enhanced temperatures
9.11.14  Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre  ||  Earth

Low lithium levels in stars also detected in globular cluster Messier 52
9.10.14  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Certain body language may predict creative output/learning ability
9.10.14  Stanford University  ||  Interesting

Artifacts and two ancient carriages uncovered at a tomb in Xi'an
9.10.14  ||  Interesting

Potential for xenon gas to protect brain after head injury and aid recovery
9.10.14  Imperial College London  ||  Health

Link between solar activity/volcanic eruptions influences ocean temperature
9.10.14  Aarhus University  ||  Earth

Research on the tendency for shared pain to bring people together
9.09.14  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Interactive dark matter could explain missing Milky Way satellite galaxies
9.09.14  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Mosaic reliefs abandoned in Anemurium near the mountainous Cilicia region
9.09.14  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Fish oil may help reduce seizure frequency in people with epilepsy
9.09.14  British Medical Journal  ||  Health

Alpha waves control visual attention by organizing to-do list for the brain
9.09.14  Radboud University  ||  Interesting

Studying interstellar molecules to better understand star/planet formation
9.09.14  Max Planck Society  ||  Space

Shift in Arabian Sea plankton may threaten ecosystem and fisheries
9.09.14  Columbia University  ||  Earth

Faces are more likely to seem alive/animated when someone feels connected
9.08.14  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Analyzing solar system processes that determine the size/orbit of planets
9.08.14  Astrobiology Magazine  ||  Space

Two caryatid statues found at the newly excavated tomb near Amphipolis
9.08.14  Agence France-Presse  ||  Interesting

Short walks reverse harm caused to leg arteries from prolonged sitting
9.08.14  Indiana University  ||  Health

Important wild crop species at risk in the Fertile Crescent region
9.08.14  University of Birmingham  ||  Earth

Solar-powered electrodialysis could desalinate water in isolated areas
9.08.14  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Technology

Effect of expected/experienced processing fluency on evaluative judgment
9.06.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Two M-type giants are most distant stars identified to date in the Milky Way
9.06.14  Haverford College  ||  Space

Hidden landscapes and buried monuments unearthed at Stonehenge
9.06.14  Smithsonian Magazine  ||  Interesting

Olive oil with nitrite-rich vegetables helps protect against high blood pressure
9.06.14  King's College London  ||  Health

Tendency for people to buy products that unintentionally benefit environment
9.05.14  University of Chicago  ||  Interesting

Analyzing the variability of blazers and black hole activity
9.05.14  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Utah's Great Gallery rock art seemingly younger than previously estimated
9.05.14  Utah State University  ||  Interesting

Pistachios lower vascular/body's response to stress in type 2 diabetes
9.05.14  Pennsylvania State University  ||  Health

Genetic system in plants controls structures vital for terrestrial environments
9.05.14  RIKEN  ||  Earth

Theory attempts to explain dark matter with a two-component model
9.04.14  University of Kansas  ||  Space

Seeing other people's apathy can affect commitment to a goal
4.05.14  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Temples of Angkor Wat available in street view through maps program
4.05.14  Google  ||  Interesting

Beneficial yellow pigment in the eye from fruit/vegetable consumption
9.04.14  University of Georgia  ||  Health

Analyzing the spread of parasites/pathogens across the Arctic
9.04.14  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Messages that encourage learning/motivation cause instant brain changes
9.03.14  Michigan State University  ||  Interesting

Observing the dark regions of Lupus 4 where new stars will emerge
9.03.14  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Christian amulet/charm on 1500 year old papyrus from city of Hermoupolis
9.03.14  University of Manchester  ||  Interesting

Anti-inflammatory substance in crustacean shells could help prevent/treat diseases
9.03.14  Florida Atlantic University  ||  Health

Plants respond to leaf vibrations when insects begin to chew
9.03.14  University of Missouri  ||  Earth

Rediscovering mundane moments can bring unexpected joy in the future
9.02.14  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Clumps of dark matter/hot gas from a collision in the Bullet Group galaxies
9.02.14  European Space Agency  ||  Space

Various findings about mummies in the Cappadocia region of Antolia
9.02.14  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Soy protein supplementation can be beneficial for people with vulnerable bones
9.02.14  University of Granada  ||  Health

Differences in bird migration flying speeds during spring/autumn
9.02.14  Springer  ||  Earth

Why an office-setting enriched with plants boosts productivity
9.01.14  University of Queensland  ||  Interesting

Decoding rhythmic pulsations from an unusual black hole in Messier 82
9.01.14  NASA  ||  Space

Figurines provide clues to Olmec influences/trading in Mexico
9.01.14  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Nitric oxide inhalation by heart attack patients may improve recovery
9.01.14  European Society of Cardiology  ||  Health

Touch experiences processed by neurons in the skin before the brain
9.01.14  Umea University  ||  Interesting

Magnetar along with counterpart found near supernova remnant Kesteven 79
9.01.14  European Space Agency  ||  Space

A tree's shape is in response to external impacts and internal damage
9.01.14  Karlsruhe Institute of Technology  ||  Earth

Sense of control may influence product choices that require high/low effort
8.30.14  University of Chicago  ||  Interesting

Examining how the two stars in the Eta Carinae system interact
8.30.14  NASA  ||  Space

Exhibit displays religious sculptures and more from Indonesia/New Guinea
8.30.14  Yale University  ||  Interesting

Peaches have potential to inhibit breast cancer metastasis
8.30.14  Texas A&M University  ||  Health

Change deafness and object encoding with recognizable/unrecognizable sounds
8.29.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Analyzing the surface vibrations in young stars to understand stellar evolution
8.29.14  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Changing styles identified in ancient Kimberley rock art in Australia
8.29.14  Australian Broadcasting Corporation  ||  Interesting

Exposure to blue light during day or night improves alertness/performance
8.29.14  Brigham and Women's Hosptial  ||  Health

Insights into the properties and composition of mixed-phase clouds
8.29.14  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  ||  Earth

Photonic circuits allow for control over the interaction of light/matter
8.29.14  Niels Bohr Institute  ||  Technology

Probing the core of a solar storm to better understand space weather
8.28.14  NASA  ||  Space

Strong personal links usually strengthen problem solving ability of groups
8.28.14  Technical University of Denmark  ||  Interesting

Reputations of Iron Age metal workers in regions of the Middle East
8.28.14  AF of Tel Aviv University  ||  Interesting

Hatha yoga boosts brain function/cognitive performance in older adults
8.28.14  University of Illinois  ||  Health

Charting the growing invasion of crop pests around the world
8.28.14  University of Exeter  ||  Earth

Gifts that generate gratitude tend to keep consumers loyal
8.27.14  Queensland University of Technology  ||  Interesting

Analyzing ultraviolet light in the cosmos to understand galaxy development
8.27.14  University College London  ||  Space

