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Conflicting data whether craft is in interstellar space or in the Solar System
8.15.13  University of Maryland  ||  Space

Tendencies of the mind to set prices with emotional value
8.15.13  Duke University  ||  Interesting

Rock painting image of an ancient Gwion figure in Northwest Australia
8.15.13  Australian Broadcasting Corporation  ||  Interesting

Vegetable oils have potential to prevent gradual blindness
8.15.13  Canadian Science Publishing  ||  Health

Small earthquakes seem to foretell larger events
8.15.13  Pennsylvania State University  ||  Earth

Visualized heartbeat can trigger an out-of-body experience
8.14.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Magnetar will aid in measuring phenomena around the Milky Way's core
8.14.13  National Radio Astronomy Observatory  ||  Space

Human occupation of Madagascar pushed back another 2500 years
8.14.13  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Watermelon juice relieves muscle soreness after exercise
8.14.13  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Earth orbit changes factored in to Antarctic warming that ended last ice age
8.14.13  University of Washington  ||  Earth

People prefer products that involve their face after an embarrassment
8.13.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Early Solar System garnet-like mineral identified in a meteorite
8.13.13  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory  ||  Space

Dating the oldest petroglyphs known in North America
8.13.13  University of Colorado  ||  Interesting

Ultraviolet flashes can boost vitamin D levels in mushrooms
8.13.13  Pennsylvania State University  ||  Health

Global action needed to aid in conservation of coral reefs
8.13.13  Natural Environment Research Council  ||  Earth

Competition changes perceptions of strangers in online settings
8.12.13  Ohio State University  ||  Interesting

Image of dwarf galaxy ESO 489-056 gives the illusion of stars fleeing
8.12.13  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Analysis of ancient glass ritual beads found at an Rhaetian site in Germany
8.12.13  University of Mainz  ||  Interesting

Brain's flexible hub network helps humans adapt and adjust
8.12.13  Washington University STL  ||  Health

Water quality trends in lakes and streams are difficult to predict
8.12.13  ETH Zurich  ||  Earth

Study about the non-conscious processing of invisible social cues
8.10.13  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Analysis of how often stars explode as exceptionally bright supernovae
8.10.13  CAASTRO  ||  Space

Fragmented Orpheus mosaic depicting the underworld pieced together
8.10.13  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Eating a modest amount of walnuts can protect against prostate cancer
8.10.13  University of Texas  ||  Health

Accurate self-beliefs strengthen various kinds of relationships
8.09.13  Scientific American  ||  Interesting

Star formation feedback processes affect development of merging galaxies
8.09.13  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Digging to begin at site with standing carved stones in Rhynie
8.09.13  University of Aberdeen  ||  Interesting

Zebrafish study suggests vitamin B2 is an antidote to cyanide poisoning
8.09.13  FASEB Journal  ||  Health

Analyzing how heat is conducted deep in Earth's lower mantle
8.09.13  Carnegie Institute  ||  Earth

Estimation techniques can improve ability to do symbolic maths
8.08.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Exploring the origin of the gas ribbon that wraps around the Milky Way
8.08.13  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Ancient relics/rock paintings found at the Lesser Cyclades islands
8.08.13  Kathimerini  ||  Interesting

Caesareans can weaken gut micobiota/increase allergies risk in children
8.08.13  Linkoping University  ||  Health

Advances in utilizing data to improve hurricane forecasting
8.08.13  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Overthinking can tend to be detrimental to human performance
8.07.13  University of California  ||  Interesting

Data unveils clues about the Universe's first hundred thousand years
8.07.13  Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory  ||  Space

Giant Maya frieze found at a temple in Guatemala
8.07.13  National Geographic Society  ||  Interesting

Moderate exercise has potential to help preserve tendons
8.07.13  University of East Anglia  ||  Health

Increases in population size can lead to a breakdown in social trust
8.07.13  Springer  ||  Interesting

Two distinctly different star-forming regions identified in the LMC
8.07.13  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Plants utilize various cues to prepare for self-defense
8.07.13  University of Wisconsin  ||  Earth

Article on the nocebo effect and how negative thoughts can harm health
8.06.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Explosion illuminates 12 billion year old invisible galaxy
8.06.13  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Exhibit shows Zoroastrianism content/history and a fire temple
8.06.13  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Bacteria in the Trondheim Fjordi improves sunscreen's anti-cancer properties
8.06.13  SINTEF  ||  Health

Lighting halos could help track powerful thunderstorms
8.06.13  University of Reading  ||  Earth

Observation of bright light indicating star formation in the dark cloud LDN 43
8.05.13  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Practice makes for more efficient generation of brain's neuronal activity
8.05.13  University of Pittsburgh  ||  Interesting

Thracian tomb unearthed provides evidence of burial rites, 2000 years old
8.05.13  Standart  ||  Interesting

Mechanism behind how soy foods protect against colon cancer
8.05.13  University of Illinois  ||  Health

Seaweed smothers seafloor as Antarctic sea continues to melt
8.05.13  LiveScience  ||  Earth

Impact on consumers differs when a product is organized by benefits or features
8.03.13  University of Chicago  ||  Interesting

First time observing distant planet eclipse host star in X-rays
8.03.13  NASA  ||  Space

Findings from the ancient Dilmun civilization being uncovered in Bahrain
8.03.13  Associated Press  ||  Interesting

Cranberries help limit the spread of infection-causing bacteria
8.03.13  McGill University  ||  Health

Briefings: emotion suppression, memory/attention link, semantic/syntactic processing
8.02.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

How light interacts with matter at high energies, early Universe implications
8.02.13  RIKEN  ||  Space

Kultepe excavations may reveal new written documents/tablets
8.02.13  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Pollutants from some kinds of incense smoke cause human lung-cell inflammation
8.02.13  University of North Carolina  ||  Health

World food security more vulnerable than ever to changes in climate
8.02.13  University of Reading  ||  Earth

Model indicates cooperation trumps selfishness in the evolution of a society
8.01.13  Michigan State University  ||  Interesting

Why quenched galaxies in the ancient past appear smaller than today's
8.01.13  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Enormous quarry dating to the Second Temple period uncovered in Jerusalem
8.01.13  Israel Antiquities Authority  ||  Interesting

Prolactin reduces inflammation in arthritis and other conditions
8.01.13  Journal of Clinical Investigation  ||  Health

Study Brief: past decisions affect tendencies of future choices
8.01.13  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

New group of heavy metal helium-rich subdwarf stars identified
8.01.13  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Sugars involved in mineral-making that produce hard structures in animals
8.01.13  Virginia Tech University  ||  Earth

Studying the emotions which influence opinions to change
7.31.13  Springer  ||  Interesting

Andromeda image shows potential for upcoming dark energy/dark matter data
7.31.13  Kavli Institute  ||  Space

Moche mural at the Temple of the Moon in Peru revealed
7.31.13  National Geographic Society  ||  Interesting

BPA exposure disrupts human egg maturation, factors in to infertility
7.31.13  Brigham and Women's Hospital  ||  Health

Words/gestures and actions are partially connected inside the brain
7.31.13  SISSA  ||  Interesting

Theorizing if the Universe evolved and is designed to make black holes
7.31.13  University of Oxford  ||  Space

