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Preparing to take the first-ever picture of a black hole
1.14.12  University of Arizona  ||  Technology

Emotional news framing affects public response to crises
1.13.12  University of Missouri  ||  Interesting

New method to find binary star systems involves following gamma-ray signals
1.13.12  ||  Space

Plant nourishing gene brings potential for increased crop production
1.13.12  University of Warwick  ||  Earth

Machine recreates conditions of white dwarf stars
1.13.12  Inside Science  ||  Technology

Unique life form is half plant and half animal
1.13.12  NewScientist  ||  Earth

The brain reconfigures its connections to minimize distractions in situations
1.12.12  University of California  ||  Health

Importance of planetary tilt and seasons in the development of life
1.12.12  Astrobiology Magazine  ||  Space

Practice doesn't make perfect when it comes to understanding risk
1.12.12  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Microlensing study shows every star in the Milky Way has planets
1.12.12  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Omega-3s vital to sperm health
1.12.12  University of Illinois  ||  Health

Synchronized activities can influence behaviors and thoughts
1.11.12  USC Marshall  ||  Interesting

New class of planetary systems confirmed
1.11.12  University of Florida  ||  Space

Omega-3 fatty acids could prevent and treat nerve damage
1.11.12  Queen Mary University of London  ||  Health

Coworkers sympathize more with same-sex when observing disrespect
1.11.12  Springer  ||  Interesting

Color of the Milky Way galaxy determined
1.11.12  University of Pittsburgh  ||  Space

Why coffee consumption reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes
1.11.12  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Methods revealed of star formation
1.11.12  JPL NASA  ||  Space

Lizards may be made smarter by warming world
1.11.12  NewScientist  ||  Earth

People tend to mimic each other when they have the same goal
1.10.12  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Naturally produced protein could boost brain repair
1.10.12  Medical Research Council  ||  Health

Milky Way galaxy's past revealed through star census
1.10.12  ||  Space

Grief over losing a loved one linked to higher heart attack risk
1.10.12  American Heart Association  ||  Health

Carnivorous plant traps worms with sticky leaves
1.10.12  Inside Science  ||  Earth

Dark matter in the Universe mapped on the largest scale ever observed
1.09.12  Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope  ||  Space

Traditional Chinese medicine improves fertility treatment results
1.09.12  AF of Tel Aviv University  ||  Health

Psychological experience of power makes people feel taller than they are
1.09.12  Cornell University  ||  Interesting

A universal law for star formation
1.09.12  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Graphene material's role in keeping electronic devices from overheating
1.09.12  University of California  ||  Technology

Creation of a superlens is nearing, easily available for the masses
1.09.12  Michigan Technological University  ||  Technology

A new snake species has been discovered
1.09.12  Wildlife Conservation Society  ||  Earth

Understanding TNA's potential role in early developing life forms
1.08.12  NewScientist  ||  Earth

Figuring out if a passing star cluster zapped ancient Earth with gamma-rays
1.07.12  NewScientist  ||  Space

Millions of animals mummified in ancient Egypt
1.07.12  Discovery  ||  Interesting

Microbes can be used to power space robots
1.07.12  IND  ||  Technology

Spices added to food can boost disease-prevention power
1.06.12  The Sacramento Bee  ||  Health

Microbots magnetically guided inside the body could help treat patients
1.06.12  Inside Science  ||  Technology

Mineral thought to exist on Moon but not Earth found in ancient rock
1.06.12  OurAmazingPlanet  ||  Earth

Rare African terracotta clay head from 2000 years ago recently excavated
1.06.12  NewScientist  ||  Interesting

Stem cells discovered in eyeball, could be used in the future for treatments
1.05.12  LiveScience  ||  Health

New research casts doubt on Solar System's Late Heavy Bombardment theory
1.05.12  Universe Today  ||  Space

Dried licorice root fights bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease
1.05.12  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Dogs pick up not only on words but the intent of a human communicating
1.05.12  Discovery  ||  Interesting

Experiment aims towards creating a space-time cloak to make events undetectable
1.04.12  Agence France-Presse  ||  Technology

Majority groups relative to environment support assimilation over pluralism
1.04.12  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Ingredients in supplement could help slow brain aging
1.04.12  McMaster University  ||  Health

