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New theory for how the earliest continents on Earth were formed
3.15.12  Astrobiology Magazine  ||  Earth

Antipsychotic drug combinations are often given to patients prematurely
3.15.12  Center for Advancing Health  ||  Health

Recent generations more focused on fame/money than contributing to society
3.15.12  American Psychological Association  ||  Interesting

Ice giant planets have more water volume than originally believed
3.15.12  Sandia National Laboratories  ||  Space

Lesser powered groups that share perspectives with opposition improve attitudes
3.15.12  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Interesting

Respiratory diseases expected to worsen with global climate change
3.15.12  University of California  ||  Health

Suppressing feelings of compassion makes people feel less moral
3.14.12  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Further research on how galaxies recycle material to continue star birth
3.14.12  Max Planck Society  ||  Space

Astronomers get rare glimpse at early stage of star formation
3.14.12  National Radio Astronomy Observatory  ||  Space

Evidence builds that meditation strengthens the brain
3.14.12  University of California  ||  Health

Iron's role in reversing global warming
3.14.12  Concordia University  ||  Earth

Galaxies in their adolescent stages changed their consumption habits
3.14.12  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Roughly 60 seconds of full exertion can impair memory of the event
3.13.12  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Brains of children to aid in making computers smarter
3.13.12  University of California  ||  Technology

Space travel in its current state has negative effect on vision
3.13.12  ||  Health

Improving drug delivery for conditions affecting the brain
3.13.12  Journal of Visualized Experiments  ||  Technology

Regular consumption of red meat increases risk of mortality
3.12.12  Harvard University  ||  Health

Revisiting Jupiter's role as protecting Earth from asteroids and comets
3.12.12  Astrobiology Magazine  ||  Space

Protein discovery could switch off cardiovascular disease
3.12.12  University of London  ||  Health

Memory research indicates information is deeply encoded at a molecular scale
3.09.12  University of Arizona  ||  Health

Neutrino discovery sheds light on why matter can exist in the Universe
3.09.12  University of California  ||  Space

Amino acids in meteorites can be created in hot or cold temperatures
3.09.12  NASA  ||  Space

Small amounts of wine can aid in reducing stroke risk in women
3.09.12  LiveScience  ||  Health

Brain area identified that processes acoustics vital for communication
3.08.12  California Institute of Technology  ||  Health

New pharaoh added to the records of ancient Egypt after limestone discovery
3.08.12  Discovery  ||  Interesting

Stars with dusty discs should harbor Earth-like worlds
3.08.12  Astrobiology Magazine  ||  Space

Earth's magnetic field deflects solar winds and protects the atmosphere
3.08.12  European Space Agency  ||  Earth

First ever measurement on atom of pure antimatter
3.08.12  NewScientist  ||  Interesting

Proposed nuclear clock may precisely keep time with the Universe
3.08.12  University of New South Wales  ||  Technology

Star formation in the Milky Way is more active than originally thought
3.07.12  NASA  ||  Space

Evidence supports that consuming berries benefits the brain
3.07.12  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Military program seeks to utilize implicit learning and intuition
3.07.12  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Winning makes people more aggressive towards the defeated
3.07.12  Ohio State University  ||  Interesting

Excess salt may stiffen heart vessels
3.07.12  ScienceNews  ||  Health

Distant galaxy cluster sheds light on early Universe
3.06.12  Texas A&M University  ||  Space

Conscious perception has little to do with the visual cortex in the brain
3.06.12  RIKEN  ||  Health

Gas-filled aspirin is a potent anti-cancer drug
3.06.12  NewScientist  ||  Health

Evidence of comet collision with Earth 13000 years ago
3.06.12  University of California  ||  Earth

Development of treatment for decontaminating humans exposed to radioactivity
3.06.12  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  ||  Health

How learning affects the activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain
3.05.12  Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center  ||  Health

Personality changes are key factor to improving well-being
3.05.12  University of Manchester  ||  Interesting

Plants utilize scent to protect against infection and resist insects
3.05.12  Springer  ||  Earth

Social skills linked to brain areas involved with daydreaming
3.05.12  Australian Broadcasting Corporation  ||  Health

Wild bear seen using a stone as a tool on own skin
3.05.12  NewScientist  ||  Earth

Immune system T-cells also produced in tonsils
3.05.12  Ohio State University  ||  Health

Chemical analysis of ancient Aphrodite statue reveals its colors
3.03.12  Discovery  ||  Interesting