Polar ecosystems vulnerable to sunlight and changes in annual sea-ice losses
7.31.13  University of New South Wales  ||  Earth

Difficulty in teleporting humans into space with current knowledge
7.31.13  University of Leicester  ||  Technology

The brain deploys unconscious learning processes when under stress
7.30.13  Ruhr University Bochum  ||  Interesting

Most massive binary star known to date recently identified
7.30.13  Astronomy Magazine  ||  Space

Two 6000 year old halls for the dead unearthed in Herefordshire burial mounds
7.30.13  Herefordshire Council  ||  Interesting

Exercise may improve cognitive function in those at risk for Alzheimer's
7.30.13  University of Maryland  ||  Health

Understanding how plants respond when stressed due to climate conditions
7.30.13  University of Western Australia  ||  Earth

Harmful acts that seem intentional are more damaging when perceiving
7.29.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Technique measures internal properties of stars to assess orbiting planets
7.29.13  New York University  ||  Space

First phase of project to map Iran's archaeological sites completed
7.29.13  Tehran Times  ||  Interesting

Fish oil helps limit the effects of serious pregnancy complications
7.29.13  University of Western Australia  ||  Health

People tend to not enjoy unfamiliar music, even while claiming otherwise
7.29.13  Washington University STL  ||  Interesting

Image of the spiral galaxy NGC 4516 being crowned by a much nearer star
7.29.13  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Improving the ability to forecast crop failures
7.29.13  Discovery  ||  Earth

Article about various moralization strategies that affect social situations
7.26.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Occurrence rate of giant planets around the lowest-mass stars in the Galaxy
7.26.13  University of Notre Dame  ||  Space

Researching ancient sites on the submerged Australian continental shelf
7.26.13  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

A protein identified that may aid treatment of severe osteoarthritis
7.26.13  University of London  ||  Health

Potential well water contaminants highest near natural gas drilling sites
7.26.13  University of Texas  ||  Earth

Conditions and factors that foster cooperative use of common resources
7.25.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Analyzing neutron/quark stars without understanding their internal structure
7.25.13  Montana State University  ||  Space

Burial chamber dating back 2700 years unearthed in Oman
7.25.13  Gulf News  ||  Interesting

Combination of amma-linolenic acid/omega-3s improve symptoms of dry eye
7.25.13  Baylor College of Medicine  ||  Health

Deciphering the air-sea communication contributing to climate fluctuations
7.25.13  Helmholtz Centre  ||  Earth

Article on symbols in society and gaining meaning from them
7.24.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Analyzing the processes limiting high-mass galaxies from existing
7.24.13  National Radio Astronomy Observatory  ||  Space

Aerial survey identifies 300 sites in Scotland dating back 3000 years
7.24.13  JOJ and CC  ||  Interesting

Three nutrients that can help improve ability to sleep
7.24.13  LiveScience  ||  Health

Dangers to biodiversity in ecosystems involved in cashmere trade
7.24.13  Wildlife Conservation Society  ||  Earth

Mindset can help with the ability to regulate stress
7.23.13  Concordia University  ||  Interesting

Cataloguing cosmic phenomena and X-ray emission sources in the Universe
7.23.13  University of Leicester  ||  Space

Classical temple belonging to the Roman Empire uncovered in Maryport
7.23.13  Newcastle University  ||  Interesting

Anabolic steroid abuse may affect future mental health
7.23.13  University of Gothenburg  ||  Health

Tropical ecosystems regulate variations in carbon dioxide levels
7.23.13  CSIRO  ||  Earth

Short rituals before eating can alter perceptions of the food
7.22.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Specific kind of cosmic flash may reveal birth of black holes
7.22.13  California Institute of Technology  ||  Space

Thracian temple and sanctuary to Zeus/Hera found in Bulgaria's Sredna Gora
7.22.13  Sofia Globe  ||  Interesting

High levels of arsenic in rice can cause chromosomal damage
7.22.13  University of Manchester  ||  Health

Intense attention can often block unrelated visual stimuli/perceptions
7.22.13  Brigham and Women's Hospital  ||  Interesting

Intricate structure imaged in the galaxy NGC 524 in Pisces
7.22.13  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Ancient ice melt unearthed in Antarctic mud samples
7.22.13  Imperial College London  ||  Earth

Geometric shape of seating arrangements can subconsciously influence people
7.20.13  University of Chicago  ||  Interesting

Observing the high level of emissions coming from planetary nebula NGC 2392
7.20.13  NASA  ||  Space

More excavations underway in the ancient city of Patara
7.20.13  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Health benefits from fructooliogosaccharides in some fruits/vegetables/grains
7.20.13  Institute of Food Technologists  ||  Health

Briefings: casual beliefs affect perception, time in perspective, more
7.19.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Starburst galaxy in the ancient Universe challenges galaxy evolution theory
7.19.13  European Space Agency  ||  Space

King David's palace was unearthed in the Judean Shephelah
7.19.13  Israel Antiquities Authority  ||  Interesting

Oil fortified with vitamin MK-7 can help prevent brittle bones/heart disease
7.19.13  University of Sydney  ||  Health

Ability for plants to absorb ozone/pollutants is lessened in extreme heat
7.19.13  University of York  ||  Earth

Mental image when navigating new environments is split into two brain areas
7.18.13  University of Queensland  ||  Interesting

Globular star cluster measurements indicate link between ages/orbits of the stars
7.18.13  NASA  ||  Space

Artifacts with hieroglyphics/symbols discovered in China, 5000 years old
7.18.13  Associated Press  ||  Interesting

Compound found at sea shows potential to treat anthrax and other ailments
7.18.13  University of California  ||  Health

Water treatment techniques using apple and tomato peels
7.18.13  National University of Singapore  ||  Earth

More on how extreme rituals often promote prosocial/charitable behaviors
7.17.13  Victoria University of Wellington  ||  Interesting

Gold throughout the Universe likely comes from colliding dead stars
7.17.13  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Decorative wood carvings unearthed on Welsh mountainside, 6270 years old
7.17.13  WalesOnline  ||  Interesting

Analyzing vitamin B12 sources for the elderly and vegetarians/vegans
7.17.13  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Jealousy can cause people to view themselves more like their rivals
7.17.13  Society for Personality and Social Psychology  ||  Interesting

Gas cloud being ripped apart by the black hole in the center of the Galaxy
7.17.13  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Hidden flux of material discovered in the Earth's mantle
7.17.13  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Earth

Developing satellites with plasma thrusters to explore interplanetary space
7.17.13  University of Michigan  ||  Technology

Neuroscience behind why people tend to focus on themselves in discussions
7.16.13  Scientific American  ||  Interesting

Undetected baryonic matter now discovered in massive galaxy clusters
7.16.13  University of Alabama  ||  Space

Confirmation of long-lost ancient Egyptian pyramids recently identified
7.16.13  Discovery  ||  Interesting

Excess fat in organs and blood may increase osteoporosis risk
7.16.13  Radiological Society of North America  ||  Health

Reducing agriculture's impact on the atmosphere/biodiversity
7.16.13  Basque Research  ||  Earth