Cemeteries with trash were the norm in ancient Pompeii
1.04.12  University of Cincinnati  ||  Interesting

Cancer-killing compound spares healthy cells
1.04.12  Concordia University  ||  Health

Strange crystals turn out to be ancient meteorite
1.04.12  ||  Earth

Patterns of brain connections reveal facial recognition and other functions
1.03.12  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Health

People learn a new language faster when words are accompanied by gestures
1.03.12  NewScientist  ||  Interesting

Injection of young stem cells made rapidly aging mice live longer and healthier
1.03.12  University of Pittsburgh  ||  Health

Drought contributed to demise of Khmer Empire
1.03.12  LiveScience  ||  Earth

Study finds drunk people are aware of poor decisions but just don't care
1.03.12  St. Louis Post-Dispatch  ||  Interesting

Nanosensors could help reduce the need for animal testing
1.03.12  Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft  ||  Technology

Theories of marine life populating ocean floor challenged by Antarctic species
1.03.12  Discovery  ||  Earth

Trait of humbleness indicates higher likelihood of lending a helping hand
1.02.12  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Studying ancient pottery could aid in improvement of spacecraft tiles
12.31.11  Discovery  ||  Interesting

Largest experiment to date tests real time cooperation in society
12.30.11  Carlos III University of Madrid  ||  Interesting

Smaller galaxies have higher proportion of dark matter than larger ones
12.30.11  Universe Today  ||  Space

Analyzing concern levels of using nitrate as a preservative in deli meats
12.30.11  MHD  ||  Health

Natural seafloor bridges found in Earth's deepest trench underwater
12.30.11  OurAmazingPlanet  ||  Earth

Study shows how humans have intuitive sense of logic beyond gut feelings
12.29.11  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Glia cells play role in brain's plasticity and how it learns and stores information
12.29.11  AF of Tel Aviv University  ||  Health

Marketers want to utilize facial recognition software on social media sites
12.29.11  BusinessNewsDaily  ||  Technology

Light pulse absorption demonstrates electromagnetic momentum density in matter
12.29.11  NIST  ||  Interesting

Detecting gravity waves from black hole collisions
12.29.11  Discovery  ||  Technology

Volcanic eruption creates new island in the Red Sea
12.28.11  NASA  ||  Earth

Diet and nutrient levels linked to cognitive ability and brain shrinkage
12.28.11  Oregon State University  ||  Health

Children don't give words extra significance when categorizing the world
12.27.11  Ohio State University  ||  Interesting

Pendant from 25000 years ago discovered at the Iberian Peninsula
12.27.11  Basque Research  ||  Interesting

Unscratchable gold is harder than steel
12.27.11  Discovery  ||  Technology

Success in making the spinal cord transparent for easier injury studies
12.26.11  Max Planck Society  ||  Health

Ancient seal coin linked to ritual found in Jerusalem
12.25.11  Associated Press  ||  Interesting

Variable dark energy model could explain old galaxy clusters
12.23.11  NewScientist  ||  Space

Production of frankincense in danger of severely dropping off
12.23.11  The Press Association  ||  Earth

New process could advance use of healthy cells or stem cells to treat disease
12.22.11  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

First ever direct measurement of the Earth's rotation
12.22.11  Technische Universitaet Muenchen  ||  Earth

Earth always has a temporary second moon
12.22.11  Universe Today  ||  Earth

How humans can split their attention and are natural born multi-taskers
12.21.11  McGill University  ||  Interesting

Some nearby young stars may be much older than previously estimated
12.21.11  University of Rochester  ||  Space

Brain's actions in response to habit formation of behavior
12.21.11  Georgia Health Sciences Univertisty  ||  Health

Hypothesis outlines Higgs boson particle's connection with dark matter
12.21.11  NewScientist  ||  Space

Strides made in technology involving brain reading during mental activity
12.21.11  University of California  ||  Technology

Discovery of new vaccine approach for treatment of cancer
12.21.11  Trinity College Dublin  ||  Health

New spy satellite could provide real-time video from anywhere on Earth
12.21.11  Universe Today  ||  Technology

Researchers find sensor that may help explain working memory
12.21.11  University of Wisconsin  ||  Health

Rare galaxy from the early Universe discovered, ancestor of galaxies today
12.21.11  JPL NASA  ||  Space

