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Utilizing an if-then plan to overcome detrimental effects of anger in negotiations
3.15.17  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Protostar's intense growth spurt reshaping its stellar nursery in the Cat's Paw Nebula
3.15.17  ALMA Observatory  ||  Space

Remains of 800-year-old stone circles, towers and more in Pueblo communities in Colorado
3.15.17  Science & Scholarship in Poland  ||  Interesting

Vitamin E decreases the risk of acute kidney injury after coronary catheterization
3.15.17  University of Helsinki  ||  Health

Depth and number of years required for magma to produce porphyry copper deposits
3.15.17  University of Geneva  ||  Earth

Tendency to view unethical behavior as less dishonest when it is done in a creative manner
3.14.17  Scientific American  ||  Interesting

Sound waves created by starquakes provide insight into conditions where stars were born
3.14.17  University of New South Wales  ||  Space

2400-year-old tomb filled with skeletons and a snake-headed bracelet found in northern Iraq
3.14.17  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Article about herbs/supplements and relaxation techniques that help relieve pain
3.14.17  Psychology Today  ||  Health

Sharing strong negative experiences can enable extreme cooperation and self-sacrifice in a group
3.14.17  NIMBioS  ||  Interesting

Examining if explosion from SN2015bh ended its life or if it was part of a transition
3.14.17  Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia  ||  Space

Reef fish larvae possess magnetic senses to orient and direct them back to home location
3.14.17  ARC Centre of Excellence  ||  Earth

Radiation from nearby galaxies contributed to fueling the first supermassive black holes
3.13.17  Georgia Institute of Technology  ||  Space

Research about perceiving reliance on reason and evidence as a moral issue
3.13.17  University of Illinois  ||  Interesting

Artifacts from multiple periods unearthed in central Algiers; dates back 2000 years
3.13.17  Yahoo!  ||  Interesting

Nutrition and healthy diet improve sperm quality and fecundability of couples
3.13.17  Rovira i Virgili University  ||  Health

Turbulence does not take place within the Northern Lights; implications for satellites
3.13.17  University of Bath  ||  Earth

Certain sounds and vowels can convey a significant amount of symbolic meaning
3.11.17  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Red star Betelgeuse is spinning faster than expected; may have swallowed a companion star
3.11.17  McDonald Observatory  ||  Space

Evidence of two giant figures and possible goddess at Gogmagog/Wandlebury earthworks site
3.11.17  Antiquity  ||  Interesting

Tea may help reduce incidence of cardiovascular events and calcium buildup in arteries
3.11.17  Saint Francis Care  ||  Health

Brief: loss-framing of a situation increases likelihood of dishonest behavior
3.10.17  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Internal magnetar may be powering excess emission from superluminous supernova Gaia16apd
3.10.17  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

200 boat-shaped coffin tombs and other artifacts discovered in Chengdu, 2200 years old
3.10.17  Chinese Academy of Social Sciences  ||  Interesting

Consuming dark chocolate every day has ability to boost athletic performance
3.10.17  Kingston University  ||  Health

Newly identified behaviors of humpback whales involves forming groups of up to 200
3.10.17  NewScientist  ||  Earth

Research on how human memory and subtle innuendo can contaminate eyewitness testimonies
3.09.17  Florida Atlantic University  ||  Interesting

Examining the signs of similarity between far away and nearby galaxy clusters
3.09.17  Astrobites  ||  Space

Article about a series of restored mosaic panels depicting bucolic scenes from Hadrian's Villa
3.09.17  Ancient History Encyclopedia  ||  Interesting

Traditional Chinese medicine Chan Su derived from toads has potential to aid cancer treatment
3.09.17  University of Queensland  ||  Health

Cooking oil can be turned into biodiesel for use in heavy machinery and vehicles
3.09.17  ResearchSEA  ||  Earth

Method of loci that utilizes spatial/environmental cues improves brain connectivity and memory
3.08.17  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Many more small galaxies identified compared to large suggests many do not reach older phase
3.08.17  University of Toronto  ||  Space

Statue of Amenhotep III and 66 parts of goddess Sekhmet statues unearthed in Luxor
3.08.17  Ahram Online  ||  Interesting

High intake of carotenoids and vitamin A may protect against lung cancer
3.08.17  National Institute of Scientific Research  ||  Health

Rogue waves are not as rare as previously thought; occur roughly twice daily in a local storm
3.08.17  University of Miami  ||  Earth

Effect of thinking time on cooperation depends on the type of deliberation people use
3.07.17  University of Waterloo  ||  Interesting

Analyzing what kind of galaxies emitted the largest bubbles during the Epoch of Reionization
3.07.17  Astrobites  ||  Space

Artifacts that date back 9000 years reveal humans visited Mount Rainier in Washington
3.07.17  Seattle Weekly  ||  Interesting

Resveratrol protects neuromuscular synapses and muscle fibers during aging
3.07.17  Virginia Tech University  ||  Health

Precipitation around the world contributes to spreading bacteria emitted from land
3.07.17  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Earth

Eye pupil dilation is affected by decision uncertainty and alters serial choice bias
3.06.17  University of Amsterdam  ||  Interesting

Young stars in older clusters of the Large Magellanic Cloud indicates multiple generations
3.06.17  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Article about reputation of the Church of Laodicea and excavations at the site in Turkey
3.06.17  Biblical Archaeology Society  ||  Interesting

Leiodermatolide in a deep-water marine sponge has ability to reduce pancreatic tumor size
3.06.17  Florida Atlantic University  ||  Health

Turbulence from seafloor topography causes water in the depths to rise to uppermost layers
3.06.17  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Earth

Brief: repetition-induced truth effect due to coherent references for statements in memory
3.04.17  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Grain size and radial distribution of exozodiacal dust belts in other star systems
3.04.17  Astrobites  ||  Space

Mayan tablet with hieroglyphics commemorating a king found in jungle temple at El Achiotal
3.04.17  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Research on willow bark and plant extracts that could decelerate molecular processes of aging
3.04.17  Concordia University  ||  Health

Planetary nebulae without clear axial/point symmetries may be shaped by triple stellar systems
3.03.17  American Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Order matters when judging items in sequence due to psychological biases
3.03.17  The Conversation  ||  Interesting

Progress in excavating a Roman-era temple discovered in the province of Hatay in Turkey
3.03.17  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Vitamin E protects levels of DHA to prevent neurologic impairment in developing embryos
3.03.17  Oregon State University  ||  Health

Other species can change behavior to compensate/exploit vacant role following an extinction
3.03.17  University of Southampton  ||  Earth

Simulating someone else's experience tends to improve the ability to read their mental state
3.02.17  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Analyzing the outburst properties from young star XC330 and why it is so isolated
3.02.17  NASA  ||  Space

Traces found at Koyamada burial mound in Japan indicate passage to a stone chamber
3.02.17  Asahi Shimbun  ||  Interesting

Acupuncture improves outcomes in carpal tunnel syndrome by remapping the brain
3.02.17  Massachusetts General Hospital  ||  Health

Super-deep diamonds in the mantle could provide insight into Earth's interior
3.02.17  Tohoku University  ||  Earth

Research on ability of psychological momentum to affect performance and risk-taking
3.01.17  AA Ben-Gurion University of the Negev  ||  Interesting

Detailed map of reconstructed dark matter clump distribution in trio of galaxy clusters
3.01.17  Yale University  ||  Space

