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Brief: action recognition is sensitive to the identity of the actor
9.15.17  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Star formation is heavily influenced by local environmental conditions
9.15.17  Niels Bohr Institute  ||  Space

Two hidden cavities with unusual features identified in Egypt's Great Pyramid at Giza
9.15.17  Seeker  ||  Interesting

Vitamin A and C affect DNA by modifying epigenetic memory held by cells
9.15.17  Babraham Institute  ||  Health

Cereal rye is effective at reducing Amaranthus weed species density in soybean crops
9.15.17  University of Cambridge  ||  Earth

Expressive writing prior to a task can benefit performance for people experiencing stress
9.14.17  Michigan State University  ||  Interesting

More likely that Planet 9 formed around the Sun than captured from another planetary system
9.14.17  University of Sheffield  ||  Space

Rock-cut tomb on a mountainside in Prosilio will provide insight into Mycenaean funerary practices
9.14.17  University of Cambridge  ||  Interesting

Coffee/tea protects against cardiovascular disease, cancer and increases longevity in diabetic women
9.14.17  Indian Express  ||  Health

Olivine-rich rocks that make up tectonic plates are weaker than previously estimated
9.14.17  Oxford University  ||  Earth

Emotional response to mistake leads to more improvement than simply thinking about it
9.13.17  Ohio State University  ||  Interesting

Superhot blobs of gas being ejected from the binary star system V Hydrae
9.13.17  NASA  ||  Space

Peculiar burial including human and bird remains in a cave in the Chihuahuan Desert
9.13.17  Western Digs  ||  Interesting

Histamine-producing probiotic reduces inflammation and suppresses colon tumors
9.13.17  American Journal of Pathology  ||  Health

How ocean currents transport floating marine debris that contribute to garbage patches
9.13.17  University of Miami  ||  Earth

Perception of what is morally right/wrong is often shaped by how common the behavior is
9.12.17  Karolinksa Institutet  ||  Interesting

Properties of unseen supermassive black hole tails at the core of active galactic nuclei
9.12.17  Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology  ||  Space

Ancient Greeks built sacred sites on fault line land caused by earthquakes
9.12.17  University of Plymouth  ||  Interesting

Micro and nanoparticles from tattoos circulate inside the body and reach lymph nodes
9.12.17  European Synchrotron Radiation Facility  ||  Health

Forest structure change from open to closed canopies affect bees and other pollinators
9.12.17  US Department of Agriculture  ||  Earth

Cooperation tends to be driven by reciprocity rather than conformity with group norms
9.11.17  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Intense star formation can cause an upswell at the cores of galaxies
9.11.17  ALMA Observatory  ||  Space

2200-year-old tomb associated with a king of Oman discovered in United Arab Emirates
9.11.17  Times of Oman  ||  Interesting

Omega-3 intake increases diversity of gut microbiome to have numerous health benefits
9.11.17  University of Nottingham  ||  Health

Instance of a massive earthquake triggering a series of large slow slip events
9.11.17  University of Texas  ||  Earth

Brief: negative emotion enhances mnemonic precision and subjective feelings of remembering
9.09.17  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

High-energy environments around Sun-like stars settle down after turbulent beginnings
9.09.17  NASA  ||  Space

Ring-shaped earthwork known as La Loma del Real Tesoro II in Spain likely used for rituals
9.09.17  Bell Beaker Blogger  ||  Interesting

Red onions have potential to eliminate and inhibit growth of cancer cells
9.09.17  University of Guelph  ||  Health

Extreme jet ejections and flares from the black hole X-ray binary V404 Cygni
9.08.17  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Unconscious self-beliefs influence what people value in luxury items
9.08.17  University of Auckland  ||  Interesting

Aumlet found in Cyprus depicts Egyptian gods with reference to Judeo-Christian Yahweh
9.08.17  Archaeology Magazine  ||  Interesting

Folic acid supplementation during pregnancy can mitigate child's autism risk from pesticides
9.08.17  University of California  ||  Health

Evidence supports oral stories about a flood that happened 4000 years ago in China
9.08.17  University of Washington  ||  Earth

Fluorescent polymer system aids in detecting traces of common explosives
9.08.17  A*STAR  ||  Technology