Anxious-ridden people may not subconsciously recognize threatening stimuli
12.20.11  AF of Tel Aviv University  ||  Interesting

Harvesting sunlight for energy from ever-sunny low-Earth orbit
12.20.11  Discovery  ||  Technology

Celestial bauble intrigues astronomers
12.20.11  NASA  ||  Space

Origins of Stonehenge rocks discovered
12.20.11  Yahoo! News  ||  Interesting

Progress in developing sound-cloaking technology to make objects inaudible
12.20.11  Karlsruhe Institute of Technology  ||  Technology

Stopping influenza evolution before it starts
12.20.11  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Health

Self-healing electronics could work longer and reduce waste
12.20.11  University of Illinois  ||  Technology

Babies remember even as they seem to forget
12.19.11  John Hopkins University  ||  Interesting

New insight into the bar in the center of the Milky Way galaxy
12.19.11  National Optical Astronomy Observatory  ||  Space

Method allows cells to continue living after being removed from donor
12.19.11  Georgetown University  ||  Technology

Analyzing the make-up of the earliest stars in the Universe
12.19.11  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Experiments indicate new kind of metal in deep Earth
12.19.11  Carnegie Institute  ||  Earth

Soybean components enhance cancer radiotherapy and preserve normal tissue
12.19.11  Wayne State University  ||  Health

Explanation of why some galaxies continue growing without star formation
12.17.11  Universe Today  ||  Space

Ancient Middle East texts unveiled dating from 2400-5000 years ago
12.16.11  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

New DNA detection technique developed
12.16.11  University of Notre Dame  ||  Technology

X-Ray pattern reveals smallest black hole candidate known to date
12.16.11  NASA  ||  Space

Doubling efficacy of radiation therapy while limiting the side effects
12.16.11  Georgia Health Sciences University  ||  Health

Garlic oil component may form treatment to protect heart
12.16.11  Emory University  ||  Health

The uninformed join the majority against a vocal minority
12.15.11  Princeton University  ||  Interesting

First low-mass star detected, could impact dark matter calculations
12.15.11  University of Zurich  ||  Space

Ancient offerings found beneath the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan
12.15.11  INAH  ||  Interesting

Genetic blueprints of medicinal plants catalogued for advancement of drugs
12.15.11  University of Kentucky  ||  Health

Test could trace sources of attacks involving nerve gas and other harmful agents
12.15.11  American Chemical Society  ||  Technology

Possible changes to Earth's ecosystem due to climate change
12.15.11  JPL NASA  ||  Earth

Aiming to create natural gas from sunlight and wastewater
12.15.11  Discovery  ||  Technology

Dehumanization reflected in brain by limiting response regions within it
12.14.11  Duke University  ||  Interesting

Milky Way's central black hole to consume a cloud of stars, gas, and dust
12.14.11  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Facial expressions and emotions may not be so closely related as thought
12.14.11  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Reason why immune system fails to eliminate cancer and way to counteract it
12.14.11  Queen's University  ||  Health

White dwarf stars solve mystery of what detonates Type Ia supernova explosions
12.14.11  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  ||  Space

Antioxidant compound has potential to combat Alzheimer's
12.14.11  University of Georgia  ||  Health

Trillion-frame-per-second imaging system developed
12.14.11  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Technology

Chemical compound in brain can weaken connections important for memory
12.13.11  University of Bristol  ||  Health

String theory model attempts to simulate birth of the Universe
12.13.11  LiveScience  ||  Space

A view of snakes in the history of Man as predator, prey, and competitor
12.13.11  Science Magazine  ||  Earth

Understanding why people defend corrupt, inept, and unjust systems
12.12.11  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

How supermassive black holes came into existence shortly after the Big Bang
12.12.11  Carnegie Mellon University  ||  Space

Brain areas involved in process of experience and association
12.12.11  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Health

Analyzing newly discovered red galaxies
12.12.11  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Cell's master switch can be blocked to stop growth of cancer cells
12.12.11  University of Bristol  ||  Health

Asteroid crash may explain Mercury's strange spin
12.11.11  ||  Space

Photonic chip paves way to programmable quantum processors
12.11.11  University of Bristol  ||  Technology

Getting beyond the secret doors of the Great Pyramid of Egypt in 2012
12.10.11  Discovery  ||  Interesting