Large Bronze Age golden torc uncovered in Cambridgeshire that dates back 3300 years
3.01.17  Peterborough Today  ||  Interesting

Diet that promotes inflammation when consumed in early life may increase breast cancer risk
3.01.17  Deccan Chronicle  ||  Health

Compounds in jackfruit seeds produce similar armomas as processed cocco beans
3.01.17  American Chemical Society  ||  Earth

Musical cues influence the access/experience of autobiographical memories
2.28.17  Springer  ||  Interesting

Explosive birth of a black hole 12 billion light years away known as GRB170205
2.28.17  University of Western Australia  ||  Space

Sculpture and figures unearthed in two tombs from the Song Dynasty in Daliang Village
2.28.17  Chinese Academy of Social Sciences  ||  Interesting

Consuming walnuts may improve sperm quality by reducing lipid peroxidation
2.28.17  PR Newswire  ||  Health

Pleasurable activities tend to reduce fear after experiencing disasters
2.28.17  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Dust traps where pebble-sized fragments collect and stick together for planet formation
2.28.17  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Frogs have unique ability to see colors in extreme darkness
2.28.17  Lund University  ||  Earth

How brains align/synchronize during social interactions and when stories are told
2.27.17  Drexel University  ||  Interesting

Stars are ripped apart by supermassive black holes 100 times more often than estimated
2.27.17  University of Sheffield  ||  Space

Possibility that the Vikings used crystal sunstones to discover near and far lands
2.27.17  The Conversation  ||  Interesting

Ketogenic diet is effective option for some people with rare and severest form of epilepsy
2.27.17  Johns Hopkins University  ||  Health

Rhizarians make up 33% of large zooplankton in oceans and 5% of total marine biomass
2.27.17  CNRS  ||  Earth

Differentiating between common/shared knowledge can affect outcomes of social situations
2.25.17  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Andromeda and Milky Way have a similar percentage of newborn stars based on mass
2.25.17  NASA  ||  Space

Engravings of 7-branched menorah and cross found in a water cistern in the Judean Shephelah
2.25.17  Israel Antiquities Authority  ||  Interesting

Antixodiants from numerous sources can help protect against ischemia and neurodegeneration
2.25.17  Neural Regeneration Research  ||  Health

Brief: emotional intensity in episodic autobiographical memory and counterfactual thinking
2.24.17  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Shockwave from Supernova 1987A is moving beyond the initial dense ring of gas
2.24.17  ALMA Observatory  ||  Space

Sanctuary and other artifacts connected to Mithraism unearthed in Roman city of Mariana
2.24.17  International Business Times  ||  Interesting

Iron deficiency anemia associated with hearing loss in adults
2.24.17  JAMA Network  ||  Health

Potential to use tiny paraffin wax beads instead of water to cool power plants
2.24.17  University of Drexel  ||  Earth

Glowing nebula in protocluster of early galaxies appears to be part of cosmic web of filaments
2.23.17  University of California  ||  Space

Why overthinking can lessen odds of having sudden insights compared to creative solutions
2.23.17  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Design of Mesa Verde's Mummy Lake indicates that it was built to hold rituals
2.23.17  Western Digs  ||  Interesting

800 grams of vegetables/fruits per day reduce various risk factors of premature death
2.23.17  Gemini  ||  Health

Quartz crystals at the Earth's core are source of power for Earth's magnetic field
2.23.17  Tokyo Institute of Technology  ||  Earth

Consumers perceive service problems differently depending on if its an individual or group issue
2.22.17  University of Jena  ||  Interesting

Tabby's star in the constellation Cygnus seems to be near a continuous phase transition
2.22.17  University of Illinois  ||  Space

Research on some of the innovative knowledge the Celts brought to Polish lands 2500 years ago
2.22.17  Science & Scholarship in Poland  ||  Interesting

Substances identified in Komodo dragon blood that could counteract antibiotic resistant bacteria
2.22.17  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Ageing mechanism is critical in underlying unstable behavior of faults that leads to earthquakes
2.22.17  University of Pennsylvania  ||  Earth

Status in group can affect generosity towards the group depending on hierarchical legitimacy
2.21.17  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Measuring star formation in galaxies using radio emission at 1-10 Gigahertz frequency range
2.21.17  Canary Islands Institute of Astrophysics  ||  Space

Mirror with painting depicting Confucius and other stories found at Marquis of Haihun's tomb
2.21.17  Chinese Academy of Social Sciences  ||  Interesting

Mediterranean diet may decrease pain and inflammation associated with obesity
2.21.17  Ohio State University  ||  Health

Broadening of the Agulhas Current could transport less heat poleward
2.21.17  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Research about the ability to train time perceptions of the body and movement
2.20.17  Umea University  ||  Interesting

Examination of the environment and filaments involving star formation in RCW 106
2.20.17  European Space Agency  ||  Space

Temple of Artemis in Izmir is turning into a swamp and the land needs proper care
2.20.17  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Coffee expedites time to bowel movement after surgery in people with gynecological cancer
2.20.17  AJOG  ||  Health

Fault curvature is a key parameter for determining where big earthquakes occur
2.20.17  University of Oregon  ||  Earth

Brief: gaze following behaviors can induce liking independently of baseline appeal
2.18.17  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Indications that there are hundreds of undiscovered black holes in globular cluster NGC 6101
2.18.17  University of Surrey  ||  Space

Analyzing the meteoric origin of an iron dagger blade of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun
2.18.17  University of Pisa  ||  Interesting

Combination of ginger and chili pepper has potential to reduce cancer risk
2.18.17  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Recognition motivates individuals who were not praised rather than those in the limelight
2.17.17  University of Konstanz  ||  Interesting

Properties of 57 white dwarf stars provide insight into age of Milky Way's thick disk
2.17.17  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Ceramic fragment with pictographic signs for rites/rituals unearthed in Riben, 7000 years old
2.17.17  Archaeology in Bulgaria  ||  Interesting

Low levels of vitamin D during remission contributes to relapse of ulcerative colitis
2.17.17  Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center  ||  Health

Soil management strategies could help reduce greenhouse gas concentrations
2.17.17  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Feelings of despair brought on by social exclusion can lead to conspiratorial thinking
2.16.17  Princeton University  ||  Interesting

Neutron star mergers are a likely source of short gamma-ray burst jets
2.16.17  Astrobites  ||  Space

Examination of the White Obelisk of Ashurnasirpal I found at Kuyunjik mound in Iraq
2.16.17  Ancient History Encyclopedia  ||  Interesting

Carbohydrates during exercise help minimize immune disturbances and aid recovery
2.16.17  Queens University of Technology  ||  Health

Analyzing effects of Kelvin-Helmholtz waves in near-Earth space and how common they are
2.16.17  NASA  ||  Earth

Research on how the brain's motor cortex contributes to word comprehension
2.15.17  NRU Higher School of Economics  ||  Interesting

Why fewer stars seem to be captured when black holes draw closer during galaxy mergers
2.15.17  Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology  ||  Space

Etruscan tomb with grave artifacts and marble head found near Citta della Pieve in Italy
2.15.17  Discovery  ||  Interesting

Vitamin C/E and ferulic acid quicken post-laser wound healing
2.15.17  Wiley  ||  Health

Honeybees make a whooping-like sound to signal being startled or surprised
2.15.17  Nottingham Trent University  ||  Earth

