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Cognitive processes and social consequences extending from face perception
6.15.17  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Vast filament of star-forming gas in the stellar nursery of Orion Nebula
6.15.17  University of Toronto  ||  Space

Stone tower at Gihon Spring near Jerusalem is 1000 years younger than first estimated
6.15.17  Weizmann Institute  ||  Interesting

Diets rich in polyunsaturated fats alter hormones related to hunger and satiety
6.15.17  PR Newswire  ||  Health

Alternative hypothesis about the faunal colonization of the Himalayas
6.15.17  Helmholtz Centre  ||  Earth

Visual perception of spatial properties shaped by body's ability to act in the situation
6.14.17  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Disorganized magnetic field surrounding a young protostar known as Ser-emb 8
6.14.17  ALMA Observatory  ||  Space

Aztec temple dedicated to wind god Ehecatl in Mexico City contains remains of children
6.14.17  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Organic conditions boost flavonoid levels and antioxidant activity in onions
6.14.17  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Australian continent shifts/tilts back and forth each year due to seasonal changes
6.14.17  American Geophysical Union  ||  Earth

People tend to choose dominant leaders over respected/admired candidates during uncertain times
6.13.17  London Business School  ||  Interesting

Mechanisms that contribute to mini-halo radio structure at the center of Perseus Cluster
6.13.17  National Radio Astronomy Observatory  ||  Space

Colorful glass beads that are over 1000 years old near ancient city of Ile-Ife in Nigeria
6.13.17  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Tianjiu therapy relieves nasal itching experienced by people with allergic rhinitis
6.13.17  Hong Kong Baptist University  ||  Health

Lightning strikes and data provide insight to improve short-term storm forecasting
6.13.17  University of Washington  ||  Earth

Physical act of cleaning hands can lead to flexible thinking and reorienting priorities
6.12.17  University of Toronto  ||  Interesting

Motion and shape of an outflow of gas coming from birth of the star Orion Source I
6.12.17  ALMA Observatory  ||  Space

1600-year old paintings of Christ discovered in catacombs of St. Domitilla beneath Rome
6.12.17  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Combination of vitamin C and antibiotics is effective in eliminating cancer stem cells
6.12.17  University of Salford  ||  Health

Tracking animals and deranged drainages across the Kalahari in Africa
6.12.17  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Brief: facial age biases on vocal perception and memory
6.10.17  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Relationship between white dwarf and Mira variable red giant in the R Aquarii system
6.10.17  NASA  ||  Space

9000-year-old sanctuary with artifacts for ritual and a celestial shape found in Bolkow
6.10.17  Science & Scholarship in Poland  ||  Interesting

Cinnamon interacts with the gut and can cool the body by up to two degrees
6.10.17  RMIT University  ||  Health

How smiling after an outcome can affect future gameplay scenarios depending on result
6.09.17  University of Southern California  ||  Interesting

ESO428-G014's nuclear region emitting hard X-rays is 10 times larger than predicted
6.09.17  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Illustrated novel created from rock art that dates back 8000 years near Mount Lamos
6.09.17  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Carotenoid known as astaxanthin enhances hippocampal neurogenesis and spatial memory
6.09.17  University of Tsukuba  ||  Health

Strain of yeast called Yarrowia lipolytica Y-3492 is effective in toxic waste removal
6.09.17  Kazan Federal University  ||  Earth

Leaders who change stance on moral position seen as hypocritical and less effective
6.08.17  American Psychological Association  ||  Interesting

Examining the cause of high luminosity in hyper-starburst galaxy SPT0346-52
6.08.17  Astrobites  ||  Space

Hellenistic tomb with terracotta statue, pottery and funerary prayers found in Alexandria
6.08.17  Ahram Online  ||  Interesting

Low-dose aspirin reduces breast cancer risk in women with diabetes
6.08.17  Mary Ann Liebert  ||  Health

Identification of a mechanism of action involving viper venom neurotoxin
6.08.17  Russian Academy of Sciences  ||  Earth

Limited short-term memory caused by interference from similar items seen previously
6.07.17  City University of London  ||  Interesting

Physical mechanism responsible for slowing the spin of Sun's outer layers
6.07.17  University of Hawaii  ||  Space

Ptolemaic villa in Libya with mosaics of Dionysus and the Achillean cycle; 1700 years old
6.07.17  Haaretz  ||  Interesting

Eggs can increase growth in at-risk young children and reduce stunting
6.07.17  Washington University STL  ||  Health

Insights into how plants release chemicals that signal to soil microbes
6.07.17  University of Melbourne  ||  Earth