Cocoa may enhance skeletal muscle function
3.03.12  University of California  ||  Health

Mystery deepens around dark matter core in cosmic collision
3.02.12  San Francisco State University  ||  Space

Sense perceptions can become influenced by the mind and subconscious
3.02.12  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Bursting neutron star detected for fist time, confirms existing model
3.02.12  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Space

How the body distinguishes between a range of hot temperatures
3.02.12  University of California  ||  Health

New picture of the atomic nucleus emerges
3.02.12  Argonne National Labratory  ||  Interesting

Training can improve memory and increase activity in cognitive impairment
3.01.12  Emory University  ||  Health

Human brain loses 14 billion neurons in new analysis
3.01.12  LiveScience  ||  Health

Enzyme targeted that could reverse Alzheimer's and restore cognition
3.01.12  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Health

Studying the concept of warp drives brings insight of possible complication
3.01.12  Universe Today  ||  Technology

Sea ice driving Arctic air pollutants
3.01.12  NASA  ||  Earth

Vitamin A can reduce melanoma risk, especially in women
3.01.12  MHD  ||  Health

Exotic new matter expected in ultra-cold atoms
2.29.12  University of Maryland  ||  Interesting

Another mechanism identified that helps broccoli prevent cancer
2.29.12  Oregon State University  ||  Health

Children strongly influenced by gestures and finger pointing
2.29.12  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Some of the Solar System's comets have been taken from other stars
2.29.12  ||  Space

Clarifying the risk of Asteroid 2011 AG5 impacting Earth in 2040
2.29.12  NASA  ||  Space

Study shows how the brain responds to deceptive advertising
2.28.12  North Carolina State University  ||  Interesting

Early Universe likely expanded rapidly, but other theories remain
2.28.12  University of Buffalo  ||  Space

First test-tube meat created from stem cells will be available soon
2.20.12  Agence France-Presse  ||  Technology

Garlic oil component may form treatment to protect heart
12.16.11  Emory University  ||  Health

The uninformed join the majority against a vocal minority
12.15.11  Princeton University  ||  Interesting

First low-mass star detected, could impact dark matter calculations
12.15.11  University of Zurich  ||  Space

Ancient offerings found beneath the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan
12.15.11  INAH  ||  Interesting

Genetic blueprints of medicinal plants catalogued for advancement of drugs
12.15.11  University of Kentucky  ||  Health

Test could trace sources of attacks involving nerve gas and other harmful agents
12.15.11  American Chemical Society  ||  Technology

Possible changes to Earth's ecosystem due to climate change
12.15.11  JPL NASA  ||  Earth

Aiming to create natural gas from sunlight and wastewater
12.15.11  Discovery  ||  Technology

Dehumanization reflected in brain by limiting response regions within it
12.14.11  Duke University  ||  Interesting

Milky Way's central black hole to consume a cloud of stars, gas, and dust
12.14.11  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Facial expressions and emotions may not be so closely related as thought
12.14.11  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Reason why immune system fails to eliminate cancer and way to counteract it
12.14.11  Queen's University  ||  Health

White dwarf stars solve mystery of what detonates Type Ia supernova explosions
12.14.11  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  ||  Space

Antioxidant compound has potential to combat Alzheimer's
12.14.11  University of Georgia  ||  Health

Trillion-frame-per-second imaging system developed
12.14.11  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Technology

Chemical compound in brain can weaken connections important for memory
12.13.11  University of Bristol  ||  Health

String theory model attempts to simulate birth of the Universe
12.13.11  LiveScience  ||  Space

A view of snakes in the history of Man as predator, prey, and competitor
12.13.11  Science Magazine  ||  Earth

Understanding why people defend corrupt, inept, and unjust systems
12.12.11  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

How supermassive black holes came into existence shortly after the Big Bang
12.12.11  Carnegie Mellon University  ||  Space

Brain areas involved in process of experience and association
12.12.11  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Health

Analyzing newly discovered red galaxies
12.12.11  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Cell's master switch can be blocked to stop growth of cancer cells
12.12.11  University of Bristol  ||  Health

Asteroid crash may explain Mercury's strange spin
12.11.11  ||  Space

Photonic chip paves way to programmable quantum processors
12.11.11  University of Bristol  ||  Technology

Getting beyond the secret doors of the Great Pyramid of Egypt in 2012
12.10.11  Discovery  ||  Interesting