Listeners tend to enjoy hearing about familiar stories more than novel stories
2.14.17  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Massive stars in star forming region of the Omega Nebula are not part of a close binary
2.14.17  Netherlands Research School for Astronomy  ||  Space

Typical kind of Veeragallu hero-stone discovered near Shakti worship site at Kollur
2.14.17  The Hindu  ||  Interesting

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine formula shows potential to contribute to HIV cure
2.14.17  Mary Ann Liebert  ||  Health

Ability of metalloid oxide reducing bacteria to minimize toxicity of gold mine tailings
2.14.17  Canadian Science Publishing  ||  Earth

Globular clusters that formed in a synchronized way over supra-galactic scales
2.12.17  arXiver  ||  Space

Brain structure that links environmental cues to enhanced focus
2.12.17  Duke University  ||  Interesting

Article about the Inca belief systems surrounding their history of mummies
2.12.17  Smithsonian Magazine  ||  Interesting

Plant-based hemophilia therapy can help stop allergic reaction to clotting factor
2.12.17  University of Pennsylvania  ||  Health

Amphipods in the deepest ocean trenches contain banned chemicals from decades ago
2.12.17  Newcastle University  ||  Earth

Mental flexibility and ability to regulate emotions may buffer against life stressors
2.11.17  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Black hole XJ1500+0154's decade-long consumption of a star sets record for duration/size
2.11.17  NASA  ||  Space

Petroglyphs depicting an elk and reindeer found at Tommerneset in Norway, 7000 years old
2.11.17  The Local  ||  Interesting

Certain mushrooms enhance nerve growth in brain and protect against dementia/Alzheimer's
2.11.17  Mary Ann Liebert  ||  Health

Brief: ability of bistable images and necker cubes to improve insight problem-solving
2.10.17  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Signal of specific gravitational wave sources that emerged near birth of the Universe
2.10.17  University of Basel  ||  Space

1700-year-old tomb with feathered headdress figurine and other statues uncovered in Colima
2.10.17  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Caffeine reverts memory deficits by normalizing stress responses in the brain
2.10.17  Inserm  ||  Health

Processes that contributed to origin of subduction zones in the Ring of Fire
2.10.17  Helmholtz Centre  ||  Earth

Visual perspective of autobiographical memories can shape/restructure how its remembered
2.09.17  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Comet-like object ripped apart and scattered in the atmosphere of white dwarf WD 1425+540
2.09.17  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Dog tooth indicates group travel from York to Stonehenge area 2000 years before it was built
2.09.17  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Omega-3s in fish oil have potential to be used to help treat asthma
2.09.17  University of Rochester  ||  Health

Analyzing sea spray droplets from breaking waves to improve hurricane intensity forecasting
2.09.17  University of Miami  ||  Earth

Factors involving anticipatory thinking and dysfunctional tendencies that interfere with it
2.08.17  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Stream of RR Lyrae stars connecting the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds
2.08.17  University of Cambridge  ||  Space

Cave on the cliffs west of Qumran is the twelfth to have hidden Dead Sea Scrolls
2.08.17  Hebrew University of Jerusalem  ||  Interesting

Recycling acid whey from greek yogurt waste to use for nutrients and other dairy foods
2.08.17  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Nature restoration takes time due to fungi growing relationships in soil communities
2.08.17  Netherlands Institute of Ecology  ||  Earth

Measuring the ultrashort time delay in electron photoemission without using a clock
2.08.17  Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne  ||  Technology

Quirky and distinctive reminders of association benefit memory and improve follow-through
2.07.17  Scientific American  ||  Interesting

Analyzing processes that lead to fast and slow rotating elliptical galaxies
2.07.17  Astrobites  ||  Space

Monumental building complex with mortar pit discovered at Qantir in Egypt's Nile Delta
2.07.17  Ahram Online  ||  Interesting

Aspirin helps decrease chance of sudden cardiac death during cold spells in people at risk
2.07.17  University of Oulu  ||  Health

Plant tissues have a sense of direction and a preferred direction of growth
2.07.17  John Innes Centre  ||  Earth

Crowd wisdom answers that outperform expectations can overcome ignorance of the masses
2.06.17  Princeton University  ||  Interesting

Peculiar composition of the star HIP68468 indicates it consumed some of its planets
2.06.17  University of Chicago  ||  Space

Tomb of general and princess filled with figurines found near Taiyuan city in China
2.06.17  Chinese Academy of Social Sciences  ||  Interesting

Nuts activate body's own defenses to inhibit growth of cancer cells
2.06.17  University of Jena  ||  Health

Smoke from burning grass releases more nitrogen pollution than burning wood
2.06.17  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Brief: inferring social context by observing a person's response to stimuli
2.04.17  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Local area of the Milky Way is four times larger than previously estimated
2.04.17  National Geographic Society  ||  Space

Statuette of the Roman goddess Diana washed up on shore of Kolovare beach in Zadar
2.04.17  Total Croatia News  ||  Interesting

Greenshell mussel compounds deliver anti-inflammatory effect to relieve joint pain
2.04.17  NZ Plant & Food Research  ||  Health

Certain kinds of personality traits can be contagious amongst young children
2.03.17  Michigan State University  ||  Interesting

Sun's rotation is slowed down by photon emission in its outermost layers
2.03.17  NewScientist  ||  Space

Ancient Aboriginal Australian engraving of an emu that reflects a shape in the Milky Way
2.03.17  The Conversation  ||  Interesting

Licorice and its natural sweetener glycyrrhizin can have harmful effects on the fetus
2.03.17  University of Helsinki  ||  Health

Material turns fluorescent if there are molecules from explosives in the vicinity
2.03.17  University of Southern Denmark  ||  Earth

Evidence of a hidden black hole near supernova remnant W44 in the Milky Way
2.02.17  Nobeyama Radio Observatory  ||  Space

Brain is biased toward hearing/producing rhythms composed of simple integer ratios
2.02.17  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Interesting

Bronze objects discovered that are associated with religious beliefs of the Lusatian culture
2.02.17  Science & Scholarship in Poland  ||  Interesting

Therapeutic potential of medicinal cannabidiol to help treat opioid addiction
2.02.17  Cell Press  ||  Health

Starfish larvae create complex water vortexes/whorls to eat and flee
2.02.17  Stanford University  ||  Earth

Conveying or detecting hierarchical rank or status through laughter
2.01.17  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Quasar known as iPTF 16bco observed turning on in fastest transition ever seen
2.01.17  American Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Complex rituals including decapitation dating back 9500 years at Lapa do Santo in Brazil
2.01.17  Current World Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Understanding when consuming soy might help or harm in breast cancer treatment
2.01.17  Georgetown University  ||  Health

Nearby dust from coal mines quickens snow melt in Arctic regions
2.01.17  University of Colorado  ||  Earth

Performing motor tasks in lucid dreams may help improve actual performance
1.31.17  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Possible evidence that indicates holographic nature of the Universe
1.31.17  University of Southampton  ||  Space

Tomb of a royal scribe named Khonsu from the Ramesside-era uncovered in Luxor
1.31.17  Ahram Online  ||  Interesting

Potential for prebiotics/probiotics to help prevent or treat atopic dermatitis
1.31.17  Mary Ann Liebert  ||  Health

Details about the final 5 percent of light elements that make up Earth's core
1.31.17  Tohoku University  ||  Earth