Questions are answered quicker in conversation when they are accompanied by gestures
9.07.17  Springer  ||  Interesting

How high energy photons travel through intergalactic magnetic fields and avoid being absorbed
9.07.17  SISSA  ||  Space

Article about spiral drawings and the Sleeping Lady at the Hal Safleni Hypogeum in Malta
9.07.17  Ancient History Encyclopedia  ||  Interesting

Mediterranean-style diet with alkaline water treats laryngopharyngeal reflux and acid reflux
9.07.17  Northwell Health  ||  Health

Ship exhaust makes oceanic thunderstorms significantly more intense
9.07.17  American Geophysical Union  ||  Earth

Groups lie and demonstrate deceptive behaviors more than individuals
9.06.17  INFORMS  ||  Interesting

Accretion-powered binary pulsar SXP 1062 exhibits peculiar timing glitch
9.06.17  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Complex of ancient Inca platforms and ceremonial court unearthed at Ollantaytambo in Peru
9.06.17  Agencia EFE  ||  Interesting

Hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation can improve brain function and energy levels
9.06.17  University of Waterloo  ||  Health

Solar storms that cause northern/southern lights may contribute to whale strandings
9.06.17  The Conversation  ||  Earth

Some level of performance anxiety can improve alarm signal in brain to optimize performance
9.05.17  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Jets of particles stemming from supermassive black holes could stimulate star formation
9.05.17  Horizon  ||  Space

Large-scale tombs of late Spring and Autumn period discovered in the Cemetery of Taosibei
9.05.17  Chinese Academy of Social Sciences  ||  Interesting

Octacosanol reduces stress and restores stress-affected sleep back to normal
9.05.17  University of Tsukuba  ||  Health

Antarctic volcanic eruptions triggered Southern Hemisphere climate changes at end of Ice Age
9.05.17  Niels Bohr Institute  ||  Earth

Brain's ability to recognize faces tends to be shaped through repeated exposure
9.04.17  Harvard University  ||  Interesting

Properties of the area surrounding a Wolf-Rayet star associated with emission nebula NGC 3199
9.04.17  Astrobites  ||  Space

Daily life examined in Byzantine religious center on Giresun Island
9.04.17  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Adequate levels of vitamin E critical for the very young, elderly, and women who are pregnant
9.04.17  Oregon State University  ||  Health

Plant-eating animals such as reindeer protect tundra plant diversity in warming conditions
9.04.17  Umea University  ||  Earth

Strategic studying counteracts negatives of divided attention from multitasking
9.02.17  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Analyzing the maximum size of supermassive stars before collapsing in early Universe
9.02.17  American Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Article about the design/construction of the White Temple at ancient city of Uruk
9.02.17  Khan Academy  ||  Interesting

Compounds in desert creosote bush could treat giardia and brain-eating amoeba infections
9.02.17  University of California  ||  Health

Brief: music strengthens prosocial effects of interpersonal synchronization
9.01.17  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Primordial black holes in early Universe might explain how heavy metals are created
9.01.17  University of California  ||  Space

Rock carvings of animal heads found in the mountains near Sliven in Bulgaria
9.01.17  Archaeology in Bulgaria  ||  Interesting

Omega-3's in fish improve survival outcomes in colon cancer
9.01.17  Cancer Network  ||  Health

Monitoring a caldera collapse that triggered a volcanic eruption in real-time
9.01.17  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Ability to picture an outcome can improve performances across a range of activities
8.31.17  University of Manchester  ||  Interesting

Sun's close encounters with other stars could disturb cloud of comets in the Solar System
8.31.17  European Space Agency  ||  Space

Article about symbolic paintings of the Picts in various caves and on slabs of rock
8.31.17  HeritageLandscapeCreativity  ||  Interesting

Methods to enchance absorption and bioavailability of curcumin/turmeric
8.31.17  Taylor & Francis  ||  Health

Matching microscopic quartz grains to deserts to trace source of Trans-Pacific dust
8.31.17  Geological Society of America  ||  Earth

Inability to overcome signature judgement error patterns of visual perception
8.30.17  Northeastern University  ||  Interesting