Experiment indicates animals know more than some would expect
12.09.11  University of California  ||  Earth

Stress from neglect when young increases schizophrenia risk in predisposed
12.09.11  Leiden University  ||  Health

Stating the obvious about why some people smile at other's failures
12.09.11  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

High precision map shows the Milky Way's magnetic fields
12.09.11  Max Planck Society  ||  Space

Method allows learning high-performance tasks with little or no conscious effort
12.08.11  National Science Foundation  ||  Technology

Brain's cortex involved in process of emotional learning
12.08.11  Friedrich Miescher Institute  ||  Health

Tidal locking could render habitable planets inhospitable
12.08.11  Astrobiology Magazine  ||  Space

Enzyme targeted that can aid in reducing bad cholesterol levels
12.08.11  University of Leicester  ||  Health

Near-Space lightning may play role in climate
12.08.11  Discovery  ||  Earth

New insight of how the brain reconstructs the third dimension
12.07.11  Max Planck Society  ||  Health

Star-quakes reveal hidden workings of the evolution of a star's interior
12.07.11  ||  Space

Ancient Jerusalem markings in archaeological find stump researchers
12.07.11  Associated Press  ||  Interesting

Drug reverses age-related changes in brain cells
12.07.11  Society for Neuroscience  ||  Health

Earlier policies to limit damage to ozone layer show success
12.07.11  LiveScience  ||  Earth

A wild card factor discovered in the genome
12.07.11  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Infants can differentiate between credible and non-credible sources
12.06.11  Concordia University  ||  Interesting

Soy is the highest quality plant protein
12.06.11  Solae  ||  Health

Explaining how the Mayans could have contributed to their own apocalypse
12.06.11  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

New camera will map the Universe quicker than ever and in much more detail
12.06.11  STFC  ||  Technology

North America: Today's severe drought conditions could be tomorrow's normal
12.06.11  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory   ||  Earth

How outsiders view a group-mind and hold individuals within them accountable
12.05.11  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Probe enters unchartered area between Solar System's edge and interstellar space
12.05.11  ||  Technology

Selene and sugar compound to be used as a heart disease preventative
12.05.11  University of Melbourne  ||  Health

Largest ever black holes discovered from early Universe
12.05.11  University of California  ||  Space

Muscle fatigue originates in the brain
12.05.11  University of Zurich  ||  Health

Milky Way Galaxy leaves trail of evidence of what it consumes
12.05.11  ||  Space

Progress being made on male infertility treatment
12.05.11  Australian National University  ||  Health

Impact of climate change on world's highest mountains
12.04.11  ICIMOD  ||  Earth

Sugar can poison cancer cells
12.04.11  NewScientist  ||  Health

Brain activity in deciphering dilemma between doing harm and allowing harm
12.02.11  Brown University  ||  Interesting

Some of the benefits of white tea in preserving health catalogued in study
12.02.11  Kingston University  ||  Health

Example of quantum entanglement using diamonds
12.02.11  Inside Science  ||  Interesting

New finding uncovered about the atmosphere of early Earth
12.02.11  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  ||  Earth

Tests of how sense perceptions interact together on a subconscious level
12.01.11  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

New kind of ultra-red galaxies discovered
12.01.11  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Consumer brands lend to social priming and subconsciously affect behavior
12.01.11  University of Toronto  ||  Interesting

Study demonstrates fruits, vegetables, and grains reduce stroke risk in women
12.01.11  American Heart Association  ||  Health

Understanding the different processes of facial recognition
12.01.11  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

The Universe's top radiation emitters
12.01.11  ||  Space

Foldable and ultra-thin sensors probe secrets of the brain
12.01.11  LiveScience  ||  Technology

Experiment tests the sensory roles of conscious and subconscious awareness
11.30.11  Hebrew University of Jerusalem  ||  Interesting

Baked/broiled fish preserves gray matter in brain, promotes stronger neurons
11.30.11  Radiological Society of North America  ||  Health

Fire burns differently in Space
11.30.11  NASA  ||  Space

Artificial leaf technology allows energy production for the masses with low cost
11.30.11  American Chemical Society  ||  Technology

Atmospheric heartbeat from Earth detected in Space for the first time
11.30.11  OurAmazingPlanet  ||  Earth

Labeling supporters of a policy extremists influences negativity in the unaware
11.29.11  Ohio State University  ||  Interesting