A sprawling neolithic site unearthed near a river in Zhengzhou
8.27.14  Xinhua  ||  Interesting

Tomato-rich diet lowers risk of developing prostate cancer
8.27.14  University of Bristol  ||  Health

New method for extracting radioactive elements from air/water
8.27.14  University of Liverpool  ||  Earth

Consumers believe their loyalty will win them even random contests
8.26.14  Ohio State University  ||  Interesting

Improved view of merging galaxies when the Universe was half its current age
8.26.14  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Underground discoveries at the ancient Ani ruins in Armenia
8.26.14  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Eight ways proper zinc supplementation can benefit the human body
8.26.14  Institute of Food Technologists  ||  Health

Trash burning around the world significantly worsens air pollution
8.26.14  UCAR  ||  Earth

Laser pulses can cause quartz glass to temporarily take on metallic properties
8.26.14  Vienna University of Technology  ||  Technology

Anticipating experience-oriented purchases more enjoyable than material ones
8.25.14  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Observing variety of cosmic phenomena in a region of the Perseus constellation
8.25.14  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Excavations at multiple endangered ancient Maya sites in Belize
8.25.14  Popular Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Cardiovascular exercise helps protect from cognitive impairment
8.25.14  University of Montreal  ||  Health

Group bonding tends to reduce negativity in people with depressed mindsets
8.25.14  University of Queensland  ||  Interesting

Seven tiny grains from interstellar space captured during mission
8.25.14  University of California  ||  Space

Intermediate amount of vegetation is effective at stabilizing river deltas
8.25.14  University of Indiana  ||  Earth

Various factors that influence people to continue to pass on gossip
8.23.14  University of Glasgow  ||  Interesting

Diagnostics of the donor star in ultra-compact X-ray binary systems
8.23.14  Max Planck Society  ||  Space

New survey maps of many ancient sites in the Kurdish region of Iraq
8.23.14  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Rehmannia formula alleviates dyskinesia in Parkinson's disease
8.23.14  Neural Regeneration Research  ||  Health

Research on how collaboration changes content/structure of memories
8.22.14  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Attempting to detect gravity waves by monitoring white dwarf stars
8.22.14  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Revealing numerous findings from two ancient sites in present-day Yemen
8.22.14  Popular Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Mechanisms of green tea that contribute to reducing pancreatic cancer risk
8.22.14  LA BioMed  ||  Health

Pollen on birds indicates feeding ground regions during migration
8.22.14  Natural Environment Research Council  ||  Earth

Importance of sleep when learning and practicing motor skills
8.21.14  University of Montreal  ||  Interesting

Evidence on the Moon for how solar energetic particles alter soil evolution
8.21.14  University of New Hampshire  ||  Space

Buddhist ceremonial artifacts uncovered at the Dobong Seowon shrine
8.21.14  Korea Herald  ||  Interesting

Health benefits of walking extend to chronic kidney disease
8.21.14  JAMA Network  ||  Health

Worldwide study shows that fertilizer destabilizes grasslands
8.21.14  University of Nebraska  ||  Earth

Article about various research on the psychological influences of colors
8.20.14  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Type Ia supernovae originate during interactions between white dwarfs/twin stars
8.20.14  Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia  ||  Space

Imitations of the sculptures on Mount Nemrut will be made for panorama museum
8.20.14  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Abalone sea snails could provide insight into treating common cold sores
8.20.14  University of Sydney  ||  Health

Targeted brain training has potential to improve multitasking abilities
8.20.14  University of Montreal  ||  Interesting

Observing two dramatic star formation regions in the southern Milky Way
8.20.14  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Power generating where river/sea water meet could provide desalinated water
8.20.14  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Technology

Arctic bugs are resilient to colder temperatures than thought
8.20.14  Natural Environment Research Council  ||  Earth

Article on subconscious influences involved in snap judgments/responses
8.19.14  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Amount of multiple star systems may indicate need for new star formation model
8.19.14  Ruhr University  ||  Space

Carved sphinxes at ancient Amphipolis tomb in Macedonia will not be removed
8.19.14  Kathimerini  ||  Interesting

Eating tree nuts contributes to modest decreases in blood fats/sugars
8.19.14  St. Michael's Hospital  ||  Health

Effects of the Asian monsoon on methane emission cycles
8.19.14  University of Bristol  ||  Earth

Experiment reveals how faulty assumptions can trigger bodily responses
8.18.14  Scientific American  ||  Interesting

Image of numerous galaxies/Messier objects in the Canes Venatici constellation
8.18.14  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Elk bones dating back 11000 years found ritually placed in a bog in Zealand
8.18.14  ScienceNordic  ||  Interesting

Antibiotics study may show which probiotics help prevent disease in early life
8.18.14  University of British Columbia  ||  Health

Visual gist aids in figuring out where a crowd is looking
8.18.14  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Correlation between the period of a pulsating star and its amplitude
8.18.14  AAVSO  ||  Space

How light-sensitive proteins in plant cells change when sensing light
8.18.14  University of Gothenburg  ||  Earth

Brief: distance/abstractness cues in sound change level of construal
8.16.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Analyzing what triggered a nearby supernova explosion in Ursa Major
8.16.14  NASA  ||  Space

Aboriginal Australians used star maps to teach song-lines in order to travel
8.16.14  Australian Broadcasting Corporation  ||  Interesting

Moisturizing routine reduces frequency of skin tears in elderly
8.16.14  ScienceNetwork WA  ||  Health

People tend to imitate the choices of others when feeling uninformed
8.15.14  University of Chicago  ||  Interesting

Dark matter peaks identified using gravitational lensing technique
8.15.14  Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope  ||  Space

Ancient Maya cities and pyramid temples found in the jungles of Campeche
8.15.14  Discovery  ||  Interesting

Vitamin D deficiency is linked with increased risk of dementia/Alzheimer's
8.15.14  Neurology  ||  Health

Insights into how bats use echolocation could lead to improved sonar/radar
8.15.14  Brown University  ||  Earth

Maps of the material located between stars in the Milky Way
8.14.14  Johns Hopkins University  ||  Space

Research about explicit and implicit cognitive systems in humans
8.14.14  University of Buffalo  ||  Interesting

Evidence reveals mummification in Egypt began 1500 years earlier
8.14.14  Macquarie University  ||  Interesting

Aspirin has potential to lower breast cancer recurrence rates
8.14.14  University of Texas  ||  Health

Vine growth limits a forest's ability to capture carbon
8.14.14  Smithsonian Institution  ||  Earth

Thinking about inconsistent concepts can trigger creative ideas
8.13.14  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Intense blurring/stretching of light observed near supermassive black hole
8.13.14  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Mapping the ancient Arctic routes/trails used by the Inuit
8.13.14  University of Cambridge  ||  Interesting