Attraction effect from an undesired option influences decision-making choices
1.30.17  University of Basel  ||  Interesting

Dipole Repeller and Shapley Concentration contribute to the push/pull forces on Milky Way
1.30.17  Hebrew University of Jerusalem  ||  Space

Exploring a mortuary complex with large jars found near Phonsavanh in Laos
1.30.17  Archaeology Magazine  ||  Interesting

Substances in algae and cyanobacteria could allow for more stable/efficient sunscreens
1.30.17  Wiley  ||  Health

Learning a new task past the point of mastery helps protect it from interference
1.30.17  Brown University  ||  Interesting

Light travel times indicate quasars have larger accretion disks than previously estimated
1.30.17  Astrobites  ||  Space

Insights into how oceans contribute to Earth's magnetic shield and electrical nature
1.30.17  European Space Ageny  ||  Earth

People tend to be poor at identifying others who are rivals competing against them
1.28.17  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Why the Universe has enough energy to be transparent and allows light to freely travel
1.28.17  University of California  ||  Space

Symbols of divine powers on artifacts connected to medicine from different cultures
1.28.17  Israel Antiquities Authority  ||  Interesting

Panax notoginseng mobilizes bone marrow stem cells for regeneration after cerebral infarction
1.28.17  Neural Regeneration Research  ||  Health

Brief: perceived facial warmth/competence influence moral judgments of social exclusion
1.27.17  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Two BL Lacertae blazars identified that seem to have no apparent radio emissions
1.27.17  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Network of roads created by the Maya discovered in Guatemalan jungle, 2600 years old
1.27.17  Discovery  ||  Interesting

Citrus fruits help prevent obesity-related heart disease, liver disease and diabetes
1.27.17  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Number of theoretically possible fatty acids follow Golden Mean Fibonacci sequence
1.27.17  University of Jena  ||  Earth

Rapid gas flares from white dwarf binary star system detected for the first time
1.26.17  University of Oxford  ||  Space

Attempting to remember may hinder intuitive reasoning if there is any doubt
1.26.17  Cornell University  ||  Interesting

3000-year-old Tohoku pottery shard uncovered in Okinawa reveals extensive interactions
1.26.17  Asahi Shimbun  ||  Interesting

Anti-inflammatory diet could reduce risk of bone loss and hip fractures in women
1.26.17  Ohio State University  ||  Health

Earth's orbital variations and sea ice synchronize glacial periods
1.26.17  Brown University  ||  Earth

Research about periodic and zoom-whirl behavior orbits around black holes
1.25.17  Astrobites  ||  Space

Reflection on past learning activities during mental rest can boost future learning
1.25.17  University of Texas  ||  Interesting

Analyzing function/meaning of Paleolithic art in 7 caves on the Cantabrian coast
1.25.17  University of the Basque Country  ||  Interesting

Zinc and S-adenosylmethionine improve function of lung immune cells in people with HIV
1.25.17  Emory University  ||  Health

Using deep-ocean sound waves to limit the potential damage from tsunamis
1.25.17  Cardiff University  ||  Earth

Level of smile intensity in marketing photos influences perceived competence/warmth
1.24.17  University of Kansas  ||  Interesting

Morphology and the color-mass diagram provide clues to galaxy evolution
1.24.17  Astrobites  ||  Space

Ritualistic figurines in Ghana shed light on trading routes of prehistoric African civilization
1.24.17  University of Manchester  ||  Interesting

Vitamin B12 deficiency is associated with increased risk of preterm births
1.24.17  Gemini  ||  Health

Plants emit odors in response to being attacked by exotic herbivores
1.24.17  Radboud University  ||  Earth

Analyzing origins of 4 peculiar planetary nebulae that formed in globular clusters
1.23.17  Astrobites  ||  Space

Research about the effects of behavioral bias and body cues on outcomes in sports
1.23.17  City University of London  ||  Interesting

Ceramic sculpture that is likely a Cypriot goddess found in Aegean Sea, 2700 years old
1.23.17  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Meditation and music can help reverse early memory loss in adults at risk for Alzheimer's
1.23.17  IOS Press  ||  Health

Importance of parrotfish to maintain coral reef growth and health
1.23.17  University of California  ||  Earth

Brief: how people become persuaded by weak messages presented by credible communicators
1.21.17  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Different shapes of the structures around the two pulsars Geminga and B0355+54
1.21.17  NASA  ||  Space

Noblewoman's burial site with solar symbols from the Okunev Culture, 4500 years old
1.21.17  Siberian Times  ||  Interesting

Blue/purple corn benefits blood pressure and cholesterol stemming from metabolic syndrome
1.21.17  Mary Ann Liebert  ||  Health

Article about how targeting various senses can influence decision making of consumers
1.20.17  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Measuring the evolution of galaxy clusters though galaxy populations and star formation
1.20.17  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

24 newly identified animal-shaped geoglyphs on Nazca Plateau date back 2400 years
1.20.17  Discovery  ||  Interesting

Higher dietary fiber intake during adolescence/young adulthood may reduce breast cancer risk
1.20.17  Harvard University  ||  Health

Increasing freshwater from rainstorms in the ocean intensify already strong typhoons
1.20.17  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  ||  Earth

Analyzing possibility of mini-galactic systems existing within galaxies like Milky Way
1.19.17  Astrobites  ||  Space

Existing social norms play a role in the regret of actions and inactions
1.19.17  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Viking Age manor with fenced in area likely used for religious activities found in Birka
1.19.17  Stockholm University  ||  Interesting

Chewing food properly can boost mouth's immune system to protect against illness
1.19.17  University of Manchester  ||  Health

Fairy circles of Namibia may result from interaction between termites and vegetation
1.19.17  University of Strathclyde  ||  Earth

Research reveals how difficult it is to gauge the true intentions of other people's behavior
1.18.17  University of Manchester  ||  Interesting

Detecting cosmological sound known as Baryon Acoustic Oscillations in the early Universe
1.18.17  Astrobites  ||  Space

Dark circular crop marks could indicate Bronze Age burial site near Wattisham in England
1.18.17  Coastal Scene  ||  Interesting

Delayed clamping of umbilical cord can prevent iron deficiency at 8-12 months of age
1.18.17  Uppsala University  ||  Health

Starlings flock in swirling groups to possibly avoid and deceive predators
1.18.17  University of Bristol  ||  Earth

Cognitive behavior therapy shown to strengthen various connections/regions in the brain
1.17.17  King's College London  ||  Interesting

Ram-pressure stripping may be contributing to the destruction of more galaxies than thought
1.17.17  ICRAR  ||  Space

Pot burials in Egypt may have been used to symbolize the womb/egg and rebirth in the afterlife
1.17.17  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Plant-derived proanthocyanidin and its analogs help prevent/treat hepatitis B virus
1.17.17  Wiley  ||  Health

Trees vital to improving stream quality and also provide more complex/diverse habitats
1.17.17  University of Georgia  ||  Earth

Indications that people use profanity are less likely to be associated with lying/deception
1.16.17  University of Cambridge  ||  Interesting

Star 49 Librae in the constellation Libra revealed to be older than previously estimated
1.16.17  Ruhr University  ||  Space

Relics of a wooden long house from 7000 years ago discovered near Balti in Moldova
1.16.17  Science & Scholarship in Poland  ||  Interesting