Black holes may have punctured darkened galaxies to allow light to escape into Universe
8.30.17  University of Iowa  ||  Space

4300-year-old statue head of an unknown Egyptian pharaoh discovered in Hazor
8.30.17  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Supplementation of salacia extract helps curb apetite and manage blood sugar
8.30.17  OmniActive Health Technologies  ||  Health

Standing up at workspaces increases group arousal while decreasing group idea territoriality
8.30.17  SAGE Journals  ||  Interesting

Detection of turbulent reservoirs of cold gas surrounding distant starburst galaxies
8.30.17  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Otters learn how to solve puzzles by watching/copying each other
8.30.17  University of Exeter  ||  Earth

People tend to buy more in crowded stores that play lively/fast-tempo music
8.29.17  Daily Mail  ||  Interesting

Unexpected rotation of massive stone-dead galaxy challenges theories of galaxy evolution
8.29.17  Niels Bohr Institute  ||  Space

Tombs of the Warring States period and wooden-structure wells of the Zhou Dynasty found in Jinan
8.29.17  Chinese Academy of Social Sciences  ||  Interesting

Dark chocolate with olive oil linked to improved cardiovascular risk profile
8.29.17  European Society of Cardiology  ||  Health

Isolating different forms of mercury based on risk of each form moving into food chain
8.29.17  University of Melbourne  ||  Earth

Chronic lack of sleep causes more intensive risk-seeking behavior without even noticing
8.28.17  University of Zurich  ||  Interesting

Analyzing changes in tilt orientation and shrinkage of protoplanetary disks
8.28.17  Radboud University  ||  Space

Indications that the Samaria ivories may be Israelite in origin rather than Phoenician
8.28.17  Biblical Archaeology Society  ||  Interesting

Dietary protein associated with musculoskeletal health regardless of the food source
8.28.17  Hebrew SeniorLife  ||  Health

Oil and water can mix in circumstances involving extreme pressure
8.28.17  University of Edinburgh  ||  Earth

Brief: fingers have preferential associations with relative spatial positions
8.26.17  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Resonance between binary white dwarfs may lead to processes that trigger Type Ia supernovae
8.26.17  American Museum of Natural History  ||  Space

Danish Bronze Age glass beads traced to Egypt provide insight into possible sun cult
8.26.17  ScienceNordic  ||  Interesting

Purified form of resveratrol causes decline in biomarker associated with Alzheimer's
8.26.17  Georgetown University  ||  Health

Detailed examination of properties of variable stars in the Pleiades star cluster
8.25.17  Royal Astronomical Society  ||  Space

Research on how visual images often intrude on verbal thinking
8.25.17  Harvard University  ||  Interesting

Ancient Babylonian clay tablet called Plimpton 322 is oldest known trigonometric table
8.25.17  University of New South Wales  ||  Interesting

Alpha-lipoic acid could aid in preventing kidney stones related to cystinuria
8.25.17  Buck Institute  ||  Health

Mountain glaciers vital for recharging aquifers and in keeping rivers flowing during winter
8.25.17  University of Alaska  ||  Earth

How emotional expressions of others influence olfactory sense perceptions
8.24.17  Ruhr University  ||  Interesting

Star known as HAT-P-2 observed pulsing in response to its orbiting planet
8.24.17  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  ||  Space

Examining design and layout of the Etruscan tomb at Grotte Scalina in northern Lazio
8.24.17  Current World Archaeology  ||  Interesting

Various herbs in Chinese medicine treatment help treat chronic renal failure
8.24.17  Hong Kong Baptist University  ||  Health

Iron-bearing minerals in sediments naturally immobilize/reduce contaminant levels
8.24.17  Argonne National Laboratory  ||  Earth

Shared activities in workplaces can benefit wellbeing/performance by improving social atmosphere
8.23.17  University of East Anglia  ||  Interesting

Map of the velocities of material in the atmosphere of red supergiant star Antares
8.23.17  European Southern Observatory  ||  Space

Concrete bases and columns restored at the Temple of Apollo in Antalya
8.23.17  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Anti-inflammatory substance in brown algae has potential to help treat arthritis
8.23.17  Empa  ||  Health

Wing shape allows swifts to glide/fly through storms and various weather circumstances
8.23.17  University of Edinburgh  ||  Earth