Natural protein found in milk could help treat iron deficiency in pregnancy
8.13.14  University of Sydney  ||  Health

Rare mineral indicates vast amounts of water beneath Earth's surface
8.13.14  University of Alberta  ||  Earth

Consumers are more likely to buy unique products when made to feel special
8.12.14  University of Chicago  ||  Interesting

Spectrum of gamma-ray burst's afterglow indicates Universe's re-ionization process
8.12.14  Subaru Telescope  ||  Space

Nile River cemetery with underground tombs and artifacts found in Sudan
8.12.14  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Moderate sunlight exposure reduces risk of shortsightedness in youths
8.12.14  ScienceNetwork WA  ||  Health

Importance of sea grass meadows for young/juvenile fish populations
8.12.14  Natural Environment Research Council  ||  Earth

Influence of unexpected task constraint on voluntary task switching
8.11.14  Kessler Foundation  ||  Interesting

Quasar explanation for rapid growth of seed black holes in early Universe
8.11.14  Weizmann Institute  ||  Space

Analyzing how to stop erosion at the Western Wall in Jerusalem
8.11.14  Hebrew University of Jerusalem  ||  Interesting

Bee and snake/scorpion venom has potential to be used to kill cancer cells
8.11.14  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Antarctica's ground is sensitive to seismic waves from distant earthquakes
8.11.14  Georgia Institute of Technology   ||  Earth

Development of a wave-generated tractor beam on water
8.11.14  Australian National University  ||  Technology

How body positioning can alter decision making tendencies
8.09.14  University of Toronto  ||  Interesting

Role of carbon monoxide on the life-cycles of stars in galaxies
8.09.14  ICRAR  ||  Space

Analyzing astronomical orientation of Scottish monuments over 5000 years old
8.09.14  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Sandalwood aroma facilitates wound healing/skin regeneration
8.09.14  Ruhr University  ||  Health

Musical training improves neural function to offset academic achievement gaps
8.08.14  American Psychological Association  ||  Interesting

Investigating events in the Solar System's prehistory that led to the Sun's birth
8.08.14  Monash University  ||  Space

Further insights about an ancient Christian dance ritual uncovered in Coptic text
8.08.14  Biblical Archaeology Society  ||  Interesting

Beneficial antioxidants/phenolics in numerous Chinese edible flowers
8.08.14  Wiley  ||  Health

New measures needed to protect penguins around the world
8.08.14  Natural Environment Research Council  ||  Earth

Stock prices of companies that use the same underwriter tend to shift together
8.07.14  Rice University  ||  Interesting

A stream of atomic hydrogen gas 2.6 million light years long discovered
8.07.14  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Prehistoric paintings/artifacts found in a cave near Nossam in India
8.07.14  The Hindu  ||  Interesting

Caffeine intake is associated with lower rates of tinnitus
8.07.14  Brigham and Women's Hospital  ||  Health

Bedrock influences forests more than previously estimated
8.07.14  University of Wyoming  ||  Earth

Supernova system may have left behind a surviving dwarf star after explosion
8.06.14  NASA  ||  Space

Adaption mechanism shows how prior experience shapes visual perception
8.06.14  University of Jena  ||  Interesting

Images from inside various ancient tombs/catacombs around the world
8.06.14  National Geographic Society  ||  Interesting

Curry spices have potential to aid in lowering blood pressure
8.06.14  Agence France-Presse  ||  Health

Analyzing the air-water interface of a hurricane to predict intensity
8.06.14  Nova Southeastern University  ||  Earth

Tendency for forgiveness to weaken ability to recall details of experience
8.05.14  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Planet-like object may have spent its early life as hot as a star
8.05.14  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Restoring 2000 year old Apollon temple in Canakkale's Ayvacik district
8.05.14  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Whey protein drink before a meal helps control erratic glucose levels
8.05.14  AF of Tel Aviv University  ||  Health

Influences from music and bass on power-related cognition/behavior
8.05.14  SAGE Publications  ||  Interesting

Mapping hidden cradles of star formation throughout the Milky Way
8.05.14  Max Planck Society  ||  Space

Researching how humans are altering the geology of deep Earth
8.05.14  Natural Environment Research Council  ||  Earth

Update on discoveries about the outer heliosphere in the interstellar medium
8.04.14  Southwest Research Institute  ||  Space

Advertisements have potential to influence elaborate false memories
8.04.14  Cornell University  ||  Interesting

Tombs and artifacts uncovered inside a 2100 year old mausoleum in China
8.04.14  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Eating resistant starch helps reduce red meat-related colorectal cancer risk
8.04.14  American Association for Cancer Research  ||  Health

Role of wind and corridors on seed dispersal in natural habitats
8.04.14  National Science Foundation  ||  Earth

Brief: sensitivity to text/image mismatches affects hemispheric processing
8.02.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Influence of metals in stellar nurseries on stars in the first galaxies
8.02.14  University of Texas  ||  Space

Unknown son of Pakal II identified from remains at the Temple of the Sun
8.02.14  ArtDaily  ||  Interesting

Old and sprouting garlic is loaded with heart-healthy antioxidants
8.02.14  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

People are more likely to spend money when experiencing nostalgia
8.01.14  University of Chicago  ||  Interesting

Improvements in monitoring regions around Milky Way's supermassive black hole
8.01.14  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Update on the digitalization of artifacts found at the ancient city of Ur
8.01.14  British Museum  ||  Interesting

Herbal-based artesunate can be used to help control asthma
8.01.14  National University of Singapore  ||  Health

Effects of sea levels/coastal defenses on typical tidal ranges
8.01.14  Natural Environment Research Council  ||  Earth

Research on the processes involved in the spread of misinformation online
7.31.14  Inderscience Publishers  ||  Interesting

Confirmation that classical novae explosions produce gamma rays
7.31.14  NASA  ||  Space

Various burial practices uncovered at an Merovingian necropolis in France
7.31.14  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Eating organic food for a week drastically reduces pesticide metabolites
7.31.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Health

Boat noise impacts development/survival of vital marine invertebrates
7.31.14  University of Bristol  ||  Earth

Fear of losing money affects investor risk tolerance more than spending habits
7.30.14  University of Missouri  ||  Interesting

Measuring the mass/dark matter content in the Milky Way and Andromeda
7.30.14  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Pot fragments reveal dairy farming in Finland going back 4500 years
7.30.14  University of Bristol  ||  Interesting

Diet rich in soy has potential to reduce risk of atherosclerosis in women
7.30.14  North American Menopause Society  ||  Health

Technique allows for environmentally friendly way to make colored plastics
7.30.14  American Chemical Society  ||  Earth

Brief: how unconscious processing and conscious action control interact
7.29.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Analyzing how magnetic structures in the Sun are born and evolve
7.29.14  Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia  ||  Space