Experiment indicates animals know more than some would expect
12.09.11  University of California  ||  Earth

Stress from neglect when young increases schizophrenia risk in predisposed
12.09.11  Leiden University  ||  Health

Stating the obvious about why some people smile at other's failures
12.09.11  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

High precision map shows the Milky Way's magnetic fields
12.09.11  Max Planck Society  ||  Space

Method allows learning high-performance tasks with little or no conscious effort
12.08.11  National Science Foundation  ||  Technology

Brain's cortex involved in process of emotional learning
12.08.11  Friedrich Miescher Institute  ||  Health

Tidal locking could render habitable planets inhospitable
12.08.11  Astrobiology Magazine  ||  Space

Enzyme targeted that can aid in reducing bad cholesterol levels
12.08.11  University of Leicester  ||  Health

Near-Space lightning may play role in climate
12.08.11  Discovery  ||  Earth

New insight of how the brain reconstructs the third dimension
12.07.11  Max Planck Society  ||  Health

Star-quakes reveal hidden workings of the evolution of a star's interior
12.07.11  ||  Space

Ancient Jerusalem markings in archaeological find stump researchers
12.07.11  Associated Press  ||  Interesting

Drug reverses age-related changes in brain cells
12.07.11  Society for Neuroscience  ||  Health

Earlier policies to limit damage to ozone layer show success
12.07.11  LiveScience  ||  Earth

A wild card factor discovered in the genome
12.07.11  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Infants can differentiate between credible and non-credible sources
12.06.11  Concordia University  ||  Interesting

Soy is the highest quality plant protein
12.06.11  Solae  ||  Health

Explaining how the Mayans could have contributed to their own apocalypse
12.06.11  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

New camera will map the Universe quicker than ever and in much more detail
12.06.11  STFC  ||  Technology

North America: Today's severe drought conditions could be tomorrow's normal
12.06.11  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory   ||  Earth

How outsiders view a group-mind and hold individuals within them accountable
12.05.11  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Probe enters unchartered area between Solar System's edge and interstellar space
12.05.11  ||  Technology

Selene and sugar compound to be used as a heart disease preventative
12.05.11  University of Melbourne  ||  Health

Largest ever black holes discovered from early Universe
12.05.11  University of California  ||  Space

Muscle fatigue originates in the brain
12.05.11  University of Zurich  ||  Health

Milky Way Galaxy leaves trail of evidence of what it consumes
12.05.11  ||  Space

Progress being made on male infertility treatment
12.05.11  Australian National University  ||  Health

Impact of climate change on world's highest mountains
12.04.11  ICIMOD  ||  Earth

Sugar can poison cancer cells
12.04.11  NewScientist  ||  Health

Brain activity in deciphering dilemma between doing harm and allowing harm
12.02.11  Brown University  ||  Interesting

Some of the benefits of white tea in preserving health catalogued in study
12.02.11  Kingston University  ||  Health

Example of quantum entanglement using diamonds
12.02.11  Inside Science  ||  Interesting

New finding uncovered about the atmosphere of early Earth
12.02.11  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  ||  Earth

Tests of how sense perceptions interact together on a subconscious level
12.01.11  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

New kind of ultra-red galaxies discovered
12.01.11  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Consumer brands lend to social priming and subconsciously affect behavior
12.01.11  University of Toronto  ||  Interesting

Study demonstrates fruits, vegetables, and grains reduce stroke risk in women
12.01.11  American Heart Association  ||  Health

Understanding the different processes of facial recognition
12.01.11  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

The Universe's top radiation emitters
12.01.11  ||  Space

Foldable and ultra-thin sensors probe secrets of the brain
12.01.11  LiveScience  ||  Technology

Experiment tests the sensory roles of conscious and subconscious awareness
11.30.11  Hebrew University of Jerusalem  ||  Interesting

Baked/broiled fish preserves gray matter in brain, promotes stronger neurons
11.30.11  Radiological Society of North America  ||  Health

Fire burns differently in Space
11.30.11  NASA  ||  Space

Artificial leaf technology allows energy production for the masses with low cost
11.30.11  American Chemical Society  ||  Technology

Atmospheric heartbeat from Earth detected in Space for the first time
11.30.11  OurAmazingPlanet  ||  Earth