Observing a good deed heightens likelihood of acting unselfishly
7.15.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Possible future encounter with the bow shock at the edge of the Solar System
7.15.13  Wiley  ||  Space

Monument in Scotland revealed to be a luni-solar calendar, 10000 years old
7.15.13  University of Birmingham  ||  Interesting

Sleep deprivation often boosts anticipatory anxiety in those vulnerable
7.15.13  University of California  ||  Health

Phytoplankton in the ocean use turbulence to move and gather together
7.15.13  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Earth

Certain avoidance strategies can be valuable stress reliever
7.13.13  University of Toronto  ||  Interesting

More rare supergiant stars identified in the Milky Way
7.13.13  CAASTRO  ||  Space

A pyramid and pre-hispanic burial sanctuary uncovered in Veracruz
7.13.13  ArtDaily  ||  Interesting

Mechanism for how grapes reduce heart failure associated with hypertension
7.13.13  Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry  ||  Health

Study Brief: role of moral identity following dishonest actions
7.12.13  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Research suggests radio jets actually boosted star formation in early galaxies
7.12.13  Universe Today  ||  Space

Analyzing Japan's ancient Kofun burial mounds
7.12.13  Okayama University  ||  Interesting

Harmful effects from artificial sweeteners, alters normal sugar processing
7.12.13  Cell Press  ||  Health

Managing water resources in an energy-constrained world
7.12.13  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Cultural mindset can affect valued product combinations and buying behaviors
7.11.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Models indicate monster stars do not collide, possible in billions of years
7.11.13  University of Warsaw  ||  Space

Appalachian rock art maps cosmological beliefs of ancient Native Americans
7.11.13  University of Tennessee  ||  Interesting

PPIs used as an acid reflux drug may contribute to heart disease
7.11.13  Methodist Hospital System  ||  Health

Evidence casts doubt on specific brain areas controlling thought processes
7.11.13  Case Western Reserve University  ||  Interesting

First time determining the color of a distant exoplanet
7.11.13  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Fluctuations in the length of day affected by Earth's core
7.11.13  University of Liverpool  ||  Earth

Investigating communication tendencies of conspiracy theory debating
7.10.13  University of Kent  ||  Interesting

Observation of one of the most massive stars forming in the Milky Way
7.10.13  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Discovery of oldest known use of flowers in grave lining, 13700 years old
7.10.13  Weizmann Institute  ||  Interesting

Cigarette smoke impacts genes linked to heart/lung health
7.10.13  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Article about how ego threat triggers sticking with bad decisions
7.10.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Space-time loops may explain activity inside a black hole
7.10.13  ||  Space

Membrane mechanism involved in photosynthesis identified
7.10.13  University of Munich  ||  Earth

Expectation and placebo effects largely ignored in intervention studies
7.09.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Some evidence suggests not all particles are subject to the same space-time
7.09.13  University of Warsaw  ||  Space

Paws from an ancient Egyptian sphinx belonging to Mycerinus found in Israel
7.09.13  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Red and processed meats associated with worse colon cancer survival
7.09.13  Journal of Clinical Oncology  ||  Health

Relinquishing power often more effective than an apology in couple disputes
7.09.13  Baylor University  ||  Interesting

Solar precursors identified that reveal when/where sunspots will emerge
7.09.13  Northwest Research Associates  ||  Space

Imaging of the water system under West Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier
7.09.13  University of Texas  ||  Earth

Study shows predictability of consumer behavior/buying at the same shops
7.08.13  Charles III University of Madrid  ||  Interesting

Six ultra-cold debris disks around stars without dust identified
7.08.13  University of Jena  ||  Space

Article on new temple findings in Cambodia, Angkor bigger than thought
7.08.13  Cable News Network  ||  Interesting

Non-invasive brain stimulation helps stroke patients recover language function
7.08.13  Journal of Visualized Experiments  ||  Health

Primeval underwater forest found in the Gulf of Mexico, 50000 years old
7.08.13  LiveScience  ||  Earth

Collective-goal ascription increases cooperation tendencies in humans
7.06.13  Public Library of Science  ||  Interesting

Remains of the most recent supernova in the Milky Way observed
7.06.13  NASA  ||  Space

Samson mosaics discovered in synagogue excavations in Galilee
7.06.13  University of North Carolina  ||  Interesting

More evidence suggests Omega-3 intake helps preserve memory
7.06.13  American Academy of Neurology  ||  Health

News briefs: rituals promote pro-sociality, cognitive ability/reaction time
7.05.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Possible source of mysterious burst of radio waves from the distant Universe
7.05.13  University of Manchester  ||  Space

Toe rings found on ancient Egyptian skeletons indicate magical practice
7.05.13  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Vitamin C helps control gene activity in stem cells, improve cancer treatment
7.05.13  University of California  ||  Health

Consumers tend to value reward programs for being loyal
7.05.13  University of Monash  ||  Interesting

Importance of clouds/winds in the atmospheric makeup of exoplanets
7.05.13  University of Exeter  ||  Space

The balancing of act of producing more food in a sustainable manner
7.05.13  University of Oxford  ||  Earth

Article about how metaphorical representations affect perceptual systems
7.04.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Andromeda collision with the Milky Way, gravity/dark matter implications
7.04.13  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Investigating Matagalpa's mounds and stone circles in Central Nicaragua
7.04.13  National Geographic Society  ||  Interesting

Moderate beer/wine doses may lower risk of blood clots in veins
7.04.13  Schattauer  ||  Health

Brief: suppressed memories of visual objects impair later perceptions
7.04.13  SAGE Journals  ||  Interesting

White dwarf star indicates possible variability of a constant of Nature
7.04.13  University of New South Wales  ||  Space

Analyzing the amount of copper resources available for mining
7.04.13  University of Monash  ||  Earth

New knowledge about the activities within early galaxies in the Universe
7.03.13  Niels Bohr Institute  ||  Space

Posture can affect sense of control and feelings of stress
7.03.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Article on the prehistoric cave art in the Dordogne Vezere valley
7.03.13  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Proper sleep consolidates cardiovascular benefits from a healthy lifestyle
7.03.13  European Society of Cardiology  ||  Health

Development of a global water model to track water movement/supply
7.03.13  European Research Media Center  ||  Earth

Article about the tendencies of mindset on under/overconfidence
7.02.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Progress in restoring ancient Babylon's Ishtar Gate
7.02.13  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

A natural occurring protein in blood exerts anti-cancer protection
7.02.13  Thomas Jefferson University  ||  Health

Largest-ever flood mapped beneath Antarctica
7.02.13  European Space Agency  ||  Earth

Markets are susceptible to psychological phenomena
7.01.13  California Institute of Technology  ||  Interesting

Analysis and images of the Sun's outer atmosphere
7.01.13  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Roman shrine uncovered at Rutland Water nature reserve, 1900 years old
7.01.13  British Broadcasting Company  ||  Interesting

Neurons can work in different ways with the same result
7.01.13  University of Missouri  ||  Health

Decadal changes in the temperatures around the world's coastlines
7.01.13  Public Library of Science  ||  Earth

Money cues can trigger unethical behavior and thought processes
6.29.13  University of Utah  ||  Interesting

Simulating the birth of neutron stars at the center of collapsing stars
6.29.13  Max Planck Society  ||  Space