Unique mortuary bundle found in a shelter in the mountains of Sierra Gorda
7.29.14  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Thylakoid extract from spinach curbs appetite/sugar cravings
7.29.14  Lund University  ||  Health

Leaf-cutter ant fungus gardens transform during biomass degradation
7.29.14  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  ||  Earth

Research about why people value predictability in goal attainment
7.28.14  University of Chicago  ||  Interesting

Observation of blossoming star birth in the Triangulum Galaxy
7.28.14  European Space Agency  ||  Space

Hopi tribesman intervene to help conserve sites at the Hovenweep ruins
7.28.14  Cortez Journal  ||  Interesting

Cinnamon has potential to prevent foodborne illnesses caused by bacteria
7.28.14  Washington State University  ||  Health

Effects of turbulence on phytoplankton and algae populations
7.28.14  University of Western Australia  ||  Earth

Technique utilizes light to build invisible/cloaked materials
7.28.14  University of Cambridge  ||  Technology

Ability for high emotional intelligence to improve performance
7.26.14  University of London  ||  Interesting

Four newly processed images of supernova remnants reveal great details
7.26.14  NASA  ||  Space

Article about the numerous structures/temples at the Athenian Acropolis
7.26.14  Biblical Archaeology Society  ||  Interesting

Mechanism shows how coffee helps protect against Parkinson's
7.26.14  Linkoping University  ||  Health

Brief: ego depletion's paradoxical effects on ethical decision making
7.25.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Analyzing the binary star population in the globular cluster Messier 4
7.25.14  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Restoration of mosaics/wall paintings at the Yamac Houses in Ephesus
7.25.14  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Total darkness during the night is vital to breast cancer therapy success
7.25.14  Tulane University  ||  Health

Predicting the evolution of atmospheric circulation of tropical storms
7.25.14  RIKEN  ||  Earth

Cultural stereotypes may tend to evolve from sharing social information
7.24.14  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Mapping the mass of a galaxy cluster in the Eridanus constellation
7.24.14  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Amun carving possibly defaced during Akhenaten's reign discovered
7.24.14  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Natural plant products protect skin during cancer radiotherapy
7.24.14  Inderscience Publishers  ||  Health

Soil characteristics that contribute to the rarity of plant species
7.24.14  Wageningen University  ||  Earth

Ultra-short laser pulses will boost knowledge of electron motions
7.24.14  Max Planck Society  ||  Technology

Ideal size for choice sets should reflect a person's subjective knowledge
7.23.14  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Observing the NGC 3293 star cluster to see how sibling stars evolve
7.23.14  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Peculiar burials unearthed in the Burnt City, 5200 years old
7.23.14  Tehran Times  ||  Interesting

Rosemary and oregano are loaded with diabetes-fighting compounds
7.23.14  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Brief: role of affective patterns in group decision making
7.23.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

3-D model of the events inside a stellar core that lead to collapse
7.23.14  California Institute of Technology  ||  Space

Blood flow provides insight about bird flight and motion
7.23.14  ScienceNetwork WA  ||  Earth

Multiple perspectives/shifting images in advertisements confuse consumers
7.22.14  AF of Tel Aviv University  ||  Interesting

Measuring a galaxy's rotation rate based on the movement of its stars
7.22.14  Space Telescope Science Institute  ||  Space

Evidence for early Christianity in Roman Britain and bath house uncovered
7.22.14  Durham University  ||  Interesting

Melatonin supplements may have potential to make elderly bones stronger
7.22.14  McGill University  ||  Health

Disturbed chalk grasslands can take a century to recover full diversity
7.22.14  Natural Environment Research Council  ||  Earth

Research uses game theory to understand how words/actions acquire meaning
7.21.14  Kansas State University  ||  Interesting

Transiting exoplanet with longest known year identified
7.21.14  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Bronze Age rock art discovered near the Brecon Beacons in Wales
7.21.14  British Broadcasting Company  ||  Interesting

Iodine may alleviate retinal swelling in people with retinitis pigmentosa
7.21.14  Massachusetts Eye and Ear  ||  Health

How exogenous inputs in a population affect opinion dynamics
7.21.14  SIAM  ||  Interesting

Magnetic fields have unexpected presence around supermassive black holes
7.21.14  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  ||  Space

Influence of storm eddies on turbulent mixing in deep ocean waters
7.21.14  University of Southampton  ||  Earth

Brief: fear shapes information acquisition in decisions from experience
7.19.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Analyzing the origin of Milky Way's Galactic Ridge X-ray emission
7.19.14  Max Planck Society  ||  Space

Mound complex with astronomical orientations in Peru predates Nazca Lines
7.19.14  Popular Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Scottish seaweed shows potential to address iodine deficiency
7.19.14  University of Glasgow  ||  Health

Review of the activities leading up to recurrent novae
7.18.14  AAVSO  ||  Space

Handwritten notes tend to improve long-term comprehension
7.18.14  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Figurative fresco and headless statue found at the ancient city of Tripolis
7.18.14  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Fish oil can help protect against alcohol-related brain damage
7.18.14  Loyola University  ||  Health

Analysis of debris avalanche dangers at volcanic sites
7.18.14  Geological Society of America  ||  Earth

Attempting to test theories of the Universe being a bubble
7.17.14  Perimeter Institute  ||  Space

Fast eye movements are a possible indicator of impulsive decision making
7.07.14  Johns Hopkins University  ||  Interesting

Remains of 1500 year old village/ceremonial structure uncovered in Colorado
7.17.14  Western Digs  ||  Interesting

Resveratrol has potential to help treat a deadly brain disease
7.17.14  University of Liverpool  ||  Health

Dredging linked to increased frequency of diseased corals
7.17.14  Australian Institute of Marine Science  ||  Earth

People in leadership positions may tend to sacrifice privacy for security
7.16.14  Pennsylvania State University  ||  Interesting

Revealing the complex outflow structure of binary system UY Aurigae
7.16.14  Subaru Telescope  ||  Space

Update on excavations at the ancient seaport of Ashkelon in Israel
7.16.14  Biblical Archaeology Society  ||  Interesting

Cardiovascular benefits of canola oil for people with type 2 diabetes
7.16.14  St. Michael's Hospital  ||  Health

Water molecules favor negative charges while around other substances
7.16.14  Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne  ||  Earth

Effects of network structure/cultural diversity on team potency and performance
7.15.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Images of young galaxies reveal missing gas from which stars are thought to form
7.15.14  Swinburne University of Technology  ||  Space

Wall painting discovered in priest's tomb near the Great Pyramid of Gaza
7.15.14  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Gardens provide therapeutic benefits for people with dementia
7.15.14  University of Exeter  ||  Health

Article about extracting truthful information and detecting potential deceit
7.15.14  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

3-D Sun model reveals effects of gravity waves from the core to the surface
7.15.14  CEA  ||  Space

