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Technique to harvest creative ideas/thoughts utilizing the subconscious mind
5.15.12  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Why omega-3 oils are beneficial at a cellular level
5.15.12  University of California  ||  Health

Dust rings around stars do not necessarily indicate planet presence
5.15.12  NewScientist  ||  Space

People tend to process seductive pictures of women as objects, not people
5.15.12  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Explanation for why some supernova explosions are stronger than others
5.15.12  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Evidence of contact between the West and China thousands of years ago
5.15.12  University of Sydney  ||  Interesting

Study suggests low dose-rate radiation poses little risk to DNA
5.15.12  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Health

Nanoparticles may pose environmental threat
5.15.12  Inside Science  ||  Earth

Looks influence more than reputation when trusting others
5.14.12  University of Warwick  ||  Interesting

Compound found in red wine/red grapes could aid in Alzheimer's treatment
5.14.12  Georgetown University  ||  Health

Light intensity can influence cognitive performance and alertness
5.14.12  Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne  ||  Health

Revealing nature's mathematical formula for survival
5.14.12  National Science Foundation  ||  Earth

Mystery over the tomb of the last Inca emperor is closer to being solved
5.14.12  British Broadcasting Corporation  ||  Interesting

Too much or too little noise turns off creative cognition of consumers
5.14.12  University of Illinois  ||  Interesting

Nature walks can bring psychological benefits for people with depression
5.14.12  Baycrest  ||  Health

The vision and blueprint to build a Starship Enterprise within 20 years
5.12.12  Universe Today  ||  Technology

Undiscovered planet might be orbiting at the fringes of the Solar System
5.12.12  National Geographic Society  ||  Space

Briefings on the subconscious effects from priming on behavior and cognition
5.11.12  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

How nature shapes the birth of stars
5.11.12  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Learning and working environments can impact the mentality of achievement
5.11.12  Stanford University  ||  Interesting

Mental silence during meditation linked with greater well-being/mental health
5.11.12  University of Sydney  ||  Health

Detection of new interstellar molecules and star formation in the Milky Way
5.11.12  University of Stuttgart  ||  Space

Switch identified that initiates immune system response to fight disease
5.11.12  A*Star  ||  Health

New twist on ancient math problem could improve medicine and microelectronics
5.10.12  University of Michigan  ||  Interesting

Mayan ruins reveal room for astronomical records, calendar goes beyond 2012
5.10.12  National Geographic Society  ||  Interesting

Discovery indicates missing boundary at the edge of the Solar System
5.10.12  NASA  ||  Space

Many cases of migraines and strokes may be linked to childhood adversity
5.10.12  Ball State University  ||  Health

Only the most powerful black holes halted star formation in the early Universe
5.10.12  European Space Agency  ||  Space

Evidence for a forgotten ancient language from the Assyrian Empire
5.10.12  University of Cambridge  ||  Interesting

Brain's glial cells supply nerve fibers with energy-rich metabolic products
5.10.12  Max Planck Society  ||  Health

Brown dwarf star finding will help distinguish between brown dwarfs/giant planets
5.10.12  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Experiment shows unconscious repressing mechanism to negativity by the mind
5.09.12  Bangor University  ||  Interesting

Mind and brain study assesses why people choke when the stakes are high
5.09.12  California Institute of Technology  ||  Interesting

Soybeans soaked in warm water release key cancer-fighting substance
5.09.12  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Research on ancient ballgame brings insight about early Mesoamerican society
5.09.12  George Washington University  ||  Interesting

How telerobotics could help humanity explore Space
5.09.12  ||  Technology

Improved waiting area design increases customer satisfaction
5.09.12  University of Missouri  ||  Interesting

Plastic trash is altering ocean habitats
5.09.12  University of California  ||  Earth

First evidence of cultic shrines in Judah dating back 3000 years
5.08.12  Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs  ||  Interesting

Brain scans reveal people love talking about themselves
5.08.12  HealthDay  ||  Interesting

Trial launched into curry chemical's cancer-fighting properties
5.08.12  University of Leicester  ||  Health

Research aims to create energy from light and air
5.08.12  Leeds University  ||  Technology

Measurement of the amount of water there is on Earth
5.08.12  U.S. Geological Survey  ||  Earth