Consumers tend to prefer a wider face on some products when trying to project power
8.22.17  University of Kansas  ||  Interesting

Interaction between Mars and supersonic particles in the solar wind causing a bow shock
8.22.17  European Space Agency  ||  Space

3200-year-old pagan ritual hall with various artifacts found at Tel Burna in Israel
8.22.17  Haaretz  ||  Interesting

Plant-based vegetarian diets are associated with lower levels of total cholesterol
8.22.17  The Physicians Committee  ||  Health

Plate tectonic processes that lead to recycling of continents
8.22.17  Ruhr University  ||  Earth

Set the initial price discount accordingly to turn new customers into loyal ones
8.21.17  Aalto University  ||  Interesting

Fission of hydrocarbon and the conversion of carbon into diamonds in ice giant planets
8.21.17  Helmholtz Centre  ||  Space

40 mounds containing artifacts from multiple civilizations in Iraq's ancient Kish City
8.21.17  Al-Monitor  ||  Interesting

Avocado seed husk compounds could be used to treat cancer, heart disease and other conditions
8.21.17  American Chemical Society  ||  Health

Seafloor hot springs are a significant source of iron in the oceans
8.21.17  University of Washington  ||  Earth

Emotional spillover can influence impressions/behaviors in situations even without awareness
8.19.17  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

Celestial X-ray glow dominated by Local Hot Bubble and 40% comes from within Solar System
8.19.17  University of Miami  ||  Space

Petroglyph on Piedra del Sol at Chaco Canyon may represent ancient total eclipse
8.19.17  University of Colorado  ||  Interesting

Quercetin protects against brain cell death and other factors involved in Parkinson's
8.19.17  Neural Regeneration Research  ||  Health

Brief: action-effect sharing induces task-set sharing in joint task switching
8.18.17  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Embryonic stars most likely form in binary pair systems and later some of them separate
8.18.17  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

Settlements along the Mekong Delta in Vietnam were part of 4000-year-old trading network
8.18.17  Australian National University  ||  Interesting

Vitamin D deficiency associated with increased heart failure risk in older adults
8.18.17  Wiley  ||  Health

Global mantle plume hot spots are not moving as fast as recently thought
8.18.17  Rice University  ||  Earth

Effort and a person's background contribute to stories causing inspirational changes
8.17.17  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

Processes involved in cosmic rays emanating from Fermi bubbles in the Milky Way
8.17.17  Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology  ||  Space

Foundations of church and altar connected to Viking King Olaf Haraldsson found in Norway
8.17.17  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Probiotic and synbiotic mixture prevents sepsis and reduces respiratory tract infections in infants
8.17.17  University of Nebraska  ||  Health

Meteors interact with Earth's atmosphere to make noises that are audible
8.17.17  Earth Magazine  ||  Earth

Analysis on the evolutionary sequence of post-starburst galaxies
8.16.17  Astrobites  ||  Space

Combination of detail mindset and mood contribute to a person's creative ability
8.16.17  Psychology Today  ||  Interesting

7000-year-old structure complex discovered at Ugurlu-Zeytinlik Mound on Gokceada island
8.16.17  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Immediate and delayed reduction in body temperature after stroke helps limit cell death
8.16.17  Mary Ann Liebert  ||  Health

Carbon dots derived from rapeseed pollen could be used as low-cost fertilizer for crops
8.16.17  American Chemical Society  ||  Earth

Openness to experience can change how information is processed and perceptions of the world
8.15.17  Scientific American  ||  Interesting

Lensing system reveals clumps of gas streaming from supermassive black hole in PKS1413+135
8.15.17  California Institute of Technology  ||  Space

Three Ptolemaic tombs uncovered in Egypt's Minya indicate large cemetery in the area
8.15.17  Ahram Online  ||  Interesting

Plant-produced polio vaccines could help further eradicate the disease
8.15.17  John Innes Centre  ||  Health

Concentrations of rare Earth elements are highest in Appalachian coal ash
8.15.17  Duke University  ||  Earth

People tend to be happier when feeling desired emotions even if they are unpleasant
8.14.17  American Psychological Association  ||  Interesting