Ancient fossilized trails indicate animal foraging tactics unchanged
7.15.14  Natural Environment Research Council  ||  Earth

How and when people remember brands in celebrity advertisements
7.14.14  University of Arkansas  ||  Interesting

Age analysis of the globular cluster NGC 121 in the Tucana constellation
7.14.14  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Prehistoric token-based recording system was used into the Assyrian empire
7.14.14  University of Cambridge  ||  Interesting

Benefits of acupuncture on reducing menopausal hot flashes
7.14.14  North American Menopause Society  ||  Health

Ability for volcanoes to quickly go from dormant to active
7.14.14  Oregon State University  ||  Earth

Packaging with spokes-characters that make eye contact influence consumers
7.12.14  Cornell University  ||  Interesting

Using quasars to measure the Universe's expansion at one-quarter of its age
7.12.14  Sloan Digital Sky Survey  ||  Space

Excavations at Armenia's Bronze Age settlement in Metsamor
7.12.14  University of Warsaw  ||  Interesting

Houshiheisan compound protects neurovascular units after cerebral ischemia
7.12.14  Neural Regeneration Research  ||  Health

Brief: enhanced perceptual awareness of morally relevant stimuli
7.11.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Nearby blast mimics how the Universe's first stars seized to exist
7.11.14  European Space Agency  ||  Space

Evidence for ritual use of fire at the 4000 year old Ventarron temple
7.11.14  Peru This Week  ||  Interesting

Omega-3s may benefit joint health and lessen severity of osteoarthritis
7.11.14  Duke University  ||  Health

Reducing fertilizer needs by accounting for soil characteristics
7.11.14  US Department of Agriculture  ||  Earth

Technique measures the spin of a star to estimate its age
7.10.14  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Group attention tends to intensify emotional experiences
7.10.14  University of Tennessee  ||  Interesting

Analyzing prehistoric decorated quartz pebbles found in Scotland
7.10.14  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Fresh avocado enhances vitamin A absorption when eating carrots/tomatoes
7.10.14  PR Newswire  ||  Health

Coral's ability to colonize/repair as ocean's become more acidic
7.10.14  ScienceNetwork WA  ||  Earth

Global research on regional favoritism involving birthplaces of political leaders
7.09.14  Monash University  ||  Interesting

Observations reveal how stardust forms around a supernova
7.09.14  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Synagogue and production center for pottery/lamps uncovered in Shikhin
7.09.14  Biblical Archaeology Society  ||  Interesting

High levels of vitamin D increase likelihood of surviving bowel cancer
7.09.14  University of Edinburgh  ||  Health

Mysterious mima mounds likely created by plants and vegetation
7.09.14  LiveScience  ||  Earth

Brief: effect of abstract mindsets in ethical decisions for social good
7.08.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Missing sources to account for light in empty space areas of the Universe
7.08.14  Carnegie Institution  ||  Space

Cremation center unearthed near site where a Demeter statue was found in Simav
7.08.14  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Contradictory findings about effects from moon phase on sleep
7.08.14  University of Gothenburg  ||  Health

Brain's active interpretation of visual signals occurs early on in processing
7.08.14  Radboud University  ||  Interesting

Observing a peculiar hotspot of cosmic rays beneath the Big Dipper
7.08.14  University of Utah  ||  Space

Human litter spreading to even the most remote areas of oceans
7.08.14  Natural Environment Research Council  ||  Earth

Impulsive consumers tend to distort memories to forget past indulgences
7.07.14  Universe of Chicago  ||  Interesting

Properties of the early Universe seemingly determined by the smallest galaxies
7.07.14  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Long-lost temple and statues discovered in the Kurdistan region of Iraq
7.07.14  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Mushroom consumption helps the body regulate glucose levels
7.07.14  University at Buffalo  ||  Health

Challenges in studying/preserving sites in Peru's petrified forest
7.07.14  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Brief: explaining illusions of confidence in simple perceptual decisions
7.05.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Galactic pyrotechnics around a black hole in the NGC 4258 galaxy
7.05.14  NASA  ||  Space

Lost temple from the Meroitic Empire found in Sudan's Butana desert
7.05.14  Rhode Island College  ||  Interesting

High levels of beta-carotene and vitamins/minerals in orange honeydew melon
7.05.14  US Department of Agriculture  ||  Health

Article on how middle ground options can alter decision making
7.04.14  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Neutron star with a donut-shaped magnetic field/axial wobble discovered
7.04.14  RIKEN  ||  Space

Update on excavations at the lower city of Mycenae in Greece
7.04.14  Popular Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Association identified between high cholesterol and breast cancer
7.04.14  European Society of Cardiology  ||  Health

Imminent dangers facing coral on the Great Barrier Reef
7.04.14  University of Queensland  ||  Earth

Largest-known void in the Universe may explain cosmic cold spot
7.03.14  NewScientist  ||  Space

Tendency for financial decisions to be made on an emotional basis
7.03.14  Aalto University  ||  Interesting

Revealing a 4000 year old timber circle linked to ritual use at Holme Beach
7.03.14  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Pumpkin seed and soy germ extract helps reduce overactive bladder symptoms
7.03.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Health

Whales have powerful/positive influence on the function of oceans
7.03.14  University of Vermont  ||  Earth

Research indicates developing expertise takes more than deliberate practice
7.02.14  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Observing the stars that will mold the appearance of the Gum Nebula
7.02.14  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

At least 10 artists painted The Battle mural at Cacaxtla in Tlaxcala
7.02.14  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Consecutive day meditation for 25 minutes reduces stress/cortisol levels
7.02.14  Carnegie Mellon University  ||  Health

Squid sucker teeth inspire new materials for a wide range of applications
7.02.14  American Chemical Society  ||  Earth

Young Sun's violent history/stellar winds helps solve meteorite mystery
7.01.14  European Space Agency  ||  Space

Experiment shows ability for subliminal advertising to be effective
6.30.14  Hong Kong Polytechnic University  ||  Interesting

Revealing the peculiar stone tombs from the ancient city of Assos
7.01.14  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Moderate wine consumption provides protection against kidney disease
7.01.14  Science World Report  ||  Health

Parasite-free honey bees in Canada enable study of bee health
7.01.14  Pennsylvania State University  ||  Earth

People tend to be oblivious to how they come across to colleagues
6.30.14  Columbia University  ||  Interesting

Simulations indicate NGC 201 will become a giant fossil galaxy
6.30.14  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Buried ancient Roman city identified around the Nile Delta
6.30.14  Ahram Online  ||  Interesting

Benefits of dairy on good cholesterol and gut bacteria
6.30.14  ScienceNetwork WA  ||  Health

Organic matter in sea spray contributes to atmospheric particles
6.30.14  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  ||  Earth

How self-acceptance and self-destruction affect patterns of behavior
6.28.14  University of Chicago  ||  Interesting