Plant metabolite apigenin can help reverse drug resistance during chemotherapy
1.16.17  ResearchSEA  ||  Health

Top level of soil preserves a memory of weather anomalies for a matter of days
1.16.17  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Earth

Financial impulsivity tends to increase as workday gets later and cognitive load builds
1.14.17  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Emission from supermassive black hole caught up in merging galaxy clusters Abell 3411/3412
1.14.17  NASA  ||  Space

6000-year-old cranial amulet discovered in Kozareva Mogila settlement near the Black Sea
1.14.17  Archaeology in Bulgaria  ||  Interesting

Beta-cryptoxanthin in colorful fruits/vegetables protects against nicotine-linked lung cancers
1.14.17  Tufts University  ||  Health

Brief: the role of temporal distance in prospective attributions to will
1.13.17  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Photoevaporation from star blasts may limit the number of moons around exoplanets
1.13.17  American Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Defense system at mining camp that dates to time of King David/Solomon in Timna Valley
1.13.17  AF of Tel Aviv University  ||  Interesting

Research on high levels of phenolics in broccoli and vegetables in the Brassica Family
1.13.17  University of Illinois  ||  Health

Removal of multiple contaminants from water using a multifunctional composite material
1.13.17  Wiley  ||  Earth

Speech sounds faster when being distracted by having to perform another task
1.12.17  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Powerful auroral displays of the brown dwarf LSR J1835+3259 in the constellation Lyra
1.12.17  Astrobites  ||  Space

Project to restore the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus and unearth the ancient city walls
1.12.17  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Proper diet/exercise can lessen malaria's damage to heart and skeletal muscles
1.12.17  University of Texas  ||  Health

Effect of winter dormancy on cognition of cold-blooded amphibians
1.12.17  University of Lincoln  ||  Earth

Stress has major effect on perception and perceptual learning involving senses
1.11.17  Ruhr University  ||  Interesting

11 farthest known stars in Milky Way might be ripped from the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy
1.11.17  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

More rock-hewn tombs at Gebel Al-Silsila add insight about the role of the Egyptian necropolis
1.11.17  Ahram Online  ||  Space

Duckweed has potential to be used as source of protein and certain omega-3s
1.11.17  University of Jena  ||  Health

Trees worldwide develop thicker bark when they live in fire-prone areas
1.11.17  Princeton University  ||  Earth

Detection of millisecond pulsar J2124-3358 and its far-ultraviolet bow shock nebula
1.10.17  Astrobites  ||  Space

Behavioral contagion during learning about another person's risk-preference actions
1.10.17  California Institute of Technology  ||  Interesting

Head of a Buddha statue emerging from the surface of a reservoir in eastern China
1.10.17  ||  Interesting

People with forms of early-onset Parkinson's benefit from boosting niacin/vitamin B3 in diet
1.10.17  University of Leicester  ||  Health

Plants with a particular breeding system change sex depending on how much light received
1.10.17  University of Lincoln  ||  Earth

How a person's thoughts about time tend to influence savings habits
1.09.17  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Supermassive black holes hidden by layers of gas/dust identified in NGC 1448 and IC 3639
1.09.17  Durham University  ||  Space

Research on the usage of Biblical Hebrew during and after the Babylonian Exile
1.09.17  Biblical Archaeology Society  ||  Interesting

Heartburn pills during pregnancy may be linked to child's risk of developing asthma
1.09.17  University of Edinburgh  ||  Health

Potential future impact of ocean acidification on distribution of marine species
1.09.17  Plymouth University  ||  Earth

Brief: people avert their gaze from nonverbal dominance displays of other individuals
1.07.17  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Properties of black holes in early Universe and indications that growth happened in bursts
1.07.17  NASA  ||  Space

Article about where the Easter Island statues were carved and some of the design patterns
1.07.17  Manchester Museum  ||  Interesting

Fruit-rich Mediterranean diet with antioxidants reduces risk of age-related macular degeneration
1.07.17  American Academy of Ophthalmology  ||  Health

Highlighting underdog position is more effective when brands are known for being moral
1.06.17  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Energetics of outflowing gas and processes possibly related in ultraluminous galaxies
1.06.17  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Plain of Jars burial site recreated in virtual reality to help explore hard-to-access areas
1.06.17  Discovery  ||  Interesting

Vitamin C may aid people who have respiratory symptoms following exercise
1.06.17  British Medical Journal  ||  Health

Link between severity of drought and air quality in remote mountain wilderness regions
1.06.17  University of Utah  ||  Earth

How color influences choices about what to eat and nutrition estimates
1.05.17  SISSA  ||  Interesting

Ripples in space shocks provide insight into cosmic rays
1.05.17  Expertanswer  ||  Space

Arrangement of stones in Sicily was a sundial for seasons/solstices, 5000-8000 years old
1.05.17  The Local  ||  Interesting

Foods rich in resistant starch can aid blood sugar control and support gut health
1.05.17  Wiley  ||  Health

Leaf emergence regulated by spring temperature and cumulative exposure to cold days
1.05.17  University of Munich  ||  Earth

Research on the relationship between brand attitudes and search engine queries
1.04.17  Drexel University  ||  Interesting

Observations of the inner/outer ring of the Hoag-type galaxy known as PGC 1000714
1.04.17  North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences  ||  Space

Evidence that Maya traditions influenced the Spanish colonists' religious architecture
1.04.17  University of Gothenburg  ||  Interesting

High levels of Neu5Gc in pig organs increase risk of tumor formation in humans
1.04.17  University of California  ||  Health

Ecological consequences of increasing coastal erosion in the Arctic
1.04.17  Alfred Wegener Institute  ||  Earth

Detecting misinformation that is inconsistent with an event can improve related memory
1.03.17  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Two main processes that operate to form binary and multiple star systems
1.03.17  Astrobites  ||  Space

Hidden chamber discovered in 1500-year-old Inariyama burial mound in Gyoda in Japan
1.03.17  Chinese Academy of Social Science  ||  Interesting

PQQ in kiwi fruit and soy/celery protects against nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
1.03.17  University of Colorado  ||  Health

Frequency of volcanic eruptions and the spread of ash clouds over northern Europe
1.03.17  University of Leeds  ||  Earth

Thermal wind properties in stellar mass black hole and neutron star binary systems
1.02.17  arXiver  ||  Space

People don't change behavior when committing only to a general goal, small steps benefit
1.02.17  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Traces of ancient settlements at Burkina Faso including necropolis of burial mounds
1.02.17  Science & Scholarship in Poland  ||  Interesting

Zinc supplementation has potential to reduce cell stress in brains after blasts/traumas
1.02.17  Experimental Biology  ||  Health

Flowers manipulate light and alter electrical fields to influence pollinator visits
1.02.17  Wiley  ||  Earth

Uncertainty of future events plays a role in how people perceive time
12.31.16  University of Toronto  ||  Interesting

Population of gamma-ray bursts can provide measurement of the cosmic distance scale
12.31.16  NASA  ||  Space

Sarcophagus of a singer in the temple of Amun found in Luxor with images of various gods
12.31.16  Ahram Online  ||  Interesting

Increasing polyphenol levels in milk chocolate by including peanut skins
12.31.16  US Department of Agriculture  ||  Health

Brief: less cognitive interference during goal-directed processing of self-relevant information
12.30.16  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Understanding why different types of galaxies exist throughout the Universe
12.30.16  ICRAR  ||  Space