Nineteen steles found in the ancient Mayan city of Chactun
6.29.13  ArtDaily  ||  Interesting

Rhodiola rosea has potential to boost longevity amongst other benefits
6.29.13  Public Library of Science  ||  Health

Briefings: distraction's effect on decisions, brand bias in consumption, more
6.28.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Role of magnetic fields in influencing the properties of massive young stars
6.28.13  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

History of Deir al-Surian and paintings at the early Coptic monastery
6.28.13  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Vegetable fats improve survival for men with prostate cancer
6.28.13  University of California  ||  Health

Plants communicate to other plants to help them grow
6.28.13  BioMed Central  ||  Earth

Imagination can change experiences of sight and sound perceptions
6.27.13  Karolinska Institutet  ||  Interesting

Spiral galaxies are bigger than previously estimated
6.27.13  University of Colorado  ||  Space

Pictures of various findings from an ancient Wari civilization royal tomb
6.27.13  National Geographic Society  ||  Interesting

Perception of the effect of stress on health linked to heart attack risk
6.27.13  European Society of Cardiology  ||  Health

Reasons behind the lifespan of some of the world's iconic mountain ranges
6.27.13  University of Melbourne  ||  Earth

Rubber hand experiment shows how expectations/beliefs alter perception
6.26.13  NewScientist  ||  Interesting

First transiting planets identified in a star cluster
6.26.13  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Ancient artifacts/sculptures found at the Jagaddal Budhha Bihar site in Naogaon
6.26.13  Daily Star  ||  Interesting

Importance of vitamin D supplementation in children with heart issues
6.26.13  CHEO Research Institute  ||  Health

Advertisements are more effective when result images are closer together
6.26.13  University of Chicago  ||  Interesting

Nuclear pasta-like matter discovered in neutron stars
6.26.13  ||  Space

Biomass of the northern hemisphere mapped and measured
6.26.13  European Space Agency  ||  Earth

Article on the theory of emotions as a separate kind of mental state
6.25.13  Ruhr-University Bochum  ||  Interesting

Observation of the habitable zone around the Gliese 667 star system
6.25.13  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Last attempt to rescue remains of 4000 year old tombs in Ras al-Khaimah
6.25.13  The National  ||  Interesting

Brain wave activity bears imprint of earlier events for at least 24 hours
6.25.13  Weizmann Institute  ||  Health

Tabletop accelerator releases bursts of antimatter bullets
6.25.13  NewScientist  ||  Technology

Exploring Earth's inner space to predict the water future
6.25.13  NCGRT  ||  Earth

Study demonstrates that sense of hope affects creative output
6.24.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Galaxy pair on the verge of interacting in the Triangulum constellation
6.24.13  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Ancient settlement uncovered in north Qatar
6.24.13  Gulf Times  ||  Interesting

Moderate fish consumption can protect against abnormal heart rhythms
6.24.13  European Society of Cardiology  ||  Health

Examination of how communities effectively punish antisocial behavior
6.24.13  University of Oxford  ||  Interesting

Researching the process behind giant storms on Saturn
6.24.13  Basque Research  ||  Space

Link between industrial pollution and hurricane occurrence
6.24.13  Met Office  ||  Earth

Time perception can be temporarily altered during mindfulness meditation
6.22.13  University of Kent  ||  Interesting

Over 26 black hole candidates discovered in the Andromeda Galaxy
6.22.13  NASA  ||  Space

Ancient site at Alacahoyuk began earlier than thought, Sun disk-Hattis link
6.22.13  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Substances from African medicinal plants could help stop tumor growth
6.22.13  Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz  ||  Health

News briefs: adversity prepares, perceiving animacy, linguistic word-order
6.21.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

First clear example of a galaxy in the act of dying
6.21.13  Yale University  ||  Space

Article provides some background to Stonehenge and latest findings
6.21.13  National Geographic Society  ||  Interesting

Health benefits/disease preventive effects from slowly digested starches
6.21.13  Iowa State University  ||  Health

Contribution of air pollution particles to forest decline
6.21.13  University of Bonn  ||  Earth

Illusion can be triggered by specific environment features dominating perception
6.20.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Surprise dust finding around giant black hole challenges current theories
6.20.13  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Six ancient heritage sites in Syria in danger of damage
6.20.13  United Nations  ||  Interesting

Dietary fructose has potential to cause liver damage
6.20.13  Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center  ||  Health

Audience behavior study demonstrates effects of social contagion
6.20.13  Agence France-Presse  ||  Interesting

White dwarf star from nearby galaxy vital for cosmic distance measurements
6.20.13  Australian National University  ||  Space

Research on the mechanism that rips continents apart
6.20.13  LiveScience  ||  Earth

Brain can strategically plan actions towards things the eye doesn't see
6.19.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Unusual supernova is extremely unusual for being perfectly normal
6.19.13  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  ||  Space

Extensive Maya city discovered in Campeche
6.19.13  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Health concerns about nanoparticles in numerous foods
6.19.13  Scientific American  ||  Health

Analyzing how stable the totality of the Earth system is
6.19.13  Astrobiology Magazine  ||  Earth

Article about various cognitive hinderances that prevent more insights
6.18.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Mapping the 3-D structure of ejected material around erupting star
6.18.13  NASA  ||  Space

Ancient theater in Hierapolis known for its mystical properties is restored
6.18.13  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Aspirin may fight cancer by slowing DNA damage
6.18.13  University of California  ||  Health

Uppermost regions of the ocean could be scanned with acoustic techniques
6.18.13  LiveScience  ||  Earth

Influence of victimization when perceiving the mind and morality in others
6.17.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Analysis of a massive starbust galaxy in the early Universe
6.17.13  National Radio Astronomy Observatory  ||  Space

Ancient tomb of murals found in Shuozhou City in China
6.17.13  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Excessive sugar intake can damage heart functioning
6.17.13  University of Texas  ||  Health

Memories reactivated during sleep can have an impact on remembering later
6.17.13  Northwestern University  ||  Interesting

Structure of the galaxy Messier 61 imaged and detailed
6.17.13  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Improving water filtration/desalination for consumption and agriculture
6.17.13  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Earth

Psychosocial factors can alleviate symptoms and boost healing process
6.15.13  Stockholm University  ||  Interesting

Progress in analyzing the Universe's history by detailing ancient galaxies
6.15.13  ICRAR  ||  Space

A 1000 year old Siva temple at Manampadi village saved from destruction
6.15.13  The Hindu  ||  Interesting

Fish oil helps the heart block adverse effects from mental stress
6.15.13  American Physiological Society  ||  Health

Both good and bad habits are triggered in times of stress
6.14.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Analysis of how black holes produce their highest-energy light
6.14.13  NASA  ||  Space

Preliminary report of numerous findings at Egypt's Valley of the Kings
6.14.13  University of Basel  ||  Interesting

Coffee can help prevent breast cancer from returning
6.14.13  Lund University  ||  Health

Part of a submerged continent unearthed near Brazil
6.14.13  Agence France-Presse  ||  Earth

Study finds importance of recognition and working environment to employees
6.13.13  Badgeville  ||  Interesting