Mysterious X-ray signal emanating from the Perseus galaxy cluster identified
6.28.14  NASA  ||  Space

Exploring a royal Wari tomb at El Castillo de Huarmey in Peru
6.28.14  National Geographic Society  ||  Interesting

Almonds reduce heart disease risk by keeping blood vessels healthy
6.28.14  Aston University  ||  Health

Briefs: Speech perception affects speech production. Visual binding at birth
6.27.14  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Emissions from galactic nuclei provide insights into black hole spin
6.27.14  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Burial chapel with altar and unknown structures unearthed in Luxor
6.27.14  Science & Scholarship in Poland  ||  Interesting

Grape skin extract has potential to be useful in treating diabetes
6.27.14  Wayne State University  ||  Health

Extinct undersea volcanoes beneath Earth's crust cause tsunami quakes
6.27.14  Imperial College London  ||  Earth

Importance of long-term approach and strategic thinking in negotiations
6.26.14  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Interesting

Analyzing why many dark matter halos fail to produce galaxies
6.26.14  Durham University  ||  Space

Article about the lost city found underwater at Qiandao Lake in China
6.26.14  Fubiz  ||  Interesting

Continued use of low-dose aspirin may reduce pancreatic cancer risk
6.26.14  American Association for Cancer Research  ||  Health

People tend to pay more attention to the upper half of field of vision
6.26.14  North Carolina State University  ||  Interesting

Trio of supermassive black holes could aid in search for gravitational waves
6.26.14  University of Oxford  ||  Space

Ability for a plant to convert light into energy and protect itself
6.26.14  Queen Mary University of London  ||  Earth

Brief: short-term meditation induces changes in brain's theta networks
6.25.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Massive galaxies from the early Universe seemingly unchanged over time
6.25.14  University of Portsmouth  ||  Space

Timber burial chamber with artifacts found in Georgia, 4000 years old
6.25.14  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Chronic inflammation may be key factor in accelerated aging
6.25.14  Newcastle University  ||  Health

Research on how facial expressions affect cooperation/negotiation
6.25.14  University of Southern California  ||  Interesting

Images taken from dark energy survey reveal exotic supernova
6.25.14  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Another concern over potential groundwater pollution from fracking
6.25.14  American Chemical Society  ||  Earth

Puzzle games have potential to improve mental flexibility
6.24.14  Nanyang Technological University  ||  Interesting

Analyzing the processes on the Sun involved in coronal plasma rain
6.24.14  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Capstone completes restoration of 5000 year old Carwynnen Quoit monument
6.24.14  Culture24  ||  Interesting

Report on how different types of vinegar have numerous health benefits
6.24.14  Wiley  ||  Health

Hottest lava eruptions linked to growth of first continents
6.24.14  University of Western Australia  ||  Earth

Research indicates gestures/speech connected on a cognitive level
6.23.14  SISSA  ||  Interesting

Developing a 3-D map that shows dusty structure of the Milky Way
6.23.14  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Excavations focus on domestic architecture/pillared house at ancient Megiddo
6.23.14  Popular Archaeology  ||  Interesting

BPA stimulates growth of breast cancer cells and hinders treatment
6.23.14  Duke University  ||  Health

Estimating costs/repercussions of dumping plastic waste in the oceans
6.23.14  Agence France-Presse  ||  Earth

Brief: cognitive processing of external stimuli during sleep
6.21.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Observations of distant stellar halos reveal galactic accretion
6.21.14  Max Planck Society  ||  Space

Analyzing development phases at the neolithic site of eh-Sayyeh in Jordan
6.21.14  German Archaeological Institute  ||  Interesting

Kakadu plum could provide powerful antioxidant treatment for Alzheimer's
6.21.14  ScienceNetwork WA  ||  Health

Memory-boosting power of music shown in hippocampal activity
6.20.14  University of Jyvaskyla  ||  Interesting

X-ray binary star system exhibits properties that conflict with existing theory
6.20.14  RIKEN  ||  Space

Offerings revealed from 4500 year old royal tomb found in Ur
6.20.14  University of Bristol  ||  Interesting

Heart attack survivors who increase fiber intake live longer
6.20.14  British Medical Journal  ||  Health

Role of place tectonics in contributing to Earth's breathable atmosphere
6.20.14  Astrobiology Magazine  ||  Earth

Tendency for consumers to respond negatively to identity marketing
6.19.14  University of Chicago  ||  Interesting

Analyzing starbursts in dwarf galaxies during the early Universe
6.19.14  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Excavations could reveal much about the archaic Greek city of Tenea
6.19.14  Popular Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Sunscreen use in childhood dramatically reduces risk of melanoma
6.19.14  Texas Biomedical Research Institute  ||  Health

Ice core technique allows for identifying pollution sources
6.19.14  ScienceNetwork WA  ||  Earth

Moral tales with positive outcomes motivate children to be honest
6.18.14  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Research on when the Universe stopped heating up and began cooling
6.18.14  Swinburne University of Technology  ||  Space

Bronze Age necropolis at Marigny-le-Chatel reveals variety of funerary practices
6.18.14  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Using light to control proteins in cells could benefit cancer treatments
6.18.14  Institute for Basic Science  ||  Health

Diseased corals could be cured using a probiotic like Yakult
6.18.14  University of Derby  ||  Earth

Minimizing belief in free will may tend to lessen support for criminal punishment
6.17.14  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

New molecules forming around older and dying stars identified
6.17.14  European Space Agency  ||  Space

Plan to preserve numerous ancient mosaics around the Mediterranean
6.17.14  InCyprus  ||  Interesting

Eye's optical quality temporarily deteriorates after alcohol consumption
6.17.14  University of Granada  ||  Health

Recent retrievable information can overwrite the details of memories
6.17.14  Scientific American  ||  Interesting

Measuring the weight of the Universe's filaments and voids
6.17.14  University of Pennsylvania  ||  Space

Plant waxes reveal rainfall changes going back 24000 years
6.17.14  Senckenberg Research Institute  ||  Earth

More studies about the impact of emotional attitudes on well-being
6.16.14  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Observing the shape of the dwarf galaxy NGC 5474 in Ursa Major
6.16.14  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Remains of epidemic unearthed at the Harwa and Akhimenru funerary complex
6.16.14  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Broccoli sprout beverage enhances detoxification of air pollutants
6.16.14  John Hopkins University  ||  Health

Developing a way to trap/concentrate light onto single molecules
6.16.14  University of Cambridge  ||  Technology

Beavers contribute to keeping riparian systems healthy
6.16.14  University of Wyoming  ||  Earth

Research on how physical orientation affects thoughts about objects/events
6.14.14  University of Toronto  ||  Interesting

Monitoring the activity of X-ray sources in the Whirlpool Galaxy
6.14.14  NASA  ||  Space

