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Spats with spouse may worsen chronic pain and symptoms of other conditions
5.15.18  Pennsylvania State University  ||  Interesting

Fastest-growing black hole known is the Universe is named J215728.21-360215.1
5.15.18  Australian National University  ||  Space

Andean sites and mortuary monuments reveal concepts of death, ancestor veneration, water
5.15.18  De Gruyter Open  ||  Interesting

Vitamin K benefits protein levels associated with cardiovascular disease
5.15.18  Augusta University  ||  Health

Resonant frequencies of natural rock arches undergo dynamic changes from day to day
5.15.18  Seismological Society of America  ||  Earth

Influencing another person by giving advice affects someone's own sense of power
5.14.18  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Density of a turbulent accretion disk threaded by a large-scale vertical magnetic field
5.14.18  American Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Peach pits and other artifacts buried after possible ritual use at Makimuku in Japan
5.14.18  Asahi Shimbun  ||  Interesting

Yogurt may reduce chronic inflammation linked to multiple diseases
5.14.18  University of Wisconsin  ||  Health

Research on why why rocks flow slowly in Earth's middle mantle
5.14.18  Arizona State University  ||  Earth

People rationalize and express greater approval for policies once they become status quo
5.12.18  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Detailed map of clouds of high-velocity hydrogen gas in the nearby Universe
5.12.18  ICRAR  ||  Space

Underground plaza and two platforms considered to be part of pyramid found at Tiahuanaco citadel
5.12.18  Latin American Herald Tribune  ||  Interesting

Aromatherapy with essential oils has ability to reduce stress in agitated infants
5.12.18  University of Kentucky  ||  Health

Brief: on the relative importance of willpower and purity in signaling virtue
5.11.18  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

What primordial magnetic fields in the cosmic neighborhood should look like today
5.11.18  Max Planck Society  ||  Space

Oldest Polish pyramid known as the Arian Tower was built in place of early medieval hill fort
5.11.18  Science & Scholarship in Poland  ||  Interesting

Taurine deficiency in sperm contributes to male infertility
5.11.18  University of Tsukuba  ||  Health

Change in shape of Earth's orbit caused by its gravitational interactions with Jupiter and Venus
5.11.18  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Accuracy and confidence involve separate sources of information
5.10.18  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Calculating a strict upper limit for the maximum mass of neutron stars
5.10.18  Goethe University  ||  Space

Large temple foundation found in No.2 building complex in Jinyang Ancient City
5.10.18  Chinese Academy of Social Sciences  ||  Interesting

Boosting vitamin D to limit inflammation and protect beta cells related to diabetes
5.10.18  Salk Institute  ||  Health

Evidence that animals can mentally replay past events from memory
5.10.18  Indiana University  ||  Earth

Interpersonal touch aids people in dealing with difficult mental tasks and setbacks
5.09.18  University of Dundee  ||  Interesting

First carbon-rich asteroid identified in the Kuiper Belt of the Solar System
5.09.18  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Traces of 1000-year-old Dark Ages fort built by the Picts uncovered in Scotland
5.09.18  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Dietary nori seaweed has ability to positively manipulate gut bacteria
5.09.18  Stanford University  ||  Health

Beavers help clean up polluted rivers and stem the loss of valuable soils from farms
5.09.18  University of Exeter  ||  Earth

Mental models are developed in three distinct stages when interacting with systems
5.08.18  North Carolina State University  ||  Interesting

Probing the nature of dark matter particles with stellar streams
5.08.18  Astrobites  ||  Space

Remains of possible temple and other artifacts found at ancient Buto in Egypt
5.08.18  Ahram Online  ||  Interesting

Polyphenols in red wine have a protective effect against prostate cancer
5.08.18  Medical University Vienna  ||  Health

Large wildfires cause increases in annual water stream flow that can last for years
5.08.18  Oregon State University  ||  Earth

Model indicates the Sun will turn into a planetary nebula following its death
5.07.18  University of Manchester  ||  Space

People asking too much for their goods are experiencing physical attachment and loss aversion
5.07.18  Brigham Young  ||  Interesting

Oldest known copper artifact in the Andes is a 3000-year-old mask
5.07.18  Archaeology Magazine  ||  Interesting

Very-low-carbohydrate diets improve blood sugar control in type 1 diabetes
5.07.18  New York Times  ||  Health

New Zealand sinkhole provides insight into 60000-year-old volcano
5.07.18  Agence France-Presse  ||  Earth

Brief: how expectancies about ethics of others shape deception in negotiations
5.05.18  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Census of the stars that reside in stellar cluster NGC 6231 in the constellation Scorpius
5.05.18  NASA  ||  Space