Labeling supporters of a policy extremists influences negativity in the unaware
11.29.11  Ohio State University  ||  Interesting

Environment and diet leave their prints on the heart within DNA
11.29.11  University of Cambridge  ||  Health

Da Vinci code for trees provides wind protection
11.29.11  Inside Science  ||  Earth

Discoveries provide evidence of celestial processions at Stonehenge
11.28.11  University of Birmingham  ||  Interesting

Depression can lead to heart disease
11.28.11  Concordia University  ||  Health

Concerns about scarcity and degradation of land/water, 25% of land is degraded
11.28.11  Food and Agriculture Organization  ||  Earth

Babies embrace punishment earlier than previously thought
11.28.11  University of British Columbia  ||  Interesting

Ethereal particles shooting through Earth shed light on the Sun
11.28.11  ||  Space

Immune system has protective memory cells to stop attacks
11.28.11  University of California  ||  Health

New way to create nanoporous materials will aid filters and sensors
11.27.11  University of Cambridge  ||  Technology

Sudden stress triggers human brain into survival mode
11.25.11  Radboud University  ||  Health

Diversity of ancient life exploded when Earth was frozen solid
11.25.11  LiveScience  ||  Earth

Linking cosmic rays to stellar superbubbles
11.24.11  NewScientist  ||  Space

New evidence of an unrecognized visual process
11.24.11  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Health

Radiation sickness treatment demonstrates potential
11.24.11  ScienceNews  ||  Health

Mass limit set for particles of dark matter
11.23.11  Brown University  ||  Space

Earth's outer core is deprived of oxygen
11.23.11  Carnegie Institution  ||  Earth

Sauna treatments can aid heart in healing
11.23.11  NewScientist  ||  Health

Blocked holes can enhance rather than stop light from going through
11.22.11  Princeton University  ||  Interesting

Cell communication and why cells decide to undertake the actions they do
11.22.11  Wellcome Trust  ||  Health

More evidence links Dead Sea Scrolls to the Essenes
11.22.11  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Coffee may help protect against endometrial cancer
11.22.11  American Association for Cancer Research  ||  Health

Pulsars theorized to be giant permanent magnets
11.22.11  Universe Today  ||  Space

Study indicates ignorance is bliss when it comes to challenging social issues
11.21.11  American Psychological Association  ||  Interesting

Further documentation of meditation's effect on areas of the brain
11.21.11  Yale University  ||  Health

Fetus donates stem cells to heal mother's heart
11.21.11  NewScientist  ||  Health

Water cycles of deep-Earth described
11.21.11  Macquarie University  ||  Earth

Regeneration after stroke depends on communication between brain hemispheres
11.21.11  Max Planck Society  ||  Health

Material emits near-infrared glow after single minute of exposure to sunlight
11.20.11  University of Georgia  ||  Technology

Nerve cells play strong role in making sense of the body's senses
11.20.11  University of Rochester  ||  Health

Explanation of how mass and energy correlate together
11.20.11  Universe Today  ||  Interesting

Bird experiment shows how context can influence and lead to irrationality
11.18.11  University of Oxford  ||  Interesting

Mechanism in developing human embryos naturally corrects potential errors
11.18.11  King's College London  ||  Health

Discovery unveils bits of matter not mirroring behavior of antimatter counterparts
11.18.11  ||  Space

Nanoscale microscopy swab could detect cancer and other diseases before they start
11.18.11  NewScientist  ||  Technology

Galaxies recycle gas and heavy elements to continue star birth
11.18.11  NASA  ||  Space

Lightest solid material created, less dense than air
11.18.11  LiveScience  ||  Technology

Runaway stars may be the result of being rejected from stellar threesomes
11.17.11  ||  Space

Ancient monkey-shaped skull was sports gear for Mayan afterlife
11.17.11  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Cells can sense whether their signal mechanisms are being received and adjust
11.17.11  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Health

Study affirms aspects of mediterranean diet improve heart health
11.17.11  John Hopkins Medicine  ||  Health

Success in creating light from the vacuum of almost nothing
11.17.11  Chalmers University  ||  Space

Information being uncovered about origins of Antarctica's buried mountains
11.17.11  National Science Foundation  ||  Earth

Magnetic fields of galaxies influence the birth of stars
11.17.11  Max Planck Society  ||  Space