Ritualistic masks discovered in the Judean Hills/Desert, 9000 years old
6.14.14  National Geographic Society  ||  Interesting

Diet higher in protein may be linked to lower stroke risk
6.14.14  American Academy of Neurology  ||  Health

Brief: when music affects temporal congruence between practice/imagery
6.13.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Stellar explosions in the distant Universe provide clues to black hole formation
6.13.14  University of the Basque Country  ||  Space

Mural successfully conserved and accessible at the Pyramid of Cholula
6.13.14  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Higher total folate intake can help lower risk of exfoliation glaucoma
6.13.14  Massachusetts Eye and Ear  ||  Health

Effects of crystal elasticity on inner Earth's variable seismic character
6.13.14  RIKEN  ||  Earth

Article about how reality judgments intermingle with moral judgments
6.12.14  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Pulsar's smallest speed jump caused by billions of superfluid vortices
6.12.14  University of Amsterdam  ||  Space

Excavating Roman temple area with a circular structure in Maryport
6.12.14  Popular Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Antibodies from the desert utilized to target diseased cells
6.12.14  Helmholtz Centre  ||  Health

Transforming mining wastewater into rainwater-quality water
6.12.14  CSIRO  ||  Earth

Memories and factors that influence when people will consume a food again
6.11.14  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Probing around the gas and dust in host galaxies of dark gamma-ray bursts
6.11.14  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Baths in the ancient city of Laodicea doubled as schooling areas
6.11.14  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

White bread encourages growth of beneficial gut bacteria
6.11.14  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Forest debris around lakes is important for freshwater food chains
6.11.14  University of Cambridge  ||  Earth

Identifying with a crowd can increase safety and considerate behavior
6.10.14  University of Sussex  ||  Interesting

Unprecedented images of the intergalactic medium and dim matter
6.10.14  California Institute of Technology  ||  Space

Ancient Maya altars and sculptured artwork discovered in Guatemala
6.10.14  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Extract found in tomatoes improves function of blood vessels
6.10.14  University of Cambridge  ||  Health

Article about various subconscious influences of font styles
6.10.14  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Insight into the activity inside dying stars and recalculating their ages
6.10.14  CERN  ||  Space

Mechanisms that contribute to variations in snake venom
6.10.14  Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine  ||  Earth

Tendency for angry faces to make verbal threats seem more credible
6.09.14  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Observing the resonance ring around the galaxy NGC 3081 in Hydra
6.09.14  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Begging bowl discovered in Afghanistan not likely linked to Buddha
6.09.14  The Hindu  ||  Interesting

Pistachio nuts in diet can help reduce type 2 diabetes risk
6.09.14  Diabetes UK  ||  Health

Revamped technique allows for improved solid fuel testing
6.09.14  ScienceNetwork WA  ||  Earth

Brief: paintings engage visual and cognitive/emotional neural systems
6.07.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Analysis of why giant elliptical galaxies have low levels of star formation
6.07.14  NASA  ||  Space

Examining the creation methods of ancient cylinder seals in Mesopotamia
6.07.14  Biblical Archaeology Society  ||  Interesting

Caffeine has positive effect on tau deposits in Alzheimer's
6.07.14  University of Bonn  ||  Health

Own group criticism opens avenue to settle disputes between parties
6.06.14  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Dating when the first planetary seeds formed after the Solar System's birth
6.06.14  Australian Broadcasting Corporation  ||  Space

Over 4000 years of human activity unearthed in Aberdeen
6.06.14  Headland Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Probiotics aid in preventing deadly complications of liver disease
6.06.14  American Gastroenterological Association  ||  Health

Studying asymmetric continental margins and the slow birth of an ocean
6.06.14  Helmholtz Centre  ||  Earth

Risk tolerance trend identified in investors working in stock market
6.05.14  University of Missouri  ||  Interesting

Analyzing the distance between binary stars in the HIP 83716 Triple System
6.05.14  National Optical Astronomy Observatory  ||  Space

Exhibit displays findings that show importance of the Nile in ancient Egypt
6.05.14  Popular Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Bromine has critical role in tissue development and human health
6.05.14  Vanderbilt University  ||  Health

Ionospheric charge could give indication of impending earthquakes
6.05.14  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

First detection of a hybrid star that is a red supergiant and neutron star
6.04.14  Lowell Observatory  ||  Space

Odors can manipulate memory accuracy and strength during sleep
6.04.14  New York University  ||  Interesting

Hidden mystical paintings identified on the Angkor Wat temple walls
6.04.14  Australian National University  ||  Interesting

Article about various health benefits of apple cider vinegar
6.04.14  Yahoo!  ||  Health

Fluorescent probe technology could allow visualization of cancer progression
6.04.14  A*Star  ||  Technology

Day to day variables that contribute to and shape coral death
6.04.14  Macquarie University  ||  Earth

Details of violent collisions involving at least four galaxy clusters
6.03.14  National Radio Astronomy Observatory  ||  Space

Research on when it is optimal to make the first offer in negotiation
6.03.14  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Method developed that can aid in preserving ancient paper documents
6.03.14  Popular Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Burst of orange light affects eye cells linked to circadian rhythm
6.03.14  NewScientist  ||  Health

Spiders infer meaning from silk web vibrations
6.03.14  University of Oxford  ||  Earth

Variations in how a face is viewed leads to different first impressions
6.02.14  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Experiment tests the way supernova shapes form and magnetic field variables
6.02.14  University of Oxford  ||  Space

Central Kimberley rock art reflects contact period in the regions
6.02.14  ScienceNetwork WA  ||  Interesting

Hypnosis can benefit sleep quality and extend restorative slow-wave sleep
6.02.14  University of Zurich  ||  Health

Research reveals brain's predictive nature when listening to others
6.02.14  Utrecht University  ||  Interesting

Observation of the pulsar SXP 1062 encased in a supernova bubble
6.02.14  European Space Agency  ||  Space

Simulations aim to assess harbor safety and improve navigation
6.02.14  Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft  ||  Earth

Research on why too many images/photos often confuse consumers
5.31.14  University of Chicago  ||  Interesting

Expounding on the theory of supermassive black holes being wormholes
5.31.14  arXiv  ||  Space

Excavation of a 1600 year old shaft tomb in southern Zacatecas
5.31.14  ArtDaily  ||  Interesting

Herbal tea consumption has potential to offset colon cancer risk
5.31.14  ScienceNetwork WA  ||  Health

Brief: affective/cognitive reactions to subliminal flicker from lighting
5.30.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Analyzing the Sun's complex interface zone between the surface and corona
5.30.14  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Religious statuette carved in horn discovered in Siberia, 4000 years old
5.30.14  Siberian Times  ||  Interesting

Honey has ability to fight infection/overcome antibiotic resistance
5.30.14  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Clothing can affect mental processes and prime perceptions
5.30.14  University of Hertfordshire  ||  Interesting