Environment and diet leave their prints on the heart within DNA
11.29.11  University of Cambridge  ||  Health

Da Vinci code for trees provides wind protection
11.29.11  Inside Science  ||  Earth

Discoveries provide evidence of celestial processions at Stonehenge
11.28.11  University of Birmingham  ||  Interesting

Depression can lead to heart disease
11.28.11  Concordia University  ||  Health

Concerns about scarcity and degradation of land/water, 25% of land is degraded
11.28.11  Food and Agriculture Organization  ||  Earth

Babies embrace punishment earlier than previously thought
11.28.11  University of British Columbia  ||  Interesting

Ethereal particles shooting through Earth shed light on the Sun
11.28.11  ||  Space

Immune system has protective memory cells to stop attacks
11.28.11  University of California  ||  Health

New way to create nanoporous materials will aid filters and sensors
11.27.11  University of Cambridge  ||  Technology

Sudden stress triggers human brain into survival mode
11.25.11  Radboud University  ||  Health

Diversity of ancient life exploded when Earth was frozen solid
11.25.11  LiveScience  ||  Earth

Linking cosmic rays to stellar superbubbles
11.24.11  NewScientist  ||  Space

New evidence of an unrecognized visual process
11.24.11  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Health

Radiation sickness treatment demonstrates potential
11.24.11  ScienceNews  ||  Health

Mass limit set for particles of dark matter
11.23.11  Brown University  ||  Space

Earth's outer core is deprived of oxygen
11.23.11  Carnegie Institution  ||  Earth

Sauna treatments can aid heart in healing
11.23.11  NewScientist  ||  Health

Blocked holes can enhance rather than stop light from going through
11.22.11  Princeton University  ||  Interesting

Cell communication and why cells decide to undertake the actions they do
11.22.11  Wellcome Trust  ||  Health

More evidence links Dead Sea Scrolls to the Essenes
11.22.11  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Coffee may help protect against endometrial cancer
11.22.11  American Association for Cancer Research  ||  Health

Pulsars theorized to be giant permanent magnets
11.22.11  Universe Today  ||  Space

Study indicates ignorance is bliss when it comes to challenging social issues
11.21.11  American Psychological Association  ||  Interesting

Further documentation of meditation's effect on areas of the brain
11.21.11  Yale University  ||  Health

Fetus donates stem cells to heal mother's heart
11.21.11  NewScientist  ||  Health

Water cycles of deep-Earth described
11.21.11  Macquarie University  ||  Earth

Regeneration after stroke depends on communication between brain hemispheres
11.21.11  Max Planck Society  ||  Health

Material emits near-infrared glow after single minute of exposure to sunlight
11.20.11  University of Georgia  ||  Technology

Nerve cells play strong role in making sense of the body's senses
11.20.11  University of Rochester  ||  Health

Explanation of how mass and energy correlate together
11.20.11  Universe Today  ||  Interesting

Bird experiment shows how context can influence and lead to irrationality
11.18.11  University of Oxford  ||  Interesting

Mechanism in developing human embryos naturally corrects potential errors
11.18.11  King's College London  ||  Health

Discovery unveils bits of matter not mirroring behavior of antimatter counterparts
11.18.11  ||  Space

Nanoscale microscopy swab could detect cancer and other diseases before they start
11.18.11  NewScientist  ||  Technology

Galaxies recycle gas and heavy elements to continue star birth
11.18.11  NASA  ||  Space

Lightest solid material created, less dense than air
11.18.11  LiveScience  ||  Technology

Runaway stars may be the result of being rejected from stellar threesomes
11.17.11  ||  Space

Ancient monkey-shaped skull was sports gear for Mayan afterlife
11.17.11  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Cells can sense whether their signal mechanisms are being received and adjust
11.17.11  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Health

Study affirms aspects of mediterranean diet improve heart health
11.17.11  John Hopkins Medicine  ||  Health

Success in creating light from the vacuum of almost nothing
11.17.11  Chalmers University  ||  Space

Information being uncovered about origins of Antarctica's buried mountains
11.17.11  National Science Foundation  ||  Earth

Magnetic fields of galaxies influence the birth of stars
11.17.11  Max Planck Society  ||  Space

Probe data shows evidence of liquid water on icy Jupiter moon Europa
11.16.11  NASA  ||  Space

Mouthwash under development that will eliminate tooth decay and cavities
11.16.11  University of California  ||  Health

Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies are entering transitional phase
11.16.11  ||  Space

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