Hot Jupiter-type planets most likely orbit alone in other solar systems
5.08.12  University of Florida  ||  Space

Psychiatric medication effects on brain structure
5.08.12  Elsevier  ||  Health

Being deeply embedded in a fictional story can influence behavior
5.07.12  Ohio State University  ||  Interesting

Study targets the effects from changing economic policy on human health
5.07.12  University of Cambridge  ||  Interesting

Origin of Type Ia supernovae narrowed down to two kinds of star systems
5.07.12  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Ancient Buddhist temple found in China's largest desert, 1500 years old
5.07.12  News Track India  ||  Interesting

Vibration therapy would allow the use of sound to treat various diseases
5.07.12  University of Toronto  ||  Health

New method offers robotic way to record the inner workings of brain cells
5.07.12  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Technology

Calculations suggest way to boost the randomness of information flow
5.07.12  ScienceNews  ||  Interesting

Different brain networks operate at different frequencies
5.06.12  Washington University STL  ||  Health

Remains of healing sanctuary from ancient Greece uncovered
5.06.12  Asian Age  ||  Interesting

Restoration of temples dedicated to three ancient Egyptian female deities
5.05.12  Al-Ahram  ||  Interesting

Diagnosing the activity from a black hole flare
5.05.12  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

How the framing of scenarios can affect decision making
5.04.12  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Lightning signature could help reveal the Solar System's origins
5.04.12  NASA  ||  Space

One of the oldest astronomical measuring instruments discovered in China
5.04.12  Chinese Academy of Sciences  ||  Interesting

The human brain processes metaphors and similes differently
5.04.12  NewScientist  ||  Interesting

Plant diversity is key to maintaining productive vegetation
5.04.12  National Science Foundation  ||  Earth

Different ways the mind warps the perception of time
5.03.12  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Foods prominent with omega-3s aid in lowering Alzheimer's risk
5.03.12  American Academy of Neurology  ||  Health

Childhood emotional maltreatment often causes troubled romantic relationships
5.03.12  Ben-Gurion University of the Negev  ||  Interesting

TheSkyNet system is set to probe galaxies beyond the Milky Way
5.03.12  International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research  ||  Technology

Emotion activity in the brain is reversed in left-handers
5.03.12  The New School  ||  Health

Study targets ecological effects after earthquake and tsunami
5.03.12  University of California  ||  Earth

Ancient Egyptian calendar reveals knowledge of a peculiar star system
5.02.12  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Interesting

Black pepper can help limit the formation of fat cells in the body
5.02.12  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Music increases development of empathy in children
5.02.12  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Brown dwarf star birthing may explain mystery anomaly in infrared image
5.02.12  Discovery  ||  Space

Ancient necropolis unearthed near Bulgaria motorway, dates back 2800 years
5.02.12  Sophia Echo  ||  Interesting

How unconscious factors affect the way humans perceive others
5.01.12  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Effects of loneliness mimic the aging process and boost heart disease risk
5.01.12  Cornell University  ||  Health

Study is first to show transgenerational effect of antibiotics
5.01.12  National Science Foundation  ||  Health

Ancient network of rivers and lakes found in the Arabian Desert
5.01.12  University of Oxford  ||  Earth

Planet split into two bodies brings insight into planet and star evolution
4.30.12  ||  Space

Specific protein protects against cancer, heals wounds, and boosts immunity
4.30.12  University of Calgary  ||  Health

Rogue stars ejected from the Milky Way's core found in intergalactic space
4.30.12  Vanderbilt University  ||  Space

Media multitasking tends to give people an emotional satisfaction
4.30.12  Ohio State University  ||  Interesting

Evidence for a population of old and volatile stellar black holes
4.30.12  NASA  ||  Space

Research uncovers lead into premature aging and heart disease
4.30.12  A*Star  ||  Health

Arsenic and selenium detected in ancient star for the first time
4.30.12  Carnegie Institution  ||  Space

Stress during first trimester of pregnancy can affect baby's iron levels
4.29.12  American Academy of Pediatrics  ||  Health

Dark matter may be passing through the body and colliding with atoms
4.28.12  ||  Space

Underground burial chamber unearthed in Orkney dating back 5000 years
4.28.12  NewScientist  ||  Interesting