Ancient town and burial area were part of one ritual/settlement complex in Diros Bay
12.30.16  Field Museum  ||  Interesting

Utilizing mycobacterium in olive oil for bladder cancer treatment
12.30.16  Autonomous University of Barcelona  ||  Health

Aviation may be contributing to slight whitening of the sky that scatters sunlight
12.30.16  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Forced retrieval technique protects against stress-induced impairment of memory
12.29.16  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Measuring the orbits and properties of heartbeat stars in binary systems
12.29.16  NASA  ||  Space

150 rock art paintings between 4000 and 1500 years old discovered in Chile's Limari Valley
12.29.16  Scientific American  ||  Interesting

Certain omega-3 supplements during pregnancy can reduce risk of childhood asthma
12.29.16  University of Waterloo  ||  Health

Coastal marine wildlife more vulnerable to microplastic pollution than expected
12.29.16  University of Exeter  ||  Earth

How well-lit or dim dining areas tend to affect food choices and alertness levels
12.28.16  Cornell University  ||  Interesting

Birth of a magnetar may have been the cause of superluminous supernova DES14X3taz
12.28.16  Canary Islands Institute of Astrophysics  ||  Space

Mosaics indicate ancient city of Germanicia existed in Turkey's Kahramanmaras province
12.28.16  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Research on using Yigan San, Dajianzhong Tang and Banxia Houpu Tang for treatments
12.28.16  Tohoku University  ||  Health

Daily pulse clouds over Maritime Continent stalls progress of the Madden-Julian Oscillation
12.28.16  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  ||  Earth

Memory-disruption therapy has potential to aid people in overcoming various fears
12.27.16  Scientific American  ||  Interesting

Energy spectrum of particles may help distinguish black holes from compact massive objects
12.27.16  Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology  ||  Space

Article about the layout and design of Lalibela's 11 rock-hewn churches in Ethiopia
12.27.16  Biblical Archaeology Society  ||  Interesting

Impact of iron deficiency on response/remodeling after cardiac resynchronization therapy
12.27.16  American Journal of Cardiology  ||  Health

Beneficial properties of anthocyanin in bluegrass increased by using high-intensity light
12.27.16  American Society for Horticultural Science  ||  Earth

Intense emotional experiences influence how people attend to and remember future events
12.26.16  International Business Times  ||  Interesting

Observing the structure of the megamaser galaxy known as IRAS 16399-0937
12.26.16  Hubble ESA  ||  Space

Head of a diademed goddess made of marble found near temple dedicated to Venus of Knidos
12.26.16  Ancient History Encyclopedia  ||  Interesting

Research on dietary factors that can trigger headaches and other preventative measures
12.26.16  University of Cincinnati  ||  Health

Environmental DNA can be used a tool to monitor distribution of aquatic species
12.26.16  Taylor & Francis  ||  Earth

Brief: observing coordination enhances perception of commitment to joint action
12.24.16  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Radiation from hot/young stars energizing surrounding gas and dust in the region NGC 6357
12.24.16  NASA  ||  Space

Bone pendant artwork unearthed at the Mead Site in interior Alaska, 12300 years old
12.24.16  University of Alaska  ||  Interesting

Resveratrol helps correct hormone imbalance in women with polycystic ovary syndrome
12.24.16  The Endocrine Society  ||  Health

Time of day can influence decisions depending on individual differences in circadian rhythms
12.23.16  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Concentric rings in the debris disk of star HIP 73145 in Scorpius-Centaurus Association
12.23.16  arXiver  ||  Space

Evidence of private rituals by ancient Zapotec nobles in Mexico's Oaxaca Valley
12.23.16  Archaeology Magazine  ||  Interesting

Utilizing a stronger version of vitamin A/retinoic acid to treat neurological disorders
12.23.16  University of Aberdeen  ||  Health

Research about the effects of solar eclipses on weather and the atmosphere
12.23.16  Williams College  ||  Earth

Using objects/tools when problem solving can trigger new ways of finding solutions
12.22.16  Kingston University  ||  Interesting

Modeling the accretion disk that feeds Milky Way's supermassive black hole
12.22.16  Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory  ||  Space

Encroachment wall indicates more Egyptian pharaonic tombs at Qubbet el-Hawa in Aswan
12.22.16  University of Birmingham  ||  Interesting

Fast-cooking dry beans provide more protein/iron than slower varieties
12.22.16  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Biodiversity in communities is often determined by temperature
12.22.16  University of Wurzburgh  ||  Earth

Children can learn social bias through nonverbal signals expressed by adults
12.21.16  University of Washington  ||  Interesting

Hierarchical formation scheme of star clusters in globally collapsing clouds
12.21.16  Astrobites  ||  Space

Two 8000-year-old stone figurines depicting naked women found in a house in Catalhiyuk
12.21.16  Science & Scholarship in Poland  ||  Interesting

Food supplement called phosphatidylserine helps reverse effects of Familial Dysautonomia
12.21.16  AF of Tel Aviv University  ||  Health

Direct transfer of learned behavior through cell fusion in non-neural organisms
12.21.16  CNRS  ||  Earth

Sustained eye contact draws on same mental resources as complex tasks to affect cognition
12.20.16  Scientific American  ||  Interesting

Large reservoirs of molecular gas in young versions of galaxies similar to the Milky Way
12.20.16  ALMA Observatory  ||  Space

16 stupas in four interconnected stupa hall rooms discovered at Nateshwar in Munshiganj
12.20.16  Daily Star Bangladesh  ||  Interesting

Capsaicin in chili peppers inhibits growth of breast cancer cells
12.20.16  Ruhr University  ||  Health

Electrical conductivity in creek water is reliable predictor of toxic mine leakage
12.20.16  ScienceNetwork WA  ||  Earth

Disgust tends to be a way of communicating moral rather than self-interested motivation
12.19.16  University of Kent  ||  Interesting

Analysis finds no evidence of dark matter particles in the gamma-ray background
12.19.16  GRAPPA  ||  Space

Shifting sands reveal a significant complex of Bronze Age buildings in Orkney
12.19.16  British Broadcasting Corporation  ||  Interesting

Exposure to rhythmic stimulation at certain frequencies can facilitate epileptic seizures
12.19.16  Pompeu Fabra University  ||  Health

Jet stream discovered within Earth's molten iron core and why its there
12.19.16  University of Leeds  ||  Earth

Background music can have influence on willingness of people to cooperate with coworkers
12.17.16  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Largest age map of stars reveals growth patterns of the Milky Way
12.17.16  Sloan Digital Sky Survey  ||  Space

Gate-shrine dating to First Temple period unearthed in the Tel Lachish National Park
12.17.16  Israel Antiquities Authority  ||  Interesting

Buyanghuanwu decoction helps brain recover after cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury
12.17.16  Neural Regeneration Research  ||  Health

Brief: enhanced reputational memory for uncooperative in-group members
12.16.16  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

How falling plasma previously emitted by the Sun interacts with magnetic field lines
12.16.16  American Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Article about origins of the Pyramids of Argolis in the Peloponnese of southern Greece
12.16.16  Current World Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Roseroot herb has potential to benefit mood in people with symptoms of severe depression
12.16.16  University of Pennsylvania  ||  Health

Measuring properties of water at range of deeply supercooled temperatures
12.16.16  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  ||  Earth