Dark matter distribution measured in fifty massive galaxy clusters
6.13.13  Kavli Institute  ||  Space

Archaeological digs planned at the ancient religious site of Perperikon
6.13.13  Sofia Globe  ||  Interesting

Protein developed that protects/restores nerve cell communications
6.13.13  AF of Tel Aviv University  ||  Health

A seller's conspicuous consumption can undermine bond with consumers
6.13.13  Pennsylvania State University  ||  Interesting

Surprise finding in how massive stars begin to form
6.13.13  NASA  ||  Space

South American plant purifies soils contaminated with cadmium/zinc
6.13.13  Wageningen University  ||  Earth

People anticipate genuine smiles over polite smiles in interactions
6.12.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Minute variations in brightness reveal new class of stars
6.12.13  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Timbuktu's cultural heritage is more damaged than first estimated
6.12.13  United Nations  ||  Interesting

Cocoa has potential to reduce obesity-related inflammation
6.12.13  Pennsylvania State University  ||  Health

Culture influences tendency to use price to judge product quality
6.12.13  University of Chicago  ||  Interesting

Atmosphere of a super-Earth exoplanet observed for the first time
6.12.13  National Astronomical Observatory JP  ||  Space

Developing better simulations to understand ocean dynamics
6.12.13  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Earth

Biases in perception involving unconscious selective attention
6.11.13  Scientific American  ||  Interesting

Class of exoplanets may be heated by electric currents from host stars
6.11.13  Astrobiology Magazine  ||  Space

Excavations to begin at the ancient city of Sebastapolis near the Black Sea
6.11.13  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Optimizing vitamin C levels from certain fruits/vegetables
6.11.13  University of Otago  ||  Health

Distance affects thoughts about the basis of other people's decisions
6.11.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Amount of star forming gas underestimated in the Milky Way
6.11.13  European Space Agency  ||  Space

Significant carbon leakage stored on land to rivers/lakes and coastal areas
6.11.13  University of Exeter  ||  Earth

Research on how certain words can trigger subconscious internal conflicts
6.10.13  Wiley  ||  Interesting

Contorted celestial object shows two galaxies colliding to form a new one
6.10.13  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Excavating an ancient Thracian site near the Sredna Gora mountains
6.10.13  Popular Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Early exposure to bisphenol A can damage teeth enamel
6.10.13  INSERM  ||  Health

People are overly confident in their knowledge even with excessive uncertainty
6.10.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Learning about the future of the Sun through a solar twin in the Galaxy
6.10.13  National Astronomical Observatory JP  ||  Space

Tiny submarine could be first to explore Europa's ocean
6.10.13  Astrobiology Magazine  ||  Technology

Models seek to better forecast crop production to feed growing population
6.10.13  Michigan State University  ||  Earth

Study Brief: subconscious priming of unfairness affects anger expression
6.08.13  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Discovery of some of the youngest stars ever seen to date
6.08.13  NASA  ||  Space

Over 5000 cave paintings of various symbols found in Tamaulipas
6.08.13  ArtDaily  ||  Interesting

Fish protein can help stop the spread of cancer cells
6.08.13  University of Maryland  ||  Health

Degree of self-consistency affects the way someone identifies their actions
6.07.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Diversity of distant galaxies and their properties in the ancient Universe
6.07.13  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Study raises further debate about how Easter Island's statues were moved
6.07.13  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Music can benefit immune system functioning and mental health
6.07.13  McGill University  ||  Health

Trash and recyclables accumulating on the seafloor
6.07.13  Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute  ||  Earth

Describing emotional situations impacts the body's physiological response
6.06.13  Public Library of Science  ||  Interesting

Dust trap observation around young star solves a planet formation mystery
6.06.13  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Possible future findings at the Great Pyramid/Valley of the Kings in Egypt
6.06.13  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Breastfeeding boosts development of an infant's brain
6.06.13  Brown University  ||  Health

Hungry algae may explain process by which plants became green
6.06.13  NewScientist  ||  Earth

Examination of how people become obsessed with forbidden things
6.05.13  University of British Columbia  ||  Interesting

Evidence suggests black holes abundant among the earliest stars
6.05.13  NASA  ||  Space

Pamirs Plateau tombs arranged symbolically like the Sun, 2500 years old
6.05.13  Xinhua  ||  Interesting

Exposure to natural light improves workplace performance
6.05.13  Psychology Today  ||  Health

Fostering critical thinking through assessment and feedback exchange
6.05.13  ResearchSEA  ||  Interesting

Green Pea galaxies could help provide insight into the early Universe
6.05.13  University of Michigan  ||  Space

Unkept areas of farms benefit wildlife more than previously thought
6.05.13  Natural Environment Research Council  ||  Earth

Skill will decline if errors are not acknowledged during behaviors/tasks
6.04.13  John Hopkins University  ||  Interesting

Research on how hypervelocity stars move at such high speeds
6.04.13  Universe Today  ||  Space

Evidence for an ancient hydraulic system providing water to the City of Mexico
6.04.13  ArtDaily  ||  Interesting

Vitamin C can kill drug-resistant tuberculosis bacteria
6.04.13  Albert Einstein College of Medicine  ||  Health

Study review of the habits/tendencies of various negotiating tactics
6.04.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Minimum star size determined for classification purposes
6.04.13  ||  Space

Mechanism by which plant cells communicate the time
6.04.13  University of Bristol  ||  Earth

Lightest planet outside of the Solar System detected to date
6.03.13  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Article about how marketers manipulate unconscious thought processes
6.03.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Saka princess tomb uncovered in Kazakhstan, 2400 years old
6.03.13  Tengri News  ||  Interesting

Four lifestyle changes that protect the heart and reduce morality risk
6.03.13  John Hopkins University  ||  Health

Mental imagery has potential to quicken recovery after surgery
6.03.13  Scientific American  ||  Interesting

Global maps trace the history of water/volcanic activity on Mars
6.03.13  European Space Agency  ||  Space

Seals aid in ability to collect data from polar oceans
6.03.13  Natural Environment Research Council  ||  Earth

Too much choice often leads to riskier decisions
6.01.13  University of Warwick  ||  Interesting

Extragalactic component to the activity of cosmic rays
6.01.13  Karlsruhe Institute of Technology  ||  Space

Discovery of lost temples in and around Angkor
6.01.13  Popular Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Compound in Mediterranean diet makes cancer cells prone to death
6.01.13  Ohio State University  ||  Health

Briefings: experience shapes object representation, delinquent behavior, more
5.31.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Census identifies numerous dark galaxies hidden by cosmic dust
5.31.13  ALMA Observatory  ||  Space

Ritualistic mask unearthed in the city of Nara in Japan, 1800 years old
5.31.13  Asahi Shimbun  ||  Interesting

Whole walnuts and their extracted oil reduce cardiovascular disease risk
5.31.13  Pennsylvania State University  ||  Health

Glacier impact on sea-level rise depends on its shape
5.31.13  Natural Environment Research Council  ||  Earth

Article on how personal relationships contribute to overcoming adversity
5.30.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Model focuses on space-time in relation to the holographic Universe theory
5.30.13  University of Southampton  ||  Space

Ancient Egyptians used meteorites to make symbolic funerary accessories
5.30.13  Open University  ||  Interesting