Processes in galactic centers that cool jets originating from black holes
8.14.17  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  ||  Space

Investigating an ancient east African trading civilization near the Tanzanian coastline
8.14.17  Cable News Network  ||  Interesting

Cardiac stem cell infusions could help reverse aging process in the human heart
8.14.17  Cedars-Sinai  ||  Health

World's largest volcanic range may be located beneath West Antarctica's ice sheet
8.14.17  University of Edinburgh  ||  Earth

How bodies engage with the environment to influence perception and mental states
8.12.17  Association for Psychological Science  ||  Interesting

X-ray sources in IC 10 starbust galaxy including black holes, neutron stars and blue supergiants
8.12.17  NASA  ||  Space

Three round/oval shaped temple structures unearthed at Dogi Gel in Sudan; 4000 years old
8.12.17  France 24  ||  Interesting

Mango consumption can help improve blood pressure, blood sugar control and gut health
8.12.17  PR Newswire  ||  Health

Brief: effect of phasic auditory alerting on visual perception
8.11.17  ScienceDirect  ||  Interesting

Properties of a massive galaxy 800 million years after the Big Bang
8.11.17  Harvard-Smithsonian  ||  Space

3000-year-old female statue near citadel gate complex at site of Tayinat in Turkey
8.11.17  University of Toronto  ||  Interesting

Maternal iodine deficiency affects fine motor skills and language in children under 3 years old
8.11.17  Norwegian Institute of Public Health  ||  Health

Benefits of trees not only for tree-dwelling reptiles but ground-dwelling reptiles too
8.11.17  James Cook University  ||  Earth

Impact of taboo words is mediated by context and listeners' likelihood of being offended
8.10.17  University of Illinois  ||  Interesting

Observations reveal the properties of Crab Nebula's polarized emissions
8.10.17  KTH Royal Institute of Technology  ||  Space

Ancient tomb complex of the Baekje Dynasty with smaller stone mound tombs found in Korea
8.10.17  The Dong-A Ilbo  ||  Interesting

Dextran-catechin disrupts blood vessels that fuel growth in childhood cancer neuroblastoma
8.10.17  University of New South Wales  ||  Health

Plant roots react to light which is transmitted from the shoot to the underground parts
8.10.17  Max Planck Society  ||  Earth

Sample of young massive star cluster progenitors along the plane of the Milky Way
8.09.17  Astrobites  ||  Space

Exposure to blue wavelength light can increase reaction time and lead to more efficient responses
8.09.17  American Academy of Sleep Medicine  ||  Interesting

Maori artifacts and shell pendant indicate early Polynesian settlement in New Zealand
8.09.17  LiveScience  ||  Interesting

Nicotinamide/vitamin B3 could be used as preventative measure against various skin cancers
8.09.17  Wiley  ||  Health

Ants responsible for removing more than half of food resources from rainforest floor
8.09.17  University of Liverpool  ||  Earth

Violent news videos can be a moral motivator to get people to take notice and care
8.08.17  University of Buffalo  ||  Interesting

Theory on the possibility of dark matter decay between phase transitions
8.08.17  University of Mainz  ||  Space

Remains from 13000 years ago that elaborate Natufian burial behaviors, rituals and diet
8.08.17  Haaretz  ||  Interesting

Potential to use lizard venom to aid in treating blood clots
8.08.17  University of Queensland  ||  Health

Divalent gold complex isolated and stabilized for the first time in pure form
8.08.17  University of Mainz  ||  Earth

Stress heightens fear of threats from the past even in harmless circumstances
8.07.17  University of Texas  ||  Interesting

Probing the conditions of stellar interiors to measure nuclear reactions
8.07.17  Lawrence Livermore National Security  ||  Space

250 impression seals unearthed in Karkamis provide insight into Hittite administration
8.07.17  Hurriyet Daily News  ||  Interesting

Supplementation of capsicum extract helps increase metabolic rate
8.07.17  OmniActive Health Technologies  ||  Health

Abandoned oil palm plantations can regenerate canopy to primary forest levels
8.07.17  Cardiff University  ||  Earth

Substituting whole grains for refined grains can increase metabolism and calorie loss
8.03.17  Tufts University  ||  Health

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