Cultural distinctiveness can influence preferences of consumers for certain products
12.15.16  University of Illinois  ||  Interesting

Interaction between dark matter and ordinary matter structures in mini-spiral galaxies
12.15.16  SISSA  ||  Space

Article about Bronze Age astronomical observations at Bezvodovka mound complex in Ukraine
12.15.16  Ancient History Encyclopedia  ||  Interesting

Omega-3s promote clearance of metabolites from brain to help protect against Alzheimer's
12.15.16  FASEB Journal  ||  Health

Horses use visual/tactile signals to get human attention when facing unsolvable problems
12.15.16  Kobe University  ||  Earth

Encouraging children to use gestures as they think can help increase creative ideas
12.14.16  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Newly formed stars shootout powerful whirlwinds from developing solar systems
12.14.16  Niels Bohr Institute  ||  Space

Structures in various states of ruins at Khor Kharfot in Dhofar highlight pre-Islam period
12.14.16  Muscat Daily  ||  Interesting

Link between vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy and increased autism traits
12.14.16  University of Queensland  ||  Health

Risk-taking in birds is more contagious at different times of the year
12.14.16  University of Exeter  ||  Earth

Human brains are geared for placing added value on opinions of confidence people
12.13.16  University of Sussex  ||  Interesting

Resistive state of nova T Coronae Borealis may indicate upcoming outburst in near future
12.13.16  Sky & Telescope  ||  Space

Garden and brick structure at Dahshour Necropolis provide insight about the pyramid complex
12.13.16  Ahram Online  ||  Interesting

Plant pigment known as lutein linked to brain structure and preserved intelligence
12.13.16  University of Illinois  ||  Health

Switchgrass improves soil quality on eroded farms lacking fertile topsoil
12.13.16  University of Missouri  ||  Earth

Use of words that aren't personal for a complaint tends to lead to better customer service
12.12.16  University of British Columbia  ||  Interesting

Intense flare event known as ASASSN-15lh likely from spinning black hole consuming a star
12.12.16  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Armenian inscription unearthed at the Virgin Mary Church in Turkey's Elazig
12.12.16  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Intermittent fasting inhibits development/progression of common type of childhood leukemia
12.12.16  University of Texas  ||  Health

Extent of human threat to lion populations and the effect on population dynamics
12.12.16  University of Oxford  ||  Earth

Brief: match to target set and expectancy discrepancy contribute to inattentional blindness
12.10.16  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Hyper-starburst galaxy SPT0346-52 shows critical stage of galaxy evolution in the Universe
12.10.16  NASA  ||  Space

Death masks and funerary rites from the Tashtyk people discovered in the Kemerovo region
12.10.16  Siberian Times  ||  Interesting

Adding eggs to salad increases amount of vitamin E absorbed from the vegetables
12.10.16  Purdue University  ||  Health

Small brightness variations and rotation rates of two stars in Hyades open star cluster
12.09.16  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Repeating aloud to another person boosts verbal memory and information recall
12.09.16  University of Montreal  ||  Interesting

Research on how the Maya became knowledgable about sharks and the usage in symbolism
12.09.16  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Probiotics have potential to help relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies
12.09.16  LiveScience  ||  Health

Ice crystals first grow at defects on the particle surface in clouds
12.09.16  Karlsruhe Institute of Technology  ||  Earth

Scheduling leisure activities leads to weaker anticipation and less actual enjoyment
12.08.16  Ohio State University  ||  Interesting

Starspots and magnetic field properties of the companion star to a millisecond pulsar
12.08.16  University of Toronto  ||  Space

Reconstructing a monumental agora in ancient city of Sagalassos in the Taurus Mountains
12.08.16  Popular Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Hatha yoga reduces blood pressure in people with prehypertension
12.08.16  European Society of Cardiology  ||  Health

Australian gum trees could be used to produce jet and missile fuel
12.08.16  Australian National University  ||  Earth

Neural encoding and maintenance of subliminal messages can be substantial
12.07.16  New York University  ||  Interesting

Dark matter may be less dense and more smoothly distributed than previously thought
12.07.16  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Further excavations at multiple sites on the northern slope of Mount Vesuvius
12.07.16  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Low levels of BPA and endocrine-disrupting compounds leach from some baby teethers
12.07.16  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Rhythm of breathing affects emotional judgments and memory recall
12.07.16  Northwestern University  ||  Interesting

Identifying stellar siblings in the Milky Way by their surface chemical composition
12.07.16  Astrobites  ||  Space

Ancient tablets of astronomical observations indicate Earth's spin is slowing down
12.07.16  LiveScience  ||  Earth

Brain blocks new memory formation on waking to protect consolidation of existing memories
12.06.16  Bar-Ilan University  ||  Interesting

Models attempt to predict how first clumps of matter formed in the Universe
12.06.16  Stanford University  ||  Space

Royal altar of heaven and ruins/relics found in the village of Banpopu, 2200 years old
12.06.16  Chinese Academy of Social Science  ||  Interesting

Mechanism by which beta glucans in certain cereals reduce blood cholesterol
12.06.16  University of Queensland  ||  Health

Plants can learn about the environment by making links between events
12.06.16  University of Western Australia  ||  Earth

Past misdeeds linger in relationship arguments when they feel recent even if they weren't
12.05.16  University of Waterloo  ||  Interesting

Polarization pattern in the dust disk around star HD 14257 in the constellation Lupus
12.05.16  ALMA Observatory  ||  Space

Early Neolithic houses and artifacts discovered at site in Wales, up to 6000 years old
12.05.16  Past Horizons Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Handful of nuts a day lowers risk of heart disease, cancer and other diseases
12.05.16  Imperial College London  ||  Health

Lightning strikes alter the structure of rocks on the atomic level
12.05.16  University of Pennsylvania  ||  Earth

Social pressure may impair performance for people with higher levels of neuroticism
12.03.16  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Supermassive black hole proceeding at high speed towards core of galaxy cluster 3C 129
12.03.16  Italian National Institute for Astrophysics  ||  Space

Rescue excavations to conserve ancient Thracian stone circle at Staro Zhelezare
12.03.16  Archaeology in Bulgaria  ||  Interesting

Neuroprotective effect of polyphenols in maple syrup such as catechol and gallic acid
12.03.16  CRCHUM  ||  Health

Brief: inferring mass in complex scenes by mental simulation
12.02.16  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Largest galaxies in the Universe develop in cosmic clouds of cold gas
12.02.16  Canary Islands Institute of Astrophysics  ||  Space

Shifting sands reveal carvings/petroglyphs on west coast of the Hawaiian island of Oahu
12.02.16  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Amino acid D-leucine found in many food products reduces seizures and can interrupt them
12.02.16  Johns Hopkins University  ||  Health

How snow dynamics and spacial variability contribute to avalanche occurrences
12.02.16  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Social networks evolve in different ways depending on rate of second-neighbor connections
12.01.16  Santa Fe Institute  ||  Interesting

Star clusters in the galaxy II Zw 40 show how dust can be produced on a galactic scale
12.01.16  University of California  ||  Space

Pre-Columbian circular temple dedicated to a god of wind unearthed in Mexico City
12.01.16  Deutsche Welle  ||  Interesting

Ganoderma lucidum mushroom extract may help protect against effects of high-fat diet
12.01.16  Los Angeles Times  ||  Health