Low doses of THC can protect the brain before and after injury
5.30.13  AF of Tel Aviv University  ||  Health

Pharmaceuticals in the environment are disrupting water streams
5.30.13  Cary Institute  ||  Earth

Suppressing memories can bypass detection in brain activity tests
5.29.13  University of Kent  ||  Interesting

Sodium levels predict how stars terminate, stellar evolution models incomplete
5.29.13  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Collaboration unravels mysteries of ancient Mayan glyphs and script
5.29.13  The Guardian  ||  Interesting

Aspects of the nordic diet help improve cholesterol levels
5.29.13  Lund University  ||  Health

Article about fear responses: how it can be transformed and sensed
5.29.13  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Super-dense star is first ever found to suddenly slow its spinning
5.29.13  NASA  ||  Space

Ozone can protect fruit/vegetables from decay for weeks after exposure
5.29.13  Natural Environment Research Council  ||  Earth

Progress in developing human organs/body parts in the laboratory
5.29.13  CORDIS  ||  Technology

Subtle reminders of money often affect interactions in social settings
5.28.13  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Surprise discovery of a rare young supernova in an old galaxy
5.28.13  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Restoration of the 1800 year old Tyche Shrine in the city of Side in Turkey
5.28.13  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Unique omega-3 supplement reduces exercise-induced asthma symptoms
5.28.13  Indiana University  ||  Health

How plants will respond to the global decline of pollinators
5.28.13  Discovery  ||  Earth

Article on the flawed tendencies people use to detect deceit
5.27.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Image of a collision between a spiral and lenticular galaxy
5.27.13  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Possible ancient site awaits survey in the Atacama desert of Chile
5.27.13  Popular Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Nutrient content in white vegetables often goes undervalued
5.27.13  Purdue University  ||  Health

Important step revealed in photosynthesis evolution
5.27.13  Astrobiology Magazine  ||  Earth

Study finds empathy has a key role in moral judgments
5.25.13  Public Library of Science  ||  Interesting

Hidden population of exotic neutron stars identified
5.25.13  NASA  ||  Space

Fifth dynasty ancient Egyptian statues unearthed at the Abusir necropolis
5.25.13  Ahram Online  ||  Interesting

Grapefruits improve drug delivery in the body, anti-inflammatory properties
5.25.13  University of Louisville  ||  Health

Measuring all the light in the Universe since its origin
5.24.13  University of California  ||  Space

Article about research into the mind's unconscious biases
5.24.13  Harvard University  ||  Interesting

Settlement remains and 1500 year old mosaic found at Kibbutz Bet Qama
5.24.13  Israel Antiquities Authority  ||  Interesting

Boiled greek coffee consumption can improve blood vessel function
5.24.13  Sage Publications  ||  Health

Method for assessing future tree/plant disease risks
5.24.13  University of Kent  ||  Earth

Tendency to prefer supposed lucky products when desiring an outcome
5.23.13  University of Chicago  ||  Interesting

Most detailed observations to date of the Ring Nebula
5.23.13  European Space Agency  ||  Space

Saar site in Bahrain reveals insight about the ancient Dilmun civilization
5.23.13  British Broadcasting Company  ||  Interesting

Frequent heartburn may predict certain cancers, antacids reduce risk
5.23.13  American Association for Cancer Research  ||  Health

Impact of dust storms on regional climate and monsoons
5.23.13  Pacific Northwest Laboratory  ||  Earth

News briefs: effects from cognitive load/context/groups on decision-making
5.22.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Mega-galaxy collision is missing link in history of the cosmos
5.22.13  University of California  ||  Space

Buddha era relics uncovered at a site in the Devdaha district
5.22.13  AsiaOne News  ||  Interesting

Further study reveals proper calcium intake can lengthen lifespans in women
5.22.13  The Endocrine Society  ||  Health

Biodiversity conservation seems to be working in some European areas
5.22.13  University of Leeds  ||  Earth

Exploring atmosphere mechanisms at other planets in the Solar System
5.21.13  Universe Today  ||  Space

Technique improves deceit detection in interview settings
5.21.13  Lancaster University  ||  Interesting

Common food supplement combats degenerative brain disorders
5.21.13  AF of Tel Aviv University  ||  Health

Islamic medical manuscripts on display, date back 1100 years
5.21.13  Current World Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Effects from ocean acidification on various marine species
5.21.13  Natural Environment Research Council  ||  Earth

Observation of a swirling starburst galaxy, studying interactions
5.20.13  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Research about what factors in to brand support/brand aversion
5.20.13  University of Southern California  ||  Interesting

Recreating a lost ancient harp from the Angkor Wat temple complex walls
5.20.13  Australian Broadcast Corporation  ||  Interesting

Vitamin D could provide an effective treatment for asthma
5.20.13  King's College London  ||  Health

Relative humidity's impact on various particles in the atmosphere
5.20.13  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  ||  Earth

Bias often leads people to like variety less than they actually think
5.18.13  University of Warwick  ||  Interesting

Jets powered by a supermassive black hole shooting into a galaxy in Cancer
5.18.13  NASA  ||  Space

Reconstructing the ancient Stone-Cone Building in Uruk
5.18.13  Artefacts Berlin  ||  Interesting

Optimal method for beetroot juice to improve endurance/performance
5.18.13  University of Exeter  ||  Health

Study Brief: how people tend to view unconscious thought patterns
5.17.13  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Giant outburst identified from the Circinus X-1 binary star system
5.17.13  University of Southampton  ||  Space

Cave paintings under analysis located in northeast Argentina
5.17.13  ArtDaily  ||  Interesting

Tart cherries reduce stroke risk and benefit heart health
5.17.13  University of Michigan  ||  Health

Methodology seeks to diagnose the causes of water scarcity
5.17.13  Technical University of Madrid  ||  Earth

Overview of how advertisers can exploit time illusions to sell products
5.16.13  Scientific American  ||  Interesting

Supersonic cosmic winds may be source that blow out galactic bubbles
5.16.13  NewScientist  ||  Space

Further excavations at monumental structures near Jerusalem's Temple Mount
5.16.13  Popular Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Mechanisms of olive oil to regulate feeling of fullness
5.16.13  Technical University of Munich  ||  Health

Pain sensations can be contagious through simple observation
5.16.13  Monash University  ||  Interesting

Weather on the Solar System's outer planets lacks atmospheric depth
5.16.13  Weizmann Institute  ||  Space

Article about prohibiting commercial ocean fertilization activities
5.16.13  Agence France-Presse  ||  Earth

Study Brief: action goals and temporal distance affect prospection
5.15.13  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Observation of cosmic clouds/interstellar dust forming a ribbon in Orion
5.15.13  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Ancient geoglyphs uncovered at the Harrat desert in Jordan
5.15.13  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Mouthrinse is effective in reducing plaque and gingivitis
5.15.13  Academy of General Dentistry  ||  Health

Keeping fruit/vegetables and cut flowers fresh longer
5.15.13  American Chemical Society  ||  Earth

A take on how to create a garden habitat on Mars utilizing a robot
5.15.13  Universe Today  ||  Technology