Sequential options following a tempting choice prompt future thinking and boost patience
6.06.17  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Mini-flares jeopardize potential habitability of planets orbiting red dwarf stars
6.06.17  NASA  ||  Space

3000-year-old rectangular copper mask and pendant found in the southern Andes in Argentina
6.06.17  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Ursolic acid in apple peels, red grapes, rosemary and turmeric help prevent prostate cancer
6.06.17  University of Texas  ||  Health

Submersion of the Greenland-Scotland ridge led to Arctic Ocean becoming saline
6.06.17  Alfred Wegener Institute  ||  Earth

Small companion star plunging into red giant may explain coldness of Boomerang Nebula
6.05.17  ALMA Observatory  ||  Space

Research about how the brain makes perceptual predictions over time
6.05.17  New York University  ||  Interesting

Article on 5000 years of Native American moundbuilding traditions and artifacts unearthed
6.05.17  Popular Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Inosine treatment helps recovery of motor functions following brain injury
6.05.17  IOS Press  ||  Health

Superfluidity of light induced using light-matter particles called polaritons
6.05.17  Polytechnique Montreal  ||  Technology

Dating of large landslides around Oso in Washington reveal recurring patterns
6.05.17  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Susceptibility to having false memories and how misinformation can affect the collective
6.03.17  University of Warwick  ||  Interesting

Earliest supermassive black holes in the Universe may have grown in intense/sporadic bursts
6.03.17  NASA  ||  Space

Article on preservation efforts at Malta's Hypogeum including the temple and ritual areas
6.03.17  Smithsonian Magazine  ||  Interesting

Brazilian peppertree and chestnut tree extracts counteract antibiotic-resistant bacteria
6.03.17  Emory University  ||  Health

Facial expressions make it difficult for people to distinguish between unfamiliar faces
6.02.17  University of Bristol  ||  Interesting

Relationship between number of stars present and rate of new star formation
6.02.17  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Burial mound uncovered in the Novosibirsk region of Siberia; up to 7000 years old
6.02.17  Siberian Times  ||  Interesting

Oleic acid in olive oil linked to processes that prevent cancer in the brain
6.02.17  University of Edinburgh  ||  Health

Deep magma reservoirs are key factor in contributing to volcanic super-eruptions
6.02.17  Cardiff University  ||  Earth

Swearing has ability to relieve both social and physical pain to some extent
6.01.17  Massey University  ||  Interesting

Measuring black hole's tilt/spin for insight into how massive stars die
6.01.17  Rochester Institute of Technology  ||  Space

Ten late period Egyptian tombs with a funerary collection unearthed in Aswan
6.01.17  Ahram Online  ||  Interesting

Probiotics mitigate aspects of stress response including gastrointestinal dysfunction
6.01.17  American Society for Microbiology  ||  Health

Ancient continent between India and Madagascar now submerged under Indian Ocean
6.01.17  NewScientist  ||  Earth

Research on how the trait of curiosity can strengthen social relationships
5.31.17  University of California  ||  Interesting

Giant ringed planet probably causing eclipses of star PDS 110 in the Orion constellation
5.31.17  University of Warwick  ||  Space

Volcano-shaped pyramid known as El Volcan in Peru was likely used for astronomical events
5.31.17  International Business Times  ||  Interesting

Tea causes epigenetic changes in women related to cancer and estrogen metabolism
5.31.17  Uppsala University  ||  Health

Ability of beachrock to protect against potential damage from sea level rise
5.31.17  University of Queensland  ||  Earth

Characterizing the complex evolution of weak electric fields and light wave forms
5.31.17  University of Freiburg  ||  Technology

Anger at moral violations is more direct and aggressive; Disgust leads to more indirect aggression
5.30.17  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Evidence that stars and matter completely vanish when pulled in by supermassive black holes
5.30.17  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Four ceramic heads of possible goddesses found in ancient town of Porphyreon in Lebanon
5.30.17  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Specific phthalates in household chemicals may impair thyroid in young girls
5.30.17  Columbia University  ||  Health

How plants adapt metabolic networks to respond to different environmental stresses
5.30.17  Umea University  ||  Earth

Large part of the periphery may become a visual illusion under certain circumstances
5.29.17  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Research about physical and observational signatures/properties of galaxy protoclusters
5.29.17  Astrobites  ||  Spaces

Lost and ancient Roman city of Rhapta possibly discovered off Tanzania's Mafia Island
5.29.17  International Business Times  ||  Interesting

Silymarin extract from milk thistle improves liver damage from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
5.29.17  ResearchSEA  ||  Health

Sea rescue informs model of how wind/water interact to form different sizes and types of waves
5.29.17  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Brief: interactive effects of bitter flavor and mood on the decision to spend/save money
5.27.17  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Little magnetism in the binary supergiant fast X-ray transient known as IGR J17544-2619
5.27.17  INAF  ||  Space