Probe data shows evidence of liquid water on icy Jupiter moon Europa
11.16.11  NASA  ||  Space

Mouthwash under development that will eliminate tooth decay and cavities
11.16.11  University of California  ||  Health

Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies are entering transitional phase
11.16.11  ||  Space

Experiment shows people subconsciously know what they are not aware of seeing
11.15.11  ScienceNews  ||  Interesting

Ancient stars give insight into prehistory of the Milky Way galaxy
11.15.11  Niels Bohr Institute  ||  Space

Researchers decoding the aging process
11.15.11  Agence France-Presse  ||  Health

Superconductor material may reveal exotic particles that were previously proposed
11.15.11  ScienceNews  ||  Earth

Evidence supports banning use of antibiotics for growth promotion in farming
11.15.11  Tufts University  ||  Health

Crusader's arabic inscription no longer lost in translation
11.15.11  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Stem cells may help heart pump more blood after heart attack
11.14.11  NewScientist  ||  Health

Air pollution a factor in worsening both drought and flooding
11.14.11  National Science Foundation  ||  Earth

Welsh mudstones reveal prehistoric seabed ecosystem
11.14.11  Natural Environment Research Council  ||  Earth

Low levels of vitamin C increase heart failure risk in susceptible patients
11.13.11  American Heart Association  ||  Health

Asteroid Lutetia seems to be left over fragment from birth of Earth/Mercury/Venus
11.13.11  Astrobiology Magazine  ||  Space

Analyzing phases of exoplanets can reveal uncertainties about their makeup
11.13.11  Universe Today  ||  Space

Amplifier placed on top of a diamond could reveal individual atoms
11.12.11  Oxford University  ||  Technology

Red algae's photosynthesis is more efficient than in plants
11.12.11  Astrobiology Magazine  ||  Earth

Earth's core over a billion years older than expected
11.12.11  Michigan Technological University  ||  Earth

Damaged hearts demonstrate ability to heal themselves with specific protein
11.11.11  Max Planck Society  ||  Health

Dark energy's role in early Universe was small and grew over time
11.11.11  ||  Space

Experiments indicate that awareness and attention are separate and not coupled
11.11.11  Max Planck Society  ||  Interesting

Bugs involved in death can help solve murder cases
11.11.11  LiveScience  ||  Earth

Virtual robot links body to numbers similar to humans
11.11.11  NewScientist  ||  Technology

First stars of the Universe were not as massive as previously thought
11.11.11  JPL NASA  ||  Space

Minor benefits of herbal supplements for stress
11.11.11  LiveScience  ||  Health

Psychological steps to get others to notice the ability of change
11.10.11  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Pristine clouds of primordial gas from early Universe detected for first time
11.10.11  University of California  ||  Space

Success in figuring out way to design drugs to target particular nerve cells
11.10.11  University of Bristol  ||  Health

Tiny galaxies from early Universe bursting with star-birth defies simulations
11.10.11  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Water can change into a new type of liquid at extremely low temperatures
11.10.11  American Chemical Society  ||  Interesting

Explanation of how the moon became magnetized
11.10.11  Universe Today  ||  Space

A fetus can sense the mother's psychological state
11.09.11  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Health

Discovery of two types of neutron stars indicates separate classes of supernovae
11.09.11  ||  Space

New material absorbs light across multiple wavelengths
11.09.11  NASA  ||  Technology

Ocean Health Index will describe an ocean's current state of being
11.09.11  Discovery  ||  Earth

Further understanding of the kidney's role in hypertension
11.09.11  University of Leicester  ||  Health

How plate shapes can contribute to causes of earthquakes
11.09.11  Australian National University  ||  Earth

Fifty-legged creature may have been top predator of ancient seafloor
11.09.11  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Proposal of new class of celestial bodies named Dark Star Clusters
11.08.11  University of Bonn  ||  Space

Role of blood platelets includes driving immune responses
11.08.11  NewScientist  ||  Health

Star formation occurring in extreme galactic environments, negating earlier ideas
11.08.11  NASA  ||  Space

Spotted horses in Stone Age paintings turn out to be depictions from life
11.08.11  NewScientist  ||  Interesting

Andromeda dwarf galaxies bring insight about dark matter
11.08.11  Universe Today  ||  Space