Article about being ethically consistent and various reasoning patterns
5.14.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Unrecognized class of gamma-ray bursts identified from supergiant stars
5.14.13  NASA  ||  Space

Maya pyramid in Belize bulldozed by construction crew
5.14.13  British Broadcasting Company  ||  Interesting

Fish oil hinders effects of junk food on the brain
5.14.13  University of Liverpool  ||  Health

Hurricanes/tropical storms lift bacteria high into the atmosphere
5.14.13  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Certain strategies for facing adversity lessen impact of anxiety
5.13.13  University of Illinois  ||  Interesting

Abell S1077 galaxy cluster details revealed through gravitational lensing
5.13.13  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Hanging Garden of Babylon may actually have been created in Nineveh
5.13.13  University of Oxford  ||  Interesting

Method allows for repairing and regenerating of damaged nerves
5.13.13  AF of Tel Aviv University  ||  Health

Brain subconsciously detects grammar errors in the absence of awareness
5.13.13  University of Oregon  ||  Interesting

Link between binary star systems and the spiral structure of the Milky Way
5.13.13  European Space Agency  ||  Space

Earth's inner core moves at a different pace than the rest of the planet
5.13.13  Australian National University  ||  Earth

Experiments test how markets affect moral values
5.11.13  University of Bonn  ||  Interesting

Galaxies in the ancient Universe were cooler than predicted
5.11.13  University of Sussex  ||  Space

Rune stone rediscovered near Vaxhol in Sweden, 1000 years old
5.11.13  Stockholm University  ||  Interesting

Exposure to proper amount of sunlight can help reduce blood pressure
5.11.13  University of Edinburgh  ||  Health

News briefs: object-based attention without awareness, visual memory
5.10.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Yellow supergiant star explosion confirmed, process needs further analysis
5.10.13  Kavli Institute  ||  Space

Elephant's tomb in the Carmona necropolis may have been a Mithraic temple
5.10.13  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Soy and tomato pairing is effective in preventing prostate cancer
5.10.13  University of Illinois  ||  Health

Plants use underground networks to warn neighbors of attack
5.10.13  Natural Environment Research Council  ||  Earth

Article about effects from a divide between the actual/idealized self
5.09.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Observation reveals dying stars polluted with planetary debris
5.09.13  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Egyptian wedding certificate helps authenticate controversial Biblical text
5.09.13  American Chemical Society  ||  Interesting

Peppers and other vegetables with nicotine help prevent Parkinson's
5.09.13  Wiley  ||  Health

The differing influences of proximity on communication
5.09.13  Harvard University  ||  Interesting

Stars ejected from binary systems collide to create new type of supernova
5.09.13  NewScientist  ||  Space

Exploring how to harvest electricity directly from plants
5.09.13  University of Georgia  ||  Technology

Research on eternal flames and the presence of natural gas underground
5.09.13  Indiana University  ||  Earth

Voters tends to be less partisan on issues than indicated by polls
5.08.13  Public Library of Science  ||  Interesting

Cluster of hydrogen clouds identified between two nearby galaxies
5.08.13  National Radio Astronomy Observatory  ||  Space

Rock paintings uncovered in the city of Aydin in Turkey, 7500 years old
5.08.13  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Liver hazardous substance found in some forms of cinnamon products
5.08.13  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Theta brainwaves reflect ability to overcome built-in bias
5.08.13  Brown University  ||  Interesting

Observations reveal a pulsar with unexpected behaviors
5.08.13  University of Manchester  ||  Space

Supernova remnants found in Earth fossils dating back 2 million years
5.08.13  Technical University of Munich  ||  Earth

Study Brief: self-knowledge affects accuracy of social perceptions
5.07.13  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Heating mechanisms near supermassive black holes at the center of galaxies
5.07.13  European Space Agency  ||  Space

People in Eurasia might have used words in common with today 15000 years ago
5.07.13  University of Reading  ||  Interesting

Diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates improves fertility in women
5.07.13  ACOG  ||  Health

Plant biology advances target goal to help feed growing population
5.07.13  University of Western Australia  ||  Earth

Media reports may subconsciously trigger symptoms of a disease
5.06.13  Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz  ||  Interesting

Utilizing black holes to measure the Universe's expansion
5.06.13  AF of Tel Aviv University  ||  Space

Astronomical alignment found at a southern Peru pyramid with stone lines
5.06.13  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Magnesium is important for bone health in developing children
5.06.13  American Academy of Pediatrics  ||  Health

Rising sea levels threaten migratory birds at coastal wetlands
5.06.13  Agence France-Presse  ||  Earth

Self-affirmation improves problem-solving under stress
5.04.13  Public Library of Science  ||  Interesting

Enormous hot cloud of gas observed surrounding two colliding galaxies
5.04.13  NASA  ||  Space

Analyzing the remains of the Egyptian fortress of Jaffa on Israel's coast
5.04.13  Popular Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Rosemary aroma can help improve prospective memory
5.04.13  Northumbria University  ||  Health

Overview about the tendencies of attention/poor listening comprehension
5.03.13  Scientific American  ||  Interesting

Birth of blue supergiant star detected, possible new mode of star formation
5.03.13  National Astronomical Observatory JP  ||  Space

Chambers found beneath the Temple of Quetzacoatl in Teotihuacan
5.03.13  ArtDaily  ||  Interesting

Dark chocolate increases calmness and contentedness
5.03.13  Swinburne University of Technology  ||  Health

Report outlines estimated cost for universal access to energy
5.03.13  Institute of Physics  ||  Technology

Related plants shown to be used for herbal medicine in different regions
5.03.13  Royal Botanic Gardens  ||  Earth

Article on the mind's tendency to follow the path of least resistance
5.02.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Observation of star formation at an interstellar cloud in Sagittarius
5.02.13  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Agriculture origins in China pushed back another 12000 years
5.02.13  Stanford University  ||  Interesting

High levels of toxic metals found in some cosmetics
5.02.13  University of California  ||  Health

Personal investment in a virtual self can alter actual perceptions
5.02.13  Pennsylvania State University  ||  Interesting

Methods to probe the Universe's shape from the sound of space-time
5.02.13  Princeton University  ||  Space

Mapping magnetic reconnection/plasma particles in Earth's magnetosphere
5.02.13  European Space Agency  ||  Earth

Article about how magic tricks exploit perception tendencies
5.01.13  The Conversation  ||  Interesting

The Sun likely won't terminate as the typical planetary nebula
5.01.13  Universe Today  ||  Space

Burial ground gives clues to Southeast Asian civilization 6000 years ago
5.01.13  Australian National University  ||  Interesting

Diabetes may be triggered by infections carried by animals
5.01.13  Natural Environment Research Council  ||  Health

Hidden map in a plant's buds shown to control leaf/petal shape
5.01.13  John Innes Centre  ||  Earth

Experiencing connections in one's environment enhances sense of meaning of life
4.30.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Detailed image reveals distant Universe and activity sources
4.30.13  National Radio Astronomy Observatory  ||  Space

Stone structure temple ruins unearthed in Russia, over 5000 years old
4.30.13  Pravda.Ru  ||  Interesting

A foul-smelling gas shows health benefits in reducing joint swelling
4.30.13  University of Exeter  ||  Health