Rock drawings dating back 7000 years identified in the area of Gamnes in Norway
5.27.17  ScienceNordic  ||  Interesting

Cruciferous vegetables aid immune system in counteracting intestinal pathogens
5.27.17  Francis Crick Institute  ||  Health

Degree of confidence in one's opinion is contagious when working in a group
5.26.17  University College London  ||  Interesting

Stellar winds are a contributing factor to the mass loss and behavior of Eta Carinae
5.26.17  American Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Henge monument and 5 well-preserved burials found in Newbold-on-Stour; 4000 years old
5.26.17  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy may lessen likelihood of childhood asthma
5.26.17  King's College London  ||  Health

Measuring forces that align crystals and help snap them together
5.26.17  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  ||  Earth

Research on how fear can develop after observing the traumas of other people
5.25.17  Karolinska Institutet  ||  Interesting

Stellar nursery in constellation Auriga where the fast radio burst FRB 12110 was detected
5.25.17  NewScientist  ||  Space

3000-year-old limestone steal with two animals on it unearthed at Jerusalem's Temple Mount
5.25.17  Temple Mount Sifting Project  ||  Interesting

Practicing tai chi has ability to reduce symptoms of depression
5.25.17  Massachusetts General Hospital  ||  Health

Pine bark is most effective potting media for potted shrubs and woody ornamentals
5.25.17  US Department of Agriculture  ||  Earth

Tendency to make someone else feel negative emotions as a strategy to help long-term
5.24.17  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Analyzing environment and structures that provide insight into history of Milky Way
5.24.17  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Steel roof being added to Gobekli Tepe to increase protection at the site
5.24.17  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Cannabis derivative cannabidiol reduces seizure frequency in severe epilepsy disorder
5.24.17  NYU Langone Medical Center  ||  Health

Trace metals from Bolivian mines affect crops and pose potential health issues
5.24.17  University of Oklahoma  ||  Earth

How most of the antimatter in Milky Way forms in a region with some of its oldest stars
5.23.17  Australian National University  ||  Space

Brands and trademarks are perceived by the same mechanism involved with facial recognition
5.23.17  University of Luneburg  ||  Interesting

2000-year-old rock carvings reveal ancient astronomy in Yinshan Mountains of Inner Mongolia
5.23.17  Chinese Academy of Social Sciences  ||  Interesting

Chili pepper component capsaicin reduces endotoxemia that is related to low-grade inflammation
5.23.17  American Society For Microbiology  ||  Health

Gold nanoparticles serve as catalysts for obtaining products based on glycerol from biofuel waste
5.23.17  Tomsk Polytechnic University  ||  Earth

Causal context of why deep sleep maintains learning efficiency of the human brain
5.22.17  University of Zurich  ||  Interesting

Simulations analyze possibility of singularities existing in highly curved three-dimensional space
5.22.17  University of Cambridge  ||  Space

Article about uncovering Iron Age hillforts of the Chilterns in England
5.22.17  Berkhamsted & Tring Gazette  ||  Interesting

Measures of aging for major organ systems may be lower after calorie restriction
5.22.17  Duke University  ||  Health

Smoke from wildfires can have lasting effects on climate and the upper atmosphere
5.22.17  Georgia Institute of Technology  ||  Earth

Research on tendencies of people to intuitively cooperate when experiencing time pressure
5.20.17  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Structure and behavior of high-energy particles being ejected from Crab Nebula's central pulsar
5.20.17  NASA  ||  Space

Maya hieroglyphic panels and stela found at La Corona's palace and El Achiotal in Guatemala
5.20.17  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Ability of polyphenols to aid in the prevention and treatment of dementia diseases
5.20.17  Neural Regeneration Research  ||  Health

Brief: warmer temperature in a setting affects response behavior by fostering affirmation
5.19.17  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Star-forming zone along the length of a star filament where density/diameter are higher
5.19.17  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Clay vessel containing sour soup as an offering to a deity discovered under a hut in Zmijowiska
5.19.17  Science & Scholarship in Poland  ||  Interesting

Utilizing oats beta glucan in foods such as muffins to help reduce cholesterol levels
5.19.17  University of Queensland  ||  Health

Iron deficiency restrains marine microbes due to phosphorus acquisition limitations
5.19.17  Helmholtz Centre  ||  Earth

Perspective-taking training improves ability to understand own and other people's mental states
5.18.17  Springer  ||  Interesting

First direct exploration of magnetic fields in the upper solar atmosphere of the Sun
5.18.17  National Astronomical Observatory JP  ||  Space