Extremely dim cluster of stars found orbiting the Milky Way
4.27.12  Keck Observatory  ||  Space

Quasars are likely responsible for quenching star formation activity
4.27.12  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Having a balanced time perspective increases likelihood of feeling content
4.27.12  San Francisco State University  ||  Interesting

High anxiety may increase severity of cancer after diagnosis
4.27.12  Stanford University  ||  Health

The Temple of Hathor in Egypt is being restored and opened to the public
4.27.12  Ahram Online  ||  Interesting

Most ancient galaxies have much more stellar mass and stars than predicted
4.26.12  University of Oxford  ||  Space

Further evidence that berry consumption can reduce cognitive decline
4.26.12  Brigham and Women's Hospital  ||  Health

The number line concept is not innate to human intuition, culturally learned
4.26.12  University of California  ||  Interesting

Games like Tetris can reduce intrusion of memories from traumatic events
4.26.12  Psychology Today  ||  Health

Watercress alleviates stress on the body from working out, limits DNA damage
4.26.12  Edinburgh Napier University  ||  Health

Study attempts to uncover the method of brown dwarf star formation
4.26.12  Western University  ||  Space

Intense light treatment and sunlight can minimize damage from heart attack
4.26.12  University of Colorado  ||  Health

The effects of an active cognitive lifestyle on the aging brain
4.25.12  Elsevier  ||  Health

Brand loyalty strengthens when other customers look and act like you
4.25.12  Michigan State University  ||  Interesting

Ancient templed discovered in Messinia Greece, dates back 2700 years
4.25.12  Greek Reporter  ||  Interesting

Splatters of molten rock signal period of intense asteroid impacts
4.25.12  Southwest Research Institute  ||  Earth

Study of the Milky Way's satellite galaxies raises questions about dark matter
4.25.12  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Oregano has ability to kill prostate cancer cells
4.25.12  Press Association  ||  Health

Junk DNA can sense viral infection, crucial role in cellular function
4.25.12  AF of Tel Aviv University  ||  Health

Ancient galaxy discovered, sheds light on early activity in the Universe
4.25.12  Agence France-Presse  ||  Space

Brain imaging give marketers increased ability to predict decision making
4.25.12  University of California  ||  Interesting

Gestures can influence and subconsciously manipulate others
4.24.12  University of Hertfordshire  ||  Interesting

People often subconsciously echo similar linguistics to perceived superiors
4.24.12  Cornell University  ||  Interesting

Exploding stars could have helped life on Earth to thrive
4.24.12  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Violence in children's lives affects DNA, changes associated with aging
4.24.12  Duke University  ||  Health

Soy protein alleviates symptoms of fatty liver disease
4.24.12  University of Illinois  ||  Health

Anti-depressants in many cases do more harm than good on the entire body
4.24.12  McMaster University  ||  Health

Insights from brain computer interfaces show how thoughts influence action
4.23.12  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Vitamin E in diet helps protect against many cancers
4.23.12  Rutgers University  ||  Health

A new paradigm for active nuclear black holes at the center of galaxies
4.23.12  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Stroke study indicates soda increases risk, coffee lessens risk
4.23.12  Cleveland Clinic  ||  Health

Defects in rocks below Earth's surface influence passage of seismic waves
4.23.12  Australian National University  ||  Earth

Experiencing and seeing cosmic rays in Space
4.23.12  Universe Today  ||  Space

The effects from brain and mind conditions on neuronal mirroring
4.22.12  Psychology Today  ||  Health

Fragments of ancient Egyptian scroll found in an Australian collection
4.22.12  Agence France-Presse  ||  Interesting

Mechanism that controls the activity of brain stem cells discovered
4.22.12  Columbia University  ||  Health

How factors of confidence impact group decision making in relation to truth
4.21.12  ScienceNews  ||  Interesting

Sculpture from ancient Egypt revealed to be Cleopatra and Antony's children
4.21.12  Discovery  ||  Interesting

New stem cell found in the brain, therapeutic potential
4.21.12  Van Andel Institute  ||  Health

One psychoanalytical view of the repressed side of a personality
4.20.12  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Using gamma rays to gather insight about empty space and the interstellar medium
4.20.12  SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory  ||  Space