Method helps predict star formation in specific stellar nurseries
5.30.14  Max Planck Society  ||  Space

Model reveals how pollution particles alter swelling storm clouds
5.30.14  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  ||  Earth

Study on how self-talk techniques help manage feelings of distress
5.29.14  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Complementing cosmic distance measurements by using active galactic nuclei
5.29.14  AAVSO  ||  Space

Evidence at Kondapur in Andhra Pradesh suggests tantric practice
5.29.14  The Hindu  ||  Interesting

Zinc deficiency prior to conception disrupts fetal development
5.29.14  Pennsylvania State University  ||  Health

Storm waves may have bigger role in breaking up polar sea ice than thought
5.29.14  Nature  ||  Earth

Brief: coldness and warmth elicit referential/relational creativity
5.28.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Improvements in imaging celestial objects in the depths of the Universe
5.28.14  Max Planck Society  ||  Space

Nine new manuscripts found in same Qumran caves as the Dead Sea Scrolls
5.28.14  Ansa Mediterranean  ||  Interesting

Progress in creating a universal antidote for snake bite venom
5.28.14  California Academy of Sciences  ||  Health

Article about deep-sea mining and the challenges/impacts from it
5.28.14  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Certain scents can reduce anxiety levels experienced by consumers
5.27.14  Concordia University  ||  Interesting

River of star-fueling gas observed flowing through space and into a galaxy
5.27.14  National Radio Astronomy Observatory  ||  Space

Ancient sites at Hilar Inns/Cayonu Hill in Diyarbakir are in danger
5.27.14  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Antioxidant effects of uric acid protect cells from stress
5.27.14  Duke University  ||  Health

Problem-solving strategies that ants use to optimize food search
5.27.14  Potsdam Institute  ||  Earth

Research on how social expectations often influence purchases
5.26.14  University of Chicago  ||  Interesting

Observation of young star with a violent jet outflow in Circinus-West
5.26.14  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

New paleolithic sites discovered in central China's Hanzhong Basin
5.26.14  Chinese Academy of Sciences  ||  Interesting

Iodine deficiency common in women who are pregnant/breastfeeding
5.26.14  American Academy of Pediatrics  ||  Health

Predicting cadmium levels in soil and how to isolate contamination
5.26.14  Soil Science Society of America  ||  Earth

Brief: unconscious processing modulates creative problem solving
5.24.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Measuring the circular polarization of light from a distant black hole
5.24.14  ICRAR  ||  Space

Range of prehistoric remains found at Dunragit in Dumfries and Galloway
5.24.14  GUARD Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Apple and spinach combination benefits cardiovascular/cognitive health
5.24.14  ScienceNetwork WA  ||  Health

Personal judgments tend to be swayed by group opinion for a few days
5.23.14  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Analyzing if dark matter had a role in forming stars in the early Universe
5.23.14  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Ceremonial axis road discovered running through the ancient city of Cahokia
5.23.14  Western Digs  ||  Interesting

Testing indigenous plants that can be used in cancer treatments
5.23.14  Flinders University  ||  Health

Research on the ability of pain phenomena to be socially contagious
5.23.14  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Previously unknown radio galaxy detected relatively close to Earth
5.23.14  ScienceNetwork WA  ||  Space

Lack of plant diversity contributes to cankerworm damage in cities
5.23.14  North Carolina State University  ||  Earth

Adaptation mechanisms of the brain during visual perceptions
5.22.14  University of Jena  ||  Interesting

Type II supernova of a rare supergiant star identified in Canes Venatici
5.22.14  Universe Today  ||  Space

Decades-old satellite images unveil ancient lost cities in the Middle East
5.22.14  National Geographic Society  ||  Interesting

Extra dose of protein/vitamin D benefit people with type 2 diabetes
5.22.14  Deakin University  ||  Health

More about the relationship between trees and forest fungi
5.22.14  IIASA  ||  Earth

Consumer satisfaction is influenced by conditions at time of purchase
5.21.14  University of Arkansas  ||  Interesting

Observing the unusually distant galaxy cluster JKCS 041 in the early Universe
5.21.14  Carnegie Institution  ||  Space

Excavations at three settlements near Kakucs in Hungary, 4000 years old
5.21.14  Science & Scholarship in Poland  ||  Interesting

Polyphenols in red wine/grape seed extract can help prevent cavities
5.21.14  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

How words can be visibly written to convey their actual feeling
5.21.14  Max Planck Society  ||  Interesting

Carina star cluster gives insight into the structure of Milky Way's arms
5.21.14  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Incorporating soil moisture/ocean salinity data to boost food security
5.21.14  European Space Agency  ||  Earth

Music tends to trigger intense physiological changes in pregnant women
5.20.14  Max Planck Society  ||  Interesting

Analyzing star formation processes in a few nearby stellar nurseries
5.20.14  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Wooden carving/feather-covered cloth found at Peru's Pachacamac sanctuary
5.20.14  Peru This Week  ||  Interesting

Pine bark substance has potential to be potent melanoma drug
5.20.14  Pennsylvania State University  ||  Health

Desert fairy circles seem to form due to plant/vegetation self-organization
5.20.14  Helmholtz Centre  ||  Earth

Keywords in word networks hold vocabulary together in memory
5.19.14  University of Kansas  ||  Interesting

Evidence indicates Saturn's collapsing magnetic tail causes auroras
5.19.14  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Temple from time of King Ptolemy II unearthed in Beni Suef in Egypt
5.19.14  Ahram Online  ||  Interesting

Olive oil supplements can help protect arteries from air pollution
5.19.14  Press Association  ||  Health

Method devised that could possibly turn light into matter
5.19.14  Imperial College London  ||  Technology

Ocean circulation model to predict movements of floating pumice rafts
5.19.14  Natural Environment Research Council  ||  Earth

Predicting behavior following initial failure of self-control
5.17.14  Virginia Tech University  ||  Interesting

Majority of galaxies in the Fornax cluster are fast rotating disks
5.17.14  CAASTRO  ||  Space

Mapping the lost Maya city of Noh Kah in the Quintana Roo jungle
5.17.14  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Iron supplementation may aid survival in acute heart failure patients
5.17.14  European Society of Cardiology  ||  Health

Brief: the role of gaze in mental imagery and memory
5.16.14  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Star-quakes reveal content of stars that are hotter/larger than the Sun
5.16.14  Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia  ||  Space

Female body inside 1900 year old tomb with Eros symbolism found in Anatolia
5.16.14  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Tart cherry juice increases sleep time in people with insomnia
5.16.14  PR Newswire  ||  Health

Using nanotechnology/light's twisting property to ensure pharmaceutical safety
5.16.14  University of Cambridge  ||  Technology

Decades-long depletion of groundwater shown to cause mountain growth
5.16.14  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

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