Process involving RNA and brain development analyzed in detail
11.07.11  ScienceDaily  ||  Health

Unknown ancient castles and cities found in Libyan desert
11.07.11  University of Leicester  ||  Interesting

Research into cellular memory mechanisms
11.07.11  University of Coperhagen  ||  Health

Quantum Entanglement to aid the detection of gravitational waves
11.07.11  Discovery  ||  Technology

Blocking faulty DNA repair enzyme could help kill cancer cells
11.07.11  Cancer Research UK  ||  Health

Newly developed probe detects dangerous blood clots
11.06.11  NewScientist  ||  Technology

Anyons could blur distinction between subatomic particle groupings
11.06.11  Discovery  ||  Interesting

Using Type 1a supernovae as measuring tool for Universe has inconsistencies
11.06.11  Universe Today  ||  Space

The brain still sees after the eye stops looking
11.05.11  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Health

Red dwarf stars influence on surrounding planets different than expected
11.05.11  NewScientist  ||  Space

Three new elements being added to the Periodic Table
11.04.11  Institute of Physics  ||  Space

Role of the subconscious in unconsciously learning rules of a language
11.04.11  University of Cambridge  ||  Interesting

Simulation shows the Milky Way Galaxy shaped by a supernova
11.04.11  Universe Today  ||  Space

Utilizing cosmic metamaterials to zoom in on early Universe
11.04.11  Discovery  ||  Interesting

Smart materials will allow bones to heal more efficiently
11.04.11  Uppsala University  ||  Technology

Skin's method for sensing sunshine and responding to protect against it
11.04.11  NewScientist  ||  Health

Medieval churches in Sudan reveal long pilgrimages, grande architecture and art
11.03.11  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Tropical forests are being fertilized by air pollution
11.03.11  Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute  ||  Earth

Ancient white dwarf stars finding allows another way to date the Universe
11.03.11  NASA  ||  Space

Importance of memory in preventing relapse after psychological therapy
11.03.11  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Health

Developing a laser to rip space-time apart
11.03.11  Discovery  ||  Technology

Brain areas identified with denser amounts of connections
11.03.11  NewScientist  ||  Health

Benefits of nut consumption on blood pressure, blood sugar, and more
11.02.11  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Surprising ingredients found in galaxies of early Universe
11.02.11  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Researchers discover tactic to delay age-related disorders
11.02.11  Mayo Clinic  ||  Health

Ancient viking sunstone revealed to be natural crystal
11.02.11  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Hippocampus plays a bigger role in memory than previously thought
11.02.11  University of California  ||  Health

Biological patterns and trends can lead to better predictive responses in hospitals
11.02.11  Inside Science  ||  Interesting

Icy dust provides interstellar stage for chemical reactions to form organic molecules
11.01.11  Astriobiology Magazine  ||  Space

Babies identify thought process of others at 10 months old
11.01.11  University of Missouri  ||  Interesting

Urban light pollution has impact on nocturnal creatures
11.01.11  CORDIS  ||  Earth

Medieval graves found to be disturbed for interesting reasons
11.01.11  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Some of the laws of nature may vary across the Universe
10.31.11  Swineburne University of Technology  ||  Space

Understanding the underlying factors of mindfulness meditation
10.31.11  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Omega-3 plays a role in reducing diabetes and heart disease
10.31.11  Massey University  ||  Health

Women's subconscious could be influencing birth to avoid Halloween and its symbolism
10.31.11  NewScientist  ||  Interesting

How mould fungi can be used to cure and protect plants
10.31.11  Vienna University of Technology  ||  Earth

Protein mapping of body could lead to early detection of certain forms of disease
10.30.11  Northwestern University  ||  Health

Quantum keys allow submarines to communicate securely
10.30.11  NewScientist  ||  Technology

The science behind the concept of dark matter
10.29.11  Universe Today  ||  Interesting

Studying Andromeda's course towards the Milky Way
10.29.11  Discovery  ||  Interesting

Brain gene activity changes throughout life
10.28.11  ScienceNews  ||  Health

How to unbalance Nothingness
10.28.11  Friedrich Schiller University Jena  ||  Space

Snake blood can aid the growth of damage hearts and possibly counteract heart disease
10.28.11  LiveScience  ||  Health