Aspirin's anti-cancer effects caused by specific enzyme
4.20.12  McMaster University  ||  Health

Left side of face shows more emotion, observers find it more aesthetically pleasing
4.20.12  Springer  ||  Interesting

Study links air pollution and early death in the UK
4.20.12  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Earth

Teaching teens to handle and grasp emotions improves mental health
4.20.12  Center for Advancing Health  ||  Health

How focusing attention tunes the mind's listening capabilities
4.19.12  University of California  ||  Interesting

Rivers flowing into the sea offer vast potential as electricity source
4.19.12  American Chemical Society  ||  Technology

Letting go and being regret free play role in aging well
4.19.12  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Spirituality is processed in different brain regions, not one distinct area
4.19.12  University of Missouri  ||  Interesting

New light technology could spot and help cure diseases earlier
4.19.12  University of St Andrews  ||  Technology

Study finds lack of dark matter around the Sun, detection methods questioned
4.18.12  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Positive psychological well-being appears to protect cardiovascular health
4.18.12  Harvard University  ||  Health

New theories about megalith monument Ale's Stones draws skepticism
4.18.12  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Vitamin C can moderately aid in lowering blood pressure
4.18.12  John Hopkins Medicine  ||  Health

Study suggests source of highest-energy cosmic rays are not gamma-ray bursts
4.18.12  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  ||  Space

Determining how to better mobilize knowledge in the age of information
4.17.12  United Nations University  ||  Interesting

Stars capture rogue planets that wander in interstellar space
4.17.12  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

News briefings on psychological mechanisms involved in social relationships
4.17.12  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Liquorice root aids in lowering blood sugar and is an anti-inflammatory
4.17.12  Max Planck Society  ||  Health

Pain felt during heart attack helps to minimize damage
4.17.12  University of Bristol  ||  Health

Aesthetic experiences show neurological link to contemplation/self-assessment
4.16.12  New York University  ||  Interesting

Tiny particle is key to understanding development of early Solar System
4.16.12  Australian National University  ||  Space

Research reveals one of the earliest farming sites in Europe
4.16.12  University of Cincinnati  ||  Earth

Fiber protects against cardiovascular disease, especially in women
4.16.12  Lund University  ||  Health

The word-of-mouth paradox and its effect on the storyteller
4.16.12  University of Alberta  ||  Interesting

How plants grow to escape shade and towards sunlight
4.16.12  Salk Institute  ||  Earth

Cells effected by arsenic send out signals that turn stem cells malignant
4.14.12  NewScientist  ||  Health

Pulsing stars could probe space-time around black holes
4.13.12  ||  Space

The Trefael Stone megalith declared to be capstone of 5500 year old tomb
4.13.12  University of Bristol  ||  Interesting

Consumer survey gauges trust in different forms of advertising
4.13.12  Nielsen  ||  Interesting

Memory recall of addictions prior to cue exposure can reduce cravings
4.13.12  NewScientist  ||  Health

Knowledge is transmitted within a group by means of a majority principle
4.12.12  Max Planck Society  ||  Interesting

Different forms of pride have contrasting effects on behaviors/prejudices
4.12.12  University of British Columbia  ||  Interesting

Mystery of how stars shed mass before their death may be solved
4.12.12  University of Manchester  ||  Space

Nut consumption can aid in heart health and lessen inflammation in the body
4.12.12  International Tree Nut Council  ||  Health

Molecule found to have important role in formation of the first stars
4.12.12  University of Arizona  ||  Space

How environmental cues can influence a person with decision-making power
4.11.12  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Cosmic mirages and dark energy confirm Universe's accelerated expansion
4.11.12  Kavi Institute  ||  Space

Strong and direct wiring in the brain connects feelings with focus
4.11.12  ScienceNews  ||  Health

Research targets use of technology amongst consumers and shopping habits
4.11.12  Local Corporation  ||  Interesting

Two white dwarf stars identified that are 12 billion years old
4.11.12  University of Oklahoma  ||  Space

Early Universe likely expanded rapidly, but other theories remain
2.28.12  University of Buffalo  ||  Space

First test-tube meat created from stem cells will be available soon
2.20.12  Agence France-Presse  ||  Technology

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