Analysis of how riots create an atmosphere of irrational behavior
4.30.13  University of Copenhagen  ||  Interesting

Investigating if antimatter acts under an anti-gravity force
4.30.13  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  ||  Space

Effects from pollution particles on fair-weather clouds
4.30.13  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  ||  Earth

Article about how ideas/things can catch on and rapidly spread
4.29.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Galaxy found turning gas into stars with almost 100 percent efficiency
4.29.13  McGill University  ||  Space

Green tea extract has potential for weight control/regulating glucose
4.29.13  Springer  ||  Health

Artifacts and remains from ancient settlements in the United Arab Emirates
4.29.13  Abu Dhabi Media  ||  Interesting

Extreme political attitudes often arise from an illusion of understanding
4.29.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Image shows the remnants and wisps of gas from a supernova in Dorado
4.29.13  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Plants respond to rising temperature to aid atmosphere in cooling
4.29.13  IIASA  ||  Earth

Unlocking fusion power potential by understanding turbulence in plasmas
4.29.13  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Technology

Physical acts of completion often provide a sense of closure/contentedness
4.27.13  University of Chicago  ||  Interesting

Mysterious hot spots observed in a nearby red supergiant star
4.27.13  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Petroglyphs of a priest/wise-man and other symbols found in Veracruz
4.27.13  ArtDaily  ||  Interesting

Vitamin D proven to boost energy from within the cells
4.27.13  Newcastle University  ||  Health

Research briefings on attention cues, bet hedging, self-views/anxiety link
4.26.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

A look back at an extremely active time near the core of the Milky Way
4.26.13  Vanderbilt University  ||  Space

Mangos have positive effect on blood sugar and help limit inflammation
4.26.13  Oklahoma State University  ||  Health

Luxor findings: Ramses era pyramid, wall paintings in the tomb of Amenhotep
4.26.13  University of Liege  ||  Interesting

Tapping into the rich resource of bioactive compounds in plants
4.26.13  RIKEN  ||  Earth

Bursts of star birth can hinder future galaxy growth
4.25.13  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Patterns prompt ability to recall social webs and associations
4.25.13  Cornell University  ||  Interesting

Early Maya pyramid and plaza unearthed, solar observatory for rituals
4.25.13  University of Arizona  ||  Interesting

Pine bark extract has potential to reduce cataract risk
4.25.13  University of Western Ontario  ||  Health

Article discusses the idea of reviving extinct species
4.25.13  National Geographic Society  ||  Earth

Technique improves outcome predictions and limits memory retrieval biases
4.24.13  University College London  ||  Interesting

Solar flux ropes observed for the first time in the Sun
4.24.13  U.S. Naval Research Laboratory  ||  Space

A 1200 year old Mahaveer statue with lions/serpents found in Dindigul
4.24.13  Times of India  ||  Interesting

Health risk from microscopic dust particles found in underground railways
4.24.13  University of Southampton  ||  Health

Wildfires can burn hot without destroying soil
4.24.13  American Geophysical Union  ||  Earth

Article about how emotion triggers action/change rather than only reason
4.23.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Universality of circular polarization in star and planet forming regions
4.23.13  National Astronomical Observatory JP  ||  Space

Overview of the messages in ancient rock art found in the Carolinas
4.23.13  Charlotte Observer  ||  Interesting

Benefits of vitamin E on heart health and blood vessel function
4.23.13  Ohio State University  ||  Health

Visual threat biases change when surrounded by group members
4.23.13  Michigan State University  ||  Interesting

Surprising star formation near the Milky Way's supermassive black hole
4.23.13  National Radio Astronomy Observatory  ||  Space

Auroras from the Northern/Southern Lights shed light on solar flares
4.23.13  University of Glasgow  ||  Earth

Ability for what is being held/touched to affect decision-making
4.22.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Analyzing the disappearing streak from the young PV Cephei star
4.22.13  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

The first Temple of Jupiter Stator uncovered at Palatine Hill in Rome
4.22.13  Italy Magazine  ||  Interesting

Grapes reduce inflammation and protect organs against metabolic syndrome
4.22.13  University of Michigan  ||  Health

Methods to restore badly-degraded forests/grasslands worldwide
4.22.13  National Environmental Research Program  ||  Earth

Brief: how emotional inconsistency extracts concessions in negotiation
4.20.13  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Imaging of the supernova remnants observed from explosion 1000 years ago
4.20.13  NASA  ||  Space

Excavation of a Late Paleolithic site at Ouriakos around the Aegean
4.20.13  Antiquity  ||  Interesting

Comparison of nutrient compound levels in whole-grain rice varieties
4.20.13  United States Department of Agriculture  ||  Health

Galaxies aligned with dark filaments in void areas of the Universe
4.19.13  NewScientist  ||  Space

Tendency to have beliefs that are subconsciously known to be false
4.19.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Stonehenge area occupied 5000 years earlier than thought
4.19.13  British Broadcasting Company  ||  Interesting

Protein in egg whites can help reduce blood pressure
4.19.13  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Methods to improve biodiversity conservation
4.19.13  Pensoft Publishers  ||  Earth

Analysis of the form and evolution of quasars around black holes
4.18.13  SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory  ||  Space

Structured reflection on roles/tasks improves team performance
4.18.13  University of Alabama  ||  Interesting

Rare ritual bath excavated from the Second Temple period in Jerusalem
4.18.13  Israel Antiquities Authority  ||  Interesting

Examination of mediterranean diet's health effects for older adults
4.18.13  Gerontological Society of America  ||  Health

Thinking style risk factor for depression can be contagious to others
4.18.13  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Galaxy emissions from a distant blazar deviate from expectations
4.18.13  University of California  ||  Space

Food safety/bioterrorism defense may benefit from improved detection test
4.18.13  University of Missouri  ||  Technology

Cutting certain pollutants would slow sea level rise
4.18.13  UCAR  ||  Earth

Amount of attention to various arguments depends on mood of individual
4.17.13  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Research pinpoints and analyzes many galaxies in the early Universe
4.17.13  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Burrup rock art in Australia dated to be amongst the world's oldest
4.17.13  Australian Broadcast Corporation  ||  Interesting

More on Omega-3s being effective in stopping some forms of breast cancer
4.17.13  Fox Chase Cancer Center  ||  Health

Eliminating feelings of mental defeat can prevent anxiety/depression
4.17.13  University of Warwick  ||  Interesting

Unidentified gigantic radio galaxy discovered in recent survey
4.17.13  Netherlands Institute of Radio Astronomy  ||  Space

Limitations of environmental models and data sets in research
4.17.13  European Research Media Center  ||  Earth

Study briefing on how brooding minds inhibit negative material
4.16.13  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Probing the energy distribution of colliding and interacting galaxies
4.16.13  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Four shrines/circular structure found at a Gulf Coast pre-Columbian site
4.16.13  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Brain development is guided by aspects of junk DNA
4.16.13  University of California  ||  Health

Analysis of age-related memory decline and methods to improve recall
4.16.13  University of Warwick  ||  Interesting

Detector possibly identifies the particle behind dark matter
4.16.13  Texas A&M University  ||  Space

A look at the changes in 90 percent of vegetation around the world
4.16.13  University of Zurich  ||  Earth

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