Astronomers figure out galaxy collision rate throughout the Universe
10.27.11  NASA  ||  Space

Governments by the year 2100 must plan for migration in response to climate change
10.27.11  University of Florida  ||  Earth

Watermelon reduces fat content buildup in arteries
10.27.11  University of Kentucky  ||  Health

Unique asteroid seems like a chunk from a forming planet
10.27.11  Agence France-Presse  ||  Space

Cosmic dust contains organic matter that originates from stars
10.26.11  ||  Space

Creating neuron synapses to bring insight into connecting neurons to aid the brain
10.26.11  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Health

Growing plant-life in the most barren of landscapes
10.26.11  AF of Tel Aviv University  ||  Earth

Internet is responsible for approximately 2% of global energy use
10.26.11  NewScientist  ||  Technology

Quadruple galaxy merger holds curious traits
10.26.11  Universe Today  ||  Space

Evidence for the existence of a hypnotic state of awareness
10.25.11  NewScientist  ||  Health

Strange and surprising hollows discovered on Mercury
10.25.11  NASA  ||  Space

Research indicates effects from yogurt consumption on cardiovascular system
10.25.11  Probiotics Institute  ||  Health

Arrival of agriculture in ancient Europe did not immediately change diets
10.25.11  ScienceNews  ||  Interesting

Ancient supernova mystery solved dating back to observation from 2000 years ago
10.24.11  JPL NASA  ||  Space

Circadian clock correlates with levels of protection from UV rays depending on time of day
10.24.11  University of North Carolina SoM  ||  Health

Study shows that shoppers pay less attention to nutrition labels than they think
10.24.11  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Aging disease in children brings understanding of normal aging
10.24.11  University of California  ||  Health

Statistics show a more peaceful Earth involving human conflict than in the past
10.23.11  Associated Press  ||  Interesting

Mysterious life forms identified in extreme deep sea
10.23.11  University of California  ||  Earth

Swarm of mini black holes could be holding together star cluster at center of the Milky Way
10.23.11  NewScientist  ||  Space

How plants can sense and respond to different forms of force
10.21.11  Washington University STL  ||  Earth

Oceans of water located in disc of developing star prior to forming into a solar system
10.21.11  NASA  ||  Space

First Americans hunted mastodons 13800 years ago, conflicts with first settlers theory
10.21.11  NewScientist  ||  Earth

Project aims to recycle Space junk into new satellites and parts for spacecraft
10.20.11  DARPA  ||  Technology

Cerebellum and hippocampus communicate to create a representation of a body in space
10.20.11  NewScientist  ||  Health

Upcoming research planned that will attempt to shed light on dark energy
10.20.11  Max Planck Society  ||  Interesting

Biochemical mechanism that allows brain tumors to survive and grow identified
10.20.11  University of New South Whales  ||  Health

Analysis of motor protein functioning in the brain
10.20.11  Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research  ||  Health

New tool allows surgeons to detect subtle differences between cancerous and normal tissue
10.19.11  American Chemical Society  ||  Technology

Rare ancient star clusters discovered, including a first in the far-side of the Milky Way
10.19.11  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Normal brain communication in people lacking connections between left/right hemispheres
10.19.11  California Institute of Technology  ||  Health

Herbivorous fish found to like eating meat
10.19.11  NWO  ||  Earth

Ancient depiction of childbirth at Etruscan site in Tuscany from 2700 years ago
10.19.11  Southern Methodist University  ||  Interesting

Mountains may be the best choice for harvesting solar energy
10.19.11  Discovery  ||  Earth

Early stars in Milky Way contributed to killing off of nearby smaller/satellite galaxies
10.18.11  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Computing building blocks created from bacteria and DNA
10.18.11  Imperial College London  ||  Technology

Database unveiled of chemical compounds found in traditional Chinese medicines
10.18.11  King's College Londons  ||  Interesting

Connection between forgetting and remembering in memory functioning
10.18.11  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Health

Dark matter finding adds mystery, negates hypothesis in standard cosmological model
10.17.11  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Researchers look for virus fossils from early life in salt beds and hot springs
10.17.11  Astrobiology Magazine  ||  Earth

Stamp-sized satellites are undergoing various tests
10.17.11  ||  Technology

Explaining the concept of the Universe being flat
10.16.11  Universe Today  ||  Space

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