Unearthing ancient Sweden through archaeology and various findings in Ostergotland
5.05.18  Ancient History Encyclopedia  ||  Interesting

Combining blueberry extract with radiation increases cervical cancer treatment's effectiveness
5.05.18  University of Missouri  ||  Health

Key reason why learning by teaching others can be so effective
5.04.18  British Psychological Society  ||  Interesting

Massive protocluster of galaxies in the early Universe known as SPT2349-56
5.04.18  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Scapegoat wooden doll with a Buddhist face discovered in Tottori in Japan
5.04.18  Asahi Shimbun  ||  Interesting

Cinnamon has potential to aid learning ability and benefit the hippocampus
5.04.18  Rush University  ||  Health

Plant diversity may help alleviate the negative impacts of flooding in grasslands
5.04.18  Wiley  ||  Earth

People are burdened more by regrets about about the ideal self rather than the ought self
5.03.18  British Psychological Society  ||  Interesting

Most accurate measurement to date of dark matter structure in the Universe
5.03.18  Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory  ||  Space

Hidden text found on a seemingly blank part of the Dead Sea Scrolls
5.03.18  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

24-hour fast can reverse age-related loss of intestinal stem cell function
5.03.18  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Health

Using sound waves to levitate water droplets in midair improves the detection contaminants
5.03.18  The Optical Society  ||  Earth

Research on the kind of confidence people are most attuned to when seeking expertise
5.02.18  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

How stellar-mass black holes produce their highest-energy light
5.02.18  NASA  ||  Space

3 engraved reliefs found in Aswan provide insight into Al-Hoody's Middle Kingdom settlement
5.02.18  Ahram Online  ||  Interesting

Vitamin D improves weight gain and brain development in children who are malnourished
5.02.18  Queen Mary University of London  ||  Health

Second known experiment observing a telltale signature for a time crystal in a solid
5.02.18  Yale University  ||  Technology

Why plants are so sensitive to gravity and how they adjust their growth direction
5.02.18  CNRS  ||  Earth

Shapes in businesses affect customer response; angular shapes suggest competence
5.01.18  Ohio State University  ||  Interesting

Missing stars in Solar neighbourhood reveal Sun's speed and distance to Milky Way's center
5.01.18  University of Toronto  ||  Space

Mayan Venus Table could represent an innovation in mathematics and astronomy
5.01.18  University of California  ||  Interesting

Diet rich in fish/legumes help to delay natural menopause; refined carbs may hasten it
5.01.18  British Medical Journal  ||  Health

Massive reserves of mercury hidden in permafrost dating to last Ice Age
5.01.18  American Geophysical Union  ||  Earth

Lonely and non-empathetic people are more likely to make unethical shopping decisions
4.30.18  Binghamton University  ||  Interesting

Unexpectedly large proportion of high-mass star-forming cores in a Galactic mini-starburst
4.30.18  CNRS  ||  Space

Chamber tomb at Tel Megiddo reveals aspects of Canaanite burial practices
4.30.18  Biblical Archaeology Society  ||  Interesting

Compound carpaine in papaya leaf juice could be used to treat dengue fever
4.30.18  University of Nottingham  ||  Health

Indications of tectonic stress provide ample warning before supervolcano eruptions
4.30.18  University of Illinois  ||  Earth

Research on the ability of personal superstitions to improve performance
4.28.18  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Rare pulsating delta Scuti star identified in the Pegasus constellation
4.28.18  Southern Methodist University  ||  Interesting

Excavation at Twentynine Palms Marine base in California unveils ancient petroglyphs/artifacts
4.28.18  Desert Sun  ||  Interesting

Bushen Tiansui prevents synaptic loss in the hippocampus and could help treat Alzheimer's
4.28.18  Neural Regeneration Research  ||  Health

Brief: sensory predictions during action support perception of imitative reactions
4.27.18  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Winds generated by supermassive black hole regulate growth of 3C 298 quasar host galaxy
4.27.18  Keck Observatory  ||  Space

Prehistoric settlement mound known as Kozareva Mogila is much larger than previously estimated
4.27.18  Archaeology in Bulgaria  ||  Interesting

Taking vitamin B6 before sleeping can help people to recall their dreams
4.27.18  University of Adelaide  ||  Health

Growing dead zone lacking oxygen detected in the Gulf of Oman
4.27.18  University of East Anglia  ||  Earth

Surviving companion to a supernova identified in galaxy NGC 7424 in the constellation Grus
4.26.18  NASA  ||  Space

Context and hidden meanings of words can influence judgment and decision making
4.26.18  University of Michigan  ||  Interesting

Tinder fungi used to light/transport fire at la Draga in Spain over 7300 years ago
4.26.18  Autonomous University of Barcelona  ||  Interesting

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