Block engraved with the cartouche of 30th Dynasty King Nectanebo II unearthed in upper Egypt
5.18.17  Ahram Online  ||  Interesting

Patterns of omega-3s in blood linked to integrity of brain structures and cognitive abilities
5.18.17  University of Illinois  ||  Health

Processes involved in how bubbles accumulate in magma reservoirs under volcanos
5.18.17  ETH Zurich  ||  Earth

Managers engaging in abusive behavior more likely to have negative thoughts and difficulty relaxing
5.17.17  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Measurements of the masses and orbital elements of the Sirius star system
5.17.17  American Astronomical Society  ||  Space

1400-year-old Buddha statue with 7-headed snake discovered in the Govindapur area near Banapu
5.17.17  Odisha Sun Times  ||  Interesting

Soy isoflavone derivative known as equol has potential to relieve menopause symptoms
5.17.17  American Society For Microbiology  ||  Health

VLF radio communications create a barrier around Earth against particle radiation in space
5.17.17  NASA  ||  Earth

Research on how great expectations sometimes force risky business acquisitions
5.16.17  University of Georgia  ||  Interesting

Gravitational wave signatures of exotic compact objects and of quantum corrections
5.16.17  Astrobites  ||  Space

Figurines and possible human sacrifices indicate proof of Inju legend practices in Korea
5.16.17  Korea Herald  ||  Interesting

Ginger helps counteract numerous issues related to metabolic syndrome
5.16.17  Wiley  ||  Health

Venom of brown snakes becomes more potent and toxic as they get older
5.16.17  University of Queensland  ||  Earth

People tend to have difficulty revising their beliefs about categories
5.15.17  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Research on space-time properties and what is driving the accelerating expansion of the Universe
5.15.17  University of British Columbia  ||  Space

Remains of an unknown city dating back 2500 years at the village of Vlochos in Greece
5.15.17  University of Gothenburg  ||  Interesting

Inosine treatment helps recovery of motor control/functions after brain injury
5.15.17  IOS Press  ||  Health

Observed spot flashes on Earth may be caused by high-altitude ice crystals
5.15.17  NASA  ||  Earth

Brief: abstractness leads people to base their behavioral intentions on desired attitudes
5.13.17  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Moving and recoiling black hole candidate following a merger in constellation Ursa Major
5.13.17  NASA  ||  Space

17 Egyptian mummies unearthed at Tuna Al-Gabal near the necropolis of birds and animals
5.13.17  Ahram Online  ||  Interesting

Resveratrol helps restore integrity of the blood-brain barrier in people with Alzheimer's
5.13.17  Georgetown University  ||  Health

Ability of black holes to form hierarchically from mergers of smaller black holes
5.12.17  American Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Mind flexibly joins the meanings of individual words to form structured thoughts
5.12.17  Australian Broadcasting Corporation  ||  Interesting

Bronze figurine of a stag and a mosaic floor uncovered at sites of ancient Roman Syria
5.12.17  University of Munster  ||  Interesting

Cinnamon may lessen the risk of cardiovascular damage from high-fat diet
5.12.17  American Heart Association  ||  Health

Convection patterns of the Earth's mantle and its chemical makeup
5.12.17  University of Leicester  ||  Earth

Critical comments reduce negative emotions more than silence after experiencing social exclusion
5.11.17  University of Basel  ||  Interesting

Three massive quasars in the early Universe challenge ideas on black hole growth
5.11.17  Max Planck Society  ||  Space

Evidence of structures that date back 9000 years on Australia's Rosemary Island
5.11.17  University of Western Australia  ||  Interesting

Dietary fiber enhances oral tolerance and protects against food allergies
5.11.17  Cell Press  ||  Health

Chitin crab shell powder and silver particles could limit the spread of diease-carrying misquitos
5.11.17  Springer  ||  Earth

Tastes in movies tend to be idiosyncratic and at odds with preferences of critics
5.10.17  New York University  ||  Interesting

Evidence against star-forming galaxies as the primary source of IceCube neutrinos
5.10.17  Astrobites  ||  Space

Article about Angkor-era spiritual sites at Poeung Komnou with temples and deity carvings
5.10.17  Archaeology Magazine  ||  Interesting

High-dose B vitamin supplementation can reduce symptoms of schizophrenia
5.10.17  University of Manchester  ||  Health

Processes and building blocks that lead to a snowflake's hexagonal formation
5.10.17  Tufts University  ||  Earth

Research on spontaneous hedonic reactions to social media cues and logos
5.09.17  Mary Ann Liebert  ||  Interesting

SIMP0136 is a planetary mass object belonging to group of stars known as Carina-Near
5.09.17  Carnegie Institution  ||  Space

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