Method extracts rare earth metals using solutions no more acidic than hydrochloric acid
12.01.16  Harvard University  ||  Earth

Art study demonstrates people tend to prefer what experts like and what is expensive
11.30.16  University of Vienna  ||  Interesting

Empty space around a neutron star shows quantum effect known as vacuum birefringence
11.30.16  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Queen Nefertari's dismembered legs and sandals likely identified in Egyptian tomb
11.30.16  University of York  ||  Interesting

Aerobic exercise has potential to preserve brain volume and improve cognitive function
11.30.16  Radiological Society of North America  ||  Health

Temperature and water content cycles within magma reservoirs associated with eruptive style
11.30.16  University of Mainz  ||  Earth

Evidence that its more difficult to suppress bad memories after sleeping on them
11.29.16  NewScientist  ||  Interesting

Supernovae exploding during star formation process may be shaping ultra-diffuse galaxies
11.29.16  Niels Bohr Institute  ||  Space

Ancient house used for the dead unearthed on Marawah Island, 7500 years old
11.29.16  The National  ||  Interesting

Common food additive tert-butylhydroquinone may be linked to rise in food allergies
11.29.16  Michigan State University  ||  Health

Groundwater helium level could signal stress on rock layers and risk of earthquake
11.29.16  University of Tokyo  ||  Earth

Technique creates a compact one-way avenue for light and blocks the opposite direction
11.29.16  Fundamental Research on Matter  ||  Technology

Algorithms to accurately and efficiently match supernovae to their host galaxies
11.28.16  American Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Research on how commercial reputation affects online buzz when facing an adverse event
11.28.16  Inderscience Publishers  ||  Interesting

Ruins of a pentagonal structure found in north China's Shanxi Province, 6000 years old
11.28.16  Xinhua  ||  Interesting

Coffee may provide protection against cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases
11.28.16  ISIC  ||  Health

Marine sediments record variations in Earth's magnetic field from the distant past
11.28.16  CNRS  ||  Earth

Brief: ability of rituals to improve performance by decreasing anxiety
11.26.16  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Jet indicates a star forming in a Bok globule near the X-ray binary known as Cygnus X-3
11.26.16  NASA  ||  Space

Five lead curse tablets invoking chthonic gods discovered in a woman's grave in Athens
11.26.16  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Extra vitamin E could protect older people from bacterial infection that causes pneumonia
11.26.16  Tufts University  ||  Health

Language trends tend to operate on a 14-year cycle with rising/falling popularity
11.25.16  NewScientist  ||  Interesting

Misaligned spin of some binary protostars provide insight into how binary systems form
11.25.16  American Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Comparison of translations of the Book of Judith and analyzing Jerome's approach
11.25.16  University of Wurzburg  ||  Interesting

Eating dairy cheese may protect against some of sodium's effects on cardiovascular system
11.25.16  Pennsylvania State University  ||  Health

Improving the efficiency of nets to capture moisture/water from fog
11.25.16  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Every day creative activities have ability to increase wellbeing and general creativity
11.24.16  University of Otago  ||  Interesting

Highly ionized circumgalactic medium is kinematically uniform around galaxies
11.24.16  arXiver  ||  Space

Lost Egyptian city and necropolis uncovered in Abydos in Sohag, over 7300 years old
11.24.16  Ahram Online  ||  Interesting

Optimal amount of calcium supplementation for treatment of nutritional rickets
11.24.16  Wiley  ||  Health

Utilizing natural pigments and raw materials from autumn leaves for industry
11.24.16  VTT Technical Research Centre  ||  Earth

Investigating how using a phone while shopping influences purchasing decisions
11.23.16  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

More bright galaxies identified belonging to the period around the Epoch of Reionization
11.23.16  CAASTRO  ||  Space

Ancient remnants of small temples and an ivory plaque unearthed at the Arslantepe Mound
11.23.16  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Long time consumption of soy foods boosts immune response against breast tumors
11.23.16  Georgetown University  ||  Health

Compound emitted by pine trees contributes to forming new aerosol particles
11.23.16  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  ||  Earth

How people use substances/gambling to cope with strain and stressful events
11.22.16  Springer  ||  Interesting

Spiral-like patterns of star formation identified in the periphery of early-type galaxies
11.22.16  Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences  ||  Space

Possible link between Maurya dynasty of India and Pashupatinath Temple of Nepal
11.22.16  Economic Times  ||  Interesting

Higher protein and salt content in food can lead to post-meal sleepiness
11.22.16  eLife  ||  Health

Navigating reptiles rely on cues such as scattered trees and direction of sown crops
11.22.16  Australian National University  ||  Earth

Olfactory perception influenced by background experience and semantic information
11.21.16  McGill University  ||  Interesting

Different formation and evolution properties of blue straggler stars in 47 Tucanae
11.21.16  Astrobites  ||  Space

Thousands of inscriptions/petroglyphs found in Jebel Qurma region of Jordan's Black Desert
11.21.16  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Exercise and low-fat/calorie diet improves kidney function in people with fatty liver disease
11.21.16  Wiley  ||  Health

Mechanism for why water on the surface of ice does not freeze in subzero environments
11.21.16  Hokkaido University  ||  Earth

Confident leaders are more likely to inspire creativity among their employees
11.19.16  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Processes that lead dark matter satellite galaxies to trigger massive star formation
11.19.16  University of California  ||  Space

Newly discovered wooden beam may be the oars holder of Khufu's second solar boat
11.19.16  Ahram Online  ||  Interesting

Tropical fruit known as asam keping can help prevent plaque buildup in the arteries
11.19.16  University of Nottingham  ||  Health

Brief: imitating higher-ranking transgressors mitigates punishment for unethical behavior
11.18.16  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Processes converting gas into stars in early Universe seems to be about the same as now
11.18.16  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Marks left by ancient/parched grass indicate Stonehenge was once a complete circle
11.18.16  Discovery  ||  Interesting

Curcumin is a promising treatment for most cancers and other inflammation-driven diseases
11.18.16  ScienceNetwork WA  ||  Health

Possible insights about historic earthquakes from titled Himalayan temples
11.18.16  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Magnetic field and turbulence of the cosmic web measured using Fast Radio Burst 150807
11.17.16  California Institute of Technology  ||  Space

Research into how mood can affect the kinds of people someone wants to be around with
11.17.16  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

A third smaller original pyramid structure found within Kukulkan pyramid at Chichen Itza
11.17.16  British Broadcasting Corporation  ||  Interesting

Potential for triterpenes from a variety of plant products to have therapeutic uses
11.17.16  Indiana University  ||  Health

Misidentified singing from the bushmaster viper is actually from large tree frogs
11.17.16  Pensoft  ||  Earth

Supercluster of galaxies hidden by Milky Way identified in the constellation Vela
11.16.16  Max Planck Society  ||  Space

Ability to quickly/accurately identify a crowd's general emotion as focused or distracted
11.16.16  ARVO  ||  Interesting

Mesoamerican mirrors made with pyrite found in Arizona reveal ties to ancient Mexico
11.16.16  Western Digs  ||  Interesting

Vitamin D reduces incidence of acute respiratory illness in older people at high risk
11.16.16  University of Colorado  ||  Health

Treating bees with light therapy counteracts harmful effects of neonicotinoid pesticides
11.16.16  University College London  